• Published 20th Aug 2012
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Spikes Journey - That Drunk Pony

This is gonna be my first fic about Spike and his exile from Ponyville

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Chapter 2: Canterlot II

“Twilight it wasn’t me!”

“You’re the only one who can conjure green fire Spike.”

“Why would I burn it!? It must have been...”

All of a sudden a loud sound of crashing and clanging woke up Spike. He rushed out of bed to where the sound came from. He then saw in the kitchen Candy Dumpling trying to grab a box of cereal from the top cabinet.

“Dumpling what are you doing” Spike said with a little annoyance in his voice.

Candy Dumpling then slipped off the chair she was on. Spike then dove in to catch her in his arms, but instead she landed on top of him.

“Owwww. Are you ok Candy?”

“Yeah I’m ok. Just a little scratch.”

“Why were you up there anyways?”

“I was getting breakfast? I mean we ponies are usually hungry in the morning.”

“Why didn’t your parents make breakfast? Where are they for that matter?”

“Oh they are too busy in the morning. They always wake up extra early to get the shop ready. I am used to just making my own breakfast and going to school. I can do it all by myself.”

Hearing this worried the dragon. “Is that safe?”

“Sure, the school is only 2 blocks from here. Besides I know everypony from here to school.” Candy said with confidence as she then got back on the chair to attempt at getting the cereal.

Just then Spike offered to get the cereal since he had more reach and didn’t want to endanger her. After he got the cereal, they both enjoyed breakfast. Looking at the time, Candy Dumpling got her school stuff and headed for the door. Spike couldn’t let the young filly go by herself.

“Say Dumpling, do you want me to accompany you. I feel a little explorative today.”

Candy nodded and so Candy and Spike went downstairs to see Joe and his wife rushing around getting the store ready. When Joe noticed Spike he had a worried look on his face.

“Hey Spike, can you run out and get some extra frosting and flour from the store. With what we have in stocks we can barely manage for the morning.”

“Sure. I was heading out anyways.”

Spike and Candy left for school. Along the path all the ponies were waving to Candy. It’s like she said. She knew everypony from her home to school. As they walked, they were having a light-hearted conversation about food as they slowly approached the school. Before they reached the school gates she stopped Spike.

“Well Spike, you should go and finish your errands now. I don’t think the adults here would react well seeing a dragon even as small as you are” she giggled.

“I guess that makes sense. Well. Have fun then” Spike had said waving to her. He noticed something though as she turned around however. Her smile she had for him disappeared as she went in. Spike then went to finish the errands. Just as he returns to the Donut Shop he sees a pony and his eyes become burning with rage. It was Fancy Pants ordering a coffee.

“What did Rarity ever see in a shallow guy like that? All I hear him do is plan parties and only talk among the rich folk. He doesn’t care about anypony, but himself” the dragon said to himself angrily. He slowly tried to walk past him as if he knew Spike or something. Instead of blending in however he stood out more because of it.

Just as he almost made it behind the store counter Fancy Pants took notice of the dragon. His eyes were amazed to see a dragon and he just stared at the dragon. He then starting questioning Joe. Spike got curious so he started to ease-drop.

“Well Joe, I do say you make the best coffee in all of Canterlot. Um why is there a dragon in your shop helping?”

“Oh him, he is an old friend staying in Canterlot for a few days. A very kind fellow he is.”

“Hmm do you mind if I borrow him later on. I would love to have a dragon amongst my people. It would surprise the others” Fancy said with a little chuckle.

“Well Fancy, that is up to him.” Joe pointing at the dragon who is obviously ease dropping. Spike was caught off guard when Fancy had levitated him out of his hiding spot.

“Hey let me down you money grubbing rich pony.” Spike said as he flailed in the air.

As he was set down Pony Joe had a slightly scary look and whispered into his ear “Don’t be rude to the customers”

Spike then apologized to Fancy Pants. Fancy Pants then asked the dragon if he wanted to go to a little party tomorrow. Spike was thinking to say no, but it might hurt Joe’s business so he said “Yes.” So now he is going to be a representative for Joe sadly and is angry at the fact that he is kind of being forced into this.

Spike then continued to help around the shop while giving angry glances at Joe behind his back when he realized it was time to pick up Candy from her school. He walked out telling Joe he was going to get his daughter. As he continued down the road every pony seemed to be minding their own businesses not really paying attention to the dragon.

“Man, Candy really is just that popular around here. They don’t even care that I am a dragon walking down the road” Spike said with a hint of jealousy. Spike then arrived at the school and waited outside until he heard a scream. He ran inside the school yard to see that there was a pony on the ground and 2 others attacking it. Spike then ran in and yelling and scared the other 2 ponies away.

Spike, instead of chasing the other ponies, went to check on the one lying on the ground. It was...
*To be continued*