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A Second Chance - DullDragon2070

Godzilla's body begins to melt down, but instead of dying, the King of Monsters suddenly finds himself in Equestria... as a pony.

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Chapter 1: Departer and Arrival

Tokyo, Japan's capital, and the world's most populous metropolis. A city that offered limitless choices in shopping, dining, entertainment and culture for locals and tourists. Tonight, however, it was a battlefield. Specifically, there was a brutal battle taking place, among the remains of Haneda Airport, between two colossal titans, known as Kaiju.

One was a monster that Japan's inhabitants were all too familiar with. A living mountain of flesh and bone that stood over 100 meters tall. In this case, it was more like a volcano, given the lava-like patches covering his charcoal gray scales in multiple places, including down the entire length of his maple leaf-shaped dorsal spines. As he flexed his claws in an aggressive manner, his massive tail slammed into the airport's control tower with such force that the structure was instantly reduced to rubble. Like the first creature of his species that appeared over forty years ago, he was a powerful force of nature, never bending to the will of those who feared and opposed him, and destroying any and all who dared to attack him. For these reasons alone, the people of Japan bestowed upon him the name and title of his predecessor.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

The mutated dinosaur's glowing red eyes were burning with unbridled rage, his lips curling back in a growl, revealing his fangs and serrated teeth. A second later, Godzilla let loose a roar that seemed to shake the very air.


The response he received was a demonic screech from his opponent.

Hoping to find a way to kill Godzilla, scientists tried to recreate the Oxygen Destroyer, a weapon designed by the late Dr. Serizawa, which was used to destroy the first Godzilla in 1954. They succeeded... though not in the way they anticipated. The result came in the form of a small colony of Precambrian organisms, mutated by the formula. They grew and evolved at an accelerated rate, becoming large crab-like monsters with deadly abilities, capable of holding their own against the Japan Self Defense Forces. They continued to grow, eventually merging into one large kaiju with bat-like wings. After barely surviving a skirmish Godzilla's adopted son, Godzilla Junior, the creature emerged once again, this time in a stronger form that actually outmatched the King of Monsters in size. Armed with massive claws, spike protrusions, razor sharp teeth, dragon-like wings, long pincer-tipped tail, a large fiery orange horn, and covered from crested-head to clawed toe in crimson red armor, the monster dubbed “Destroyah” was a fearsome and formidable foe.

Gathering around the two warring kaiju, but still maintaining a minimum safe distance, were several JSDF military vehicles, each equipped with specially designed freezing weapons. The Super-X III, similarly armed with a freezing laser and cadmium tipped missiles, was flying overhead. However, they were not joining the fight yet. They were standing by, waiting for a specific moment to strike.

Godzilla's current appearance had raised questions and concerns. Looking for answers, the representatives of the JSDF turned to a college student, Keniche Yamane, who was a type of expert in things involving the King of Monsters. He suspected that Godzilla's heart, which was like a nuclear reactor, was failing, which was causing the beast's body to go through a nuclear meltdown.

Godzilla was dying.

The JSDF considered this a godsend, as this would mean that Japan's greatest threat would be no more. Unfortunately for them, this blessing turned out be a curse as well. Kenichi theorized that when Godzilla's body temperature reached 1,200 degrees Celsius, he would explode, resulting in a blast that would decimate Japan, and possibly take a good chunk out of the Earth as well. Acting quickly, they deployed the newly christened Super-X III, outfitted with the latest in anti-nuclear cold weaponry, to prevent this catastrophe. It was successful in stopping the explosion, but danger was still present. Godzilla's body would still melt, and the superheated remains would bore a hole to the Earth's core, destroying the planet.

It was hoped, because Destroyah was born with abilities that were similar to the weapon that killed the first Godzilla, that bringing the two together to fight would result in the current King's death, preventing the meltdown altogether. Unfortunately, Godzilla's worsening condition seemed to also increase his power with each passing moment, making him more than a match for even the living Oxygen Destroyer.

The only option left was to wait for Godzilla's temperature to reach 1,200 degrees. It would be at that exact moment that the JSDF would need to act, and unleash all of their freezing weapons upon Godzilla. Hopefully, that would lessen the damage enough to prevent the end of the world.

Until then, they were merely spectators, watching as Godzilla fought his greatest battle.

His last battle.

= = = = = = = = = =

Godzilla threw his jaws open, unleashing another Red Spiral Ray, pouring all of his rage and hatred into it. It found its mark, blowing off a large piece of his adversary's head crest, drawing a pain-filled screech from it. He repeated the process, each beam larger and more powerful than the last, leaving large burns across Destroyah's body. With each blast, a shockwave of energy would explode outward from the King of Monsters, wracking his body with excruciating pain. But he didn't relent; he didn't care how much it hurt him. All that mattered was inflicting as much pain as he could upon the red bastard before him, make it suffer with every last breath it drew.

Make it pay for taking his son from him.

Destroyah let out a screech that was laced with traces of fear. With a several flaps of its massive wings, suddenly took to the sky, its need to survive taking over.

Godzilla roared in defiance; he had no intention of letting it escape. He prepared to fire another blast, but as he did, another powerful pulse tore through him, forcing him to cancel his attack. He snarled as he watched the beast rise higher. It didn't get very far. From his left, multiple blue laser beams shot forth and struck both of Destroyah's wings. Godzilla looked and saw several military vehicles firing the beams. He looked back up to the sky and saw the aircraft that had frozen him from before also firing at the red monster. Within seconds, both the bastard's wings were completely frozen over, and it let out a pitiful screech as it began to plummet.

As it fell, the ice from its wings began to rapidly cover the rest of Destroyah's body. When the kaiju was back in range of Godzilla's ever rising body temperature, the sudden, rapid change from cold to hot caused Destroyah to go into thermal shock. The second after it hit the ground, the crimson body exploded.

Destroyah was no more.

As the dust settled, Godzilla stood alone, feeling his rage leave him. His son's murderer was now dead, but he did not feel victorious. He turned his head and looked to where his child's body was, and he was quickly consumed by grief. He had failed to protect his son, the only other member of his species.

Once again... Godzilla was alone.

And then, the kaiju wasn't alone. He felt a sudden presence nearby, one that felt familiar to him. He looked around, but didn't see anything other than the military. Whatever this presence was, it wasn't them.


Godzilla's eyes widened. He heard a voice, clear as day – in his mind. He recognized the presence now. He had encountered it... her a few times before. It was a human female, one who had the ability to speak to him telepathically. Although he despised all humans, she was the only one he had a bit of respect towards.

“Miki Saegusa.”

Another crippling tremor wracked his body, causing him to grit his teeth in pain as he reached a claw to his chest. He was then hit by a wave of great sadness, coming from the female he was connected with.

“What is happening to me?” he asked mentally.

Rather than receiving a reply, Godzilla's mind was suddenly filled with images, flashbacks, all from Miki's point of view. Days worth of memories swept through his mind's eye within seconds. A moment later, he understood.

“I see,” he thought impassively. “I'm dying.”

“...Yes...” Miki replied, her sadness growing stronger.

“It's funny,” he bemused humorlessly. “The humans have tried many times to kill me, yet I was too strong for anything that they threw at me. Now, in the end, it's my own power that will end me.”

Godzilla felt multiple impacts against his body. He looked to see the military vehicles firing their freezer weapons at him. They provided little comfort from the heat this time. There was no hope of saving him, they were just trying to save the planet at this point.

“Looks like everyone will finally get what they wanted – my death.”

I didn't want that.”

Godzilla sensed the sincerity in her statement, and he was actually touched by that. “Then you are the only one to feel that way. Everyone else fears me... or hates me. Yet it was their use of nuclear energy that created me! And for that, I hate them.” He growled. “I didn't ask to become a monster. All I ever wanted was to be left alone... in peace.”

“You wanted peace,” Miki agreed. “But you didn't want to be alone.”

Godzilla's growl died in his throat and his expression softened. She was right. He had longed for kinship over the years. He had searched for others of his kind. His species was adaptable, one of the very few to survive the changes the Old World went through. The previous Godzilla was one of the few remaining that he had been aware of, but surely there had to be a some left. But as time went by, it was looking as though he was indeed the last of his race.

Then, one night, he sensed it. A spark. It was faint, but it was definitely there. He followed it to the source, and he found it. An infant, but definitely a member of his kind. Since then, Godzilla took it upon himself to raise the hatchling as his own, to care for it, and to protect it. And for a short time, he was content.

Godzilla was enveloped by his own sadness as he looked at the lifeless body of his adopted son, again reminding him of his failure. He felt Miki's sadness as well, but there was another emotion that had joined it – guilt. Filtering through the memories she shared with him, he came across one that roused his ire.

“You helped lead my son to Destroyah, that bastard that killed him.” he accused her angrily.

Miki's guilt was soon followed by shame. “.........I'm sorry.”

Godzilla wanted to hate her, wanted to lash out at her, blast her with his atomic breath, anything to make her get out of his mind. But he didn't do any of these things. The truth was she was the only one left that he shared any kind of connection with. And with his death looming closer by the second, he didn't want to be alone.

He sifted through her memories that revolved around the event. She had been against the idea from the beginning, believing it wasn't right to use the little one as bait to lure Godzilla into battle with Destroyah. But her superiors were willing to do anything to stop Godzilla's meltdown, and they intended to go through with their choice with or without her. They had another human with abilities like her own, who would willingly take on the task. In the end, Miki went along anyway, because she wanted to be there to watch out for Junior.

The sad truth, Godzilla realized, was that it was because of him that his son was put in harm's way.

Godzilla moved forward through the last few memories. She had been there, at his son's side when he died; she had cried for him. His death had hurt her almost as deeply as it had hurt Godzilla. Seeing this, the kaiju king's anger faded. He didn't say anything, but Miki could feel his understanding and eventually his forgiveness. Her feelings of shame and guilt did not disappear, but they diminished greatly.

Neither spoke for a moment, merely sharing each others' company. The moment was shattered when the ever-present searing pain shot through the roof, causing Godzilla to screech in agony. Looking down, he saw that the glowing patches on his body were rapidly spreading, covering his the rest of his dark scales. He lifted a claw to look at it; his flesh had begun melting off the bones, which were next to go.

“This is it,” Godzilla thought in eerie calmness. Suddenly, his eyes began to blur, new images crossing his vision. “What's going on?”

“I may not be able to stop the pain, but perhaps this will help ease it until the end,” Miki answered.

In his mind's eye, Godzilla saw memories, both his and the human's. They were of his son, when he was just a baby, interacting with Miki, and a few other humans. There was the time when Godzilla first met the child in person, before leaving together. More memories of the time they spent on Birth Island, bonding together and happy. Sure enough, as Godzilla looked at these images, he felt his spirits lift, numbing him to the pain a bit.

“... Thank you.” As the memories faded, for the first time in a long time, the King of Monsters felt at peace. “Farewell... Miki.”

“Good-bye... Gojira."

Godzilla felt the connection between them begin to diminish, but remained calm. He looked up to the night sky for what would be the last time. His vision began to blur, the heat from the meltdown causing his eyes to melt; and then, there was a bright flash of light in front of him.

The last thing he saw before everything went black was a pair of large, gentle blue eyes, and two massive, multicolored wings.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Magenta eyes shot open as Princess Celestia awoke with a gasp. The white alicorn sat up in her bed, her attention immediately drawn to her horn, which was visibly pulsing with magic. Recognizing the meaning of the sensation, she quickly got out of her bed. As she did, she heard a rumble coming from outside. Sparing a glance towards one of her chambers' open windows, she saw her sister's beautiful night sky, but no storm clouds, so the sound could not have been thunder. Making a quick mental calculation, she determined that it was still a few hours until time to raise the Sun. She turned her attention to her nightstand, upon which sat her golden regalia. She levitated them to her and quickly put them on, intending to leave her chambers and locate Luna as soon as possible.

She had barely taken two steps, however, before there was a flash of blue magic a few feet in front of her. Taken slightly off guard, she blinked to clear her eyes, and when she looked again, there stood the pony she was intending to find. As she suspected, her little sister's horn was also aglow with magic, and she looked a little wobbly on her hooves.

“Sister!” Luna raised a hoof to take a step towards her sibling, but she was stopped by a sharp pain in her head. She quickly closed her eyes to quell the sensation while raising her hoof to her head. She felt herself sway, before a foreleg wrapped around her, keeping her steady.

“Easy, Lulu,” Celestia cooed softly, gently cradling the younger alicorn. She delicately touched her horn to Luna's, summoning a healing spell. “Just relax, the pain will subside.”

Heeding her advice, the Princess of the Night leaned against Celestia as she felt the warmth from her sister's magic flowing through her, alleviating the worst of the pain within minutes. Once she felt the magic stop, she opened her eyes and pulled back from the embrace just enough to look up into her sister's caring face and see her warm smile, which she reciprocated. Her focus was soon drawn to the white alicorn's horn, which was enveloped in her golden aura.

“You sense it, too.” It was more of a statement than a question.

Celestia nodded. “Have you seen anything tonight that might be the cause?”

“Indeed,” replied Luna as she took a step back from her sister. “It is occurring over the Everfree Forest.”

Over it?”

Luna nodded. “You need to see for yourself.” With that, the glow around her horn intensified.

Seeing her intent, Celesita quickly stepped forward and placed a wing over her sister's withers, gaining her attention and stopping the spell. “Allow me, Luna.” she offered gently. Her own horn flared brighter, and both alicorns disappeared from the chamber in a flash. A second later, they popped into existence again, this time standing on the balcony of the castle's tallest tower.

Luna looked at Celestia with an expression that was grateful, but also a little envious. Her older sister gave her a sympathetic smile. Alicorns have always had a deeper connection to the land than most ponies, thus were able to sense large magical anomalies that occurred, like the one they were feeling now. Such sudden surges of energy were a shock to their bodies, leaving them physically weak for awhile. Celestia, having lived in Equestria the longest, had experienced quite of few of these abnormalities now and again, and thus had built up an immunity to their effects. Luna, unfortunately, had yet to build up as strong a resistance, having returned from her banishment only a few years ago.

Giving her sibling a quick, assuring nuzzle, Celestia removed her wing and looked in the direction of the Everfree Forest.

Her jaw dropped at the sight.

Hovering high in the sky above a large portion of the dark forest was a massive cloud of magical energy. It was a bright reddish-orange, and every few seconds there was a flash which would make it burn brighter for an instant. With every pulse, a rumble followed, like thunder. Anypony else that was awake and seeing this would think it was a huge, unnatural, and oddly colored storm cloud.

“I've never seen, or felt, such a large amount of raw magic before,” said Luna as she stared at the cloud, which was slowly descending and beginning to dissipate across the Everfree in all directions. “What do you think it is, Sister?”

When she did not receive a response after a few seconds, the blue alicorn turn to her older sibling, who had her eyes closed and brow furrowed, giving her a look of one in deep concentration.

“Tia?” She said again, stepping towards Celestia with concern. “What is it?”

A second later, Celestia opened her eyes and regarded her little sister. “I think something new has come to Equestria, Luna.”

Luna's eyebrows arched up in surprise. “What do you mean?”

“Do you remember what I told you about how Twilight Sparkle became my student?”

The young alicorn blinked at the sudden question. “Yes, you said that she unleashed a large amount of magic during her entrance exam, more than anypony thought possible for a filly her age.”

Celestia nodded. “Yes, and after she calmed down, most of that magic simply dissipated, eventually becoming ambient energy.” She then turned her attention back to the massive cloud; by now, most of it now covered the forest like a blanket. “This anomaly feels similar to what I felt with Twilight that day.”

After a moment of contemplation, Luna nodded in understanding. “You believe that somepony is the cause of this surge?”

“Yes... and no. This energy feels different from unicorn magic, or that of any creature that dwells in this land.” Celestia explained. “Whatever unleashed this magic is... foreign to Equestria.” She cast her gaze up to the stars. “Foreign to this world.”

Luna followed her sister's line of sight, letting the words sink in. The thought of something from the beyond the heavens coming to their world was intriguing, but at the same time, troubling. She turned to Celestia, a question forming on the tip of her tongue. Before she could ask it, however, something caught her eye, and she looked to see a familiar patch of green smoke speeding towards the princesses. When it was a few feet in front of them, it stopped, and with a flash, it became a sealed scroll.

Catching the scroll in her magic, Celestia broke the seal, unrolled the scroll, and began reading aloud the hastily scribbled message.

“Princess Celestia,

This is Spike. Something's wrong with Twilight! I was sleeping, when all of a sudden, I was woken up by a loud explosion. At then, I heard Twilight screaming. I ran to her bedroom, and saw her thrashing in her bed like she was in pain. I thought she was having a nightmare and I was going to wake her up, but then I noticed her horn was glowing brightly. Then she let out another scream, and then she fainted! Thankfully, she still breathing, but her horn's still glowing.

Please help!”

Luna frowned as her sister finished reading. “So, young Twilight has felt this surge as well. The poor mare, it would seem that her ascension is as much a curse as it is a blessing right now.”

The Day Princess gave a solemn nod as she banished the scroll with her magic. She looked down at the cloud above the Everfree Forest; most of it had dissipated by now, leaving behind a light reddish fog amongst the trees. At the same time, she could feel the pressure on her horn dulling significantly, indicating the aftereffects were fading. Looking over at Luna, she saw the magic around her horn dimming and a look a relief coming across her face.

“Feeling better, Luna?” she asked, again resting her wing across the younger alicorn's back.

“Yes,” replied Luna, a small smile on her lips.

“Good. Then, if you're feeling up to it, I would like you to go down to Ponyville and tend to Twilight. You remember the healing spell I used?”

Luna nodded, but then blinked in confusion. “What of you, Sister? Will you not go to see Twilight?”

“I will,” Celestia assured, “but first, I must make a quick trip to the Crystal Empire to check on Cadance. Despite the distance from here, there's a chance she may have felt the energy surge as well.”

The Princess of the Night nodded, understanding the logic in Celestia's decision. Given that Cadance was also an alicorn, there was a chance that she, too, was affected by the anomaly here, despite being a great distance away. She also surmised that her sister intended to teleport to the kingdom, and considering the she was the least hindered by the surge, she was the logical choice to make the trip with little to no trouble. “Very well,” Luna said “Take care, Sister, and give my best to Cadance.”

“I will,” replied Celestia, giving her little sister another quick nuzzle before removing her wing. “Tell Twilight that I will be by to see her as soon as I can.”

“Of course.”

Luna stepped back to give Celestia room to teleport. The older alicorn's horn began to glow. However, before she could complete the spell, she was stopped by her sister's voice.

“Tia!” Luna called, catching her big sister's attention, before asking the question that was on her mind earlier. “This otherworldly creature you spoke of. Do you know if it is a friend... or a foe?”

Celestia looked down in contemplation for a moment, before shaking her head. “I do not know, Lulu.” She then gave her a lighthearted smile. “I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.”

With that, Celestia closed her eyes, and with a pop and a flash, she was gone. Luna frowned as she turned her gaze towards the Everfree. The last of the ambient magic had finally faded, and the forest looked undisturbed. One would think that nothing out of the ordinary had taken place at all. But she knew the truth. There was something down there, something new to Equestria. What she didn't know was whether it was an ally or another threat. She hoped it was the former, but given how Equestria seemed to be a stomping ground for random creatures with villainous intent, she wouldn't be surprised if it was the latter.

I just hope we are prepared to deal with whatever this thing is when the time comes, Luna thought. She then shook her head and turned her attention to Ponyville. All of us. With that, she opened her wings and leapt off the tower, beginning her flight to her destination.


=== The Next Morning ===

A low groan escaped Godzilla's throat as his consciousness slowly returned. His eyes opened, only to shut again as his sight was assaulted by brightness. The kaiju kept his eyes closed as the rest of his senses started to come back to him. The first thing that grabbed his attention was the soreness that seemed to spread through his entire being; though compared to the excruciating pain of his entire body melting before, it was a welcomed change.

But the fact that he could feel pain lead Godzilla to an immediate and obvious conclusion.

I'm alive. But... how can that be?

Before the King of Monsters could even begin to ponder on how that was even possible, he decided to give opening his eyes another try. Slowly, he cracked his eyelids open, blinking a few times to dispel the blurry brightness; he was already aware that it was daytime. After a few seconds of this, he was able to see his surroundings more clearly. He was lying in a small crater in the ground, which was covered with dirt, and he was surrounded by numerous trees, bushes and rocks of various sizes. This gave him pause, as the last thing he remembered before blacking out was being in Tokyo. Was he still in Tokyo? Or Japan, for that matter? Had the humans somehow transported him to a different location?

His musings were interrupted as his ears picked up the sound of birds chirping. His head swiveled around to a nearby tree, and up on a branch he spotted a red bird standing at the edge of a nest, a worm wriggling around in its beak. In the nest were three small chicks, beaks opened wide, chirping loudly, begging to be fed.

Godzilla watched the mother tend to her young with a bemused expression. He had seen birds like that on Birth Island, but they were even smaller than humans, who were ants compared to him. These birds were much bigger, though only a quarter of the size of that mutated Pterodactyl he fought a few years prior. Come to think of it, everything around him was bigger than it should have been. Or was he smaller now? Had he been shrunken down somehow?

No, this doesn't make any sense. I was dying. I was burning alive, and I remember my flesh and my bones melting away!

He raised his clawed hand up to his face to inspect it, but what he saw left him somewhat slack-jawed. Instead of his sharp claws, there was a round, smooth, bone-like structure on the end of the limb.

“What is this?!” Godzilla gasped, his tone a deep baritone. The appendage flew to his maw as soon as the words left it. Whenever he spoke, it came out as growls or a roar; never before had he ever physically spoken the language of man.

As his shock subsided, he pulled the limb back to observe it again. He took a moment flex it, twist it around, getting a feel for how it functioned, before doing the same with the opposite. He looked further up his arms; his charcoal gray scales were gone, replaced by fur of the same color. He looked down the length of his body, and saw that his dorsal spines were gone, clumps of fur sticking up to look like smaller spines running along his back. His legs had also changed; they were shaped differently, and his feet now sported the same bony protrusions as the front ones. His tail was more or less the same length, but now it was covered in light gray hair, which stuck up in places where his tail spines used to be.

Overall, aside from patches of dirt covering him here and there, there didn't appear to be any damage, burns, or any deformities. He seemed to be fine; just... changed.

Still stunned by this transformation, he reached his new front appendages up to his face, wondering what changes it went through. Suddenly, something shimmering caught his eye; he looked in the direction it came from. A few meters away he spotted a river, the sun reflecting off it crystal clear surface. Godzilla felt the corners of his mouth turn up in a smile, which was another first for him, but he didn't really think about that right now.

With his goal in sight, the newly transformed kaiju got his limbs under him and lifted himself off the ground. He then pushed himself upright. However, a couple seconds later, his body wobbled and he started falling down. He put his arms down to catch himself with a thud. Blinking in bewilderment, he pushed off the ground again... and promptly fell forward again.

“Damn it! Why can't I stand?!” he snapped, growing irritated by this hindrance. Setting his brow in determination, he pushed off the ground as hard as he could, once again righting himself. As he felt himself tipping forward, he arched his back and pulled his arms to his broad chest, and though he wobbled a bit, he managed to stay standing this time.

“Ha!” Godzilla smirked in triumph, ignoring the strain he felt in his hips. With that out of the way, the next step was to get out of the crater, which was a couple meters wide all around. Looking down at the ground, he took a shaky left step, firmly planting the bony stub into the dirt, before taking an equally shaky step with the right, repeating the process, slowly but surely making his way out of the crater.

Despite the progress he was making, the kaiju started to get frustrated by just how hard this was for him. In his previous form, he could traverse for miles, both by land and sea, and not be fatigued in the slightest. Now, his legs burned with every step, the discomfort in his hips was becoming unbearable, and beads of sweat were running down along his face and neck.

And he was barely halfway out of the crater!

Godzilla lifted his foot to take another step, but mid-step he started to wobble. He felt his body falling backwards, so he quickly put his foot back down... right on top of his swishing tail.

“Yow!” He cried out, quickly pulling his foot back up. Unfortunately, the action threw him further off balance; all he could do was flail his arms as he fell, like a chopped tree, back-first into the crater. His body hit with enough force to shake the surrounding area, scaring a few birds from the trees – except for the mother bird, who merely flapped her wings and hovered protectively over her babies – and knocking loose a few leaves.

The kaiju laid there for a moment as the dust settled, looking unblinkingly up at the sky above. The leaves finished their journey to the ground, but one stray green leaflet had the audacity to land square on his snout, like it was mocking him. That poor plant was soon sent flying from the hot air of Godzilla's angry snort. He was breathing deeply now, his body trembling, not in fatigue, but in rage. He was the King of Monsters! He had faced many challenges in his life: humans, other monsters, mechs, even an alien clone of himself, and he had triumphed over them all. Yet, now, in this diminished form, he could not even manage to walk a few feet!

His lips curled back in a snarling grimace as he growled lowly. The sound grew in pitch by the second as did his ire. Unable to contain it any longer, he took another deep breath, and unleashed his rage in a roar.

The ground, even the air, seemed to shake from the force of the mighty cry. Any remaining birds and other creatures fled for their lives. Only one brave mother bird remained, using her wings and body to shield her chicks in the nest as the roar rang on for what seemed like an eternity, before finally going silent.

Godzilla breathed heavily, his anger slowly fading along with the last echoes of his roar. Despite the situation, a small smile crossed his face. “Well, at least that hasn't changed much,” he chuckled.

Taking a few more calming breaths, the kaiju rolled himself over onto his stomach. He looked down at his appendages and the bone protrusions attached to each of them. After a moment of contemplation, he once again pushed himself off the ground. However, instead of attempting to push himself onto his back legs again, he simply raised his head to its full height. Immediately, he could tell that this position felt much more comfortable, more natural.

“So, that's it.” muttered Godzilla. “I'm quadrupedal now.”

Heaving a somewhat resigned sigh, he shuffled his new feet, experimentally lifting each one before placing it back down. He did this for a moment longer, before shaking his head and turning his attention back to his original objective: the river. Looking back down at the crater, he slowly lifted his... foreleg and firmly planted his foot on the slope. He repeated this process with the others. It was slow-going, but eventually, the kaiju king managed to get out of the crater and was now on more stable ground.

Godzilla allowed a himself a small triumphant smile, which quickly slipped into a frown when he looked up and saw that there was still a few meters between him and the river.

The walk that followed was yet another test of Godzilla's limited patience. He felt like he was a hatchling again, clumsily trying to learn to walk for the first time. And back then, he only had to worry about walking on two legs. Now he had four. Twice the trouble. The first step was easy enough, it was the following step that was troubling, because he had to figure out which leg to move next while trying to maintain his balance. There were a couple times he came close to toppling over with a misstep, and there were more than a few times where he tripped over his own feet which sent him stumbling. By the time he actually neared the water's edge, the kaiju was growling deeply; it was all he could do to keep from roaring again.

Finally, he reached the river, and when he looked down at its surface, the growling slowly ceased as he stared at his reflection. The changes to his head may not have been as great as the rest of his body, but they were still noticeable. Atop his head and along the back of his neck was long hair that was the same light gray color as his tail; it was swept back, spiked in a way that reminded him of his spines. His ears had grown bigger in size, swiveling to and fro at the sounds around him. His muzzle was about the same, only broader and covered in the same fur as the rest of his body. There was also a patch of light gray hair that ran along his jaw and almost completely encompassed his mouth. Inside his gaping maw, he instantly noticed that he still had his front fangs, and most of his teeth appeared to still be sharp.

“What... what am I?” he asked, looking into his reflection's large golden-colored eyes. He looked up from the river, and wildly looked about, almost tripping over his own feet again, looking for something, anything that could answer his question. “What is going on here?!”

The transformed kaiju received an answer in the form of chirping. He looked up and saw the mother bird from before looking down at him from her nest, chirping, still perched protectively over her chicks, who decided to add their voices to that of their parent's. Godzilla's ears flattened against his head and a frown formed on his lips.

“That doesn't help at all,” he deadpanned.

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Well, there you have it, my first chapter of my Godzilla X MLP crossover.

BTW, before anyone says anything about it. Yes, I know the roar is that of Godzilla 2014, and this story's about the Godzilla from the 1995 movie, "Godzilla Vs. Destroyah." My reason for this: since Godzilla's body has been altered to that of the pony's, I figured that his roar would also be altered slightly. Plus, I just really love the new roar. :raritywink:

So, let me know what you think.