• Published 2nd Aug 2013
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The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover - Tarbtano

A devastating battle in the Kaiju universe transports a small group of them, heroric, villainous, and otherwise to Equestria. New bodies, new world, new society. But what happens when something even Kaiju are afraid of follows them?

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Chapter 2: The Awakenings

Author's Note:

Kaiju Amalgam Universe Timeline (recommended reading)

Apple Bloom
Sweetie Belle


Fluttershy was bedding down for the afternoon after a long day of looking after a troublesome bear cub. Poor thing had gotten itself stuck in a honey tree after eating too much honey. The whole ordeal had taken hours to try and safely squeeze it back out. Sighing away her exhaustion calmly, she gently plopped herself down on her couch. Smiling warmly, Fluttershy reached for her knitting basket she had on her table. Maybe now she could finally relax.

Fate on the otherhoof had no such plans. That’s when a massive flash of black and white light ripped through the airspace above the table. Before the Pegasus could react the flash dispersed, dropping a navy blue pony out of thin air and sending it crashing through her table as it fell.


Fluttershy ducked behind the couch in surprise, an explosion of broken wood and splinters sails over her. After a few moments she slowly poked her head up from the cover and looked at her intruder.

It was a very large stallion, and judging from the way he was splayed out on his stomach and not moving, clearly out-cold. Questions poured in. How in the world did he get in here? What was going on with that white and black flash? Was it an invasion? Recalling Twilight’s teleportation spell, Fluttershy ruled out the possibilities and tried to think the poor fool just had a magic mishap and had accidentally warped into her house. It didn't calm her nerves much. She walked out from the cover of her couch.

Only as she got closer did she begin to realize just how massive this pony was. Even splayed out she could tell he had to have been a full head taller than Big Mac, one of the larger stallions in Ponyville and definitely an above average sized pony. Judging from his long limbs, at this size this new guy may be on eye level with one of the princesses. Had the stocky build not clued her in, she might have mistaken him for an Arabian horse. The coat was navy blue, only a shade or two duller and lighter than that of Princess Luna. Judging from the horn he was a unicorn, but this pony’s horn was the strangest she’d ever seen. Rather than conical, it seemed to have a more octagonal shape, with twin smaller horns shooting off from either side of the central horn to form a V shape near the base of the horn. The color was also wrong. Rather than match the coat color, it was near pure white with some amber tinting. It looked less like a part of the body and more like a something stuck onto the body. The mane behind the horn was crystalline white and spiky, almost like batteries of pointed gemstones in the way the hair strands held together. The rest of the upper body seemed more or less normal, except for the odd shoulders and back. The hair along the spinal cord and shoulder blades was the same color as the mane and stuck to the body in tight formation, giving a minor glossy look similar to the mane; comparable to if the hair was wet. The tail was the same color as the mane and with identical appearance and texture. That same glossy, crystalline white. A pony having a multicolored body was rare enough, but this was downright strange. Was he a hybrid perhaps? Something of a cross between a unicorn and some other ungulate? Fluttershy tilted her head and gave the stallion a once over, making sure there was no apparent wounds large enough to draw blood and his body was free of sizable shards of debris.

-Hm….. Can’t leave him laying around like that-
Fluttershy stuttered over her thought and looked around. She leaned down and tugged at the unconscious mane to no avail, quickly realizing he was far too heavy to lift and dragging him might just drive the shattered remains of her table into his stomach. Fluttershy let go and rubbed her chin, thinking things through. A light bulb went off in her head, and the Pegasus smiled before rushing out of the door.

a few minutes later

The mother bear gently set the giant pony down on Fluttershy’s couch, the yellow mare smiling and patting the ursid’s shoulder as she hovered above.
"Thanks for the help, be sure to drop by if you need anything~"

The bear smiled happily and nodded. She carefully took her still honey covered cub by the paw, ducking down; and walked out the front door. Fluttershy smiled as she closed the doorway, thankful the large beast hadn’t bent the door frame on its way out. Hovering back over to her couch, she inspected her guest, who still seemed out cold. Other than a few small splinters the veterinarian quickly removed, he was no worse for the wear as far as she could tell physically. Putting a hoof to his neck to check his pulse to assure nothing was wrong internally other than what she presumed was magical exhaustion, Fluttershy nodded each beat of blood she felt for several moments before she assured herself his heartbeat wasn’t irregular.

Shrugging to herself as she tossed a blanket over the guest, barely fitting his large frame, Fluttershy headed for the kitchen to make herself some tea. She didn’t notice a red and amber eye pry itself open slightly, following her movements. Angel had been watching it all from behind a bird house, still shuddering. So attentive Fluttershy had been to her patient she failed to notice many of the small animals that occasionally frequented her dwelling were all gone or in hiding, her pet rabbit being no exception. Angel squeaked near silently, deathly afraid of what was laying on his owner’s couch just 10 feet from him. The rabbit gulped and tried to take a hop closer, holding a tooth pick in his paws in meek defense against the being that stood between him and the yellow Pegasus. He dared not move past it to the safety of his owner.

The slitted eye locked on the disappearing Fluttershy briefly, before they darted over and glared through the bunny. The pony’s strange eyes, a doubled iris of blazed red and amber yellow eyes looked almost as if they were on fire. Twin, tiny portholes into hell itself.

A tooth pick rolled across the floor as the sound of rapid hopping sped off and out the front door.

Several miles away

Scootaloo huffed as she beat her wings as fast as she could; even then she was only able to move the wagon along as a walking pace. Craning her neck back, she barked out to her friends.
“Could you two push a little harder? I’m starting to lose feeling in my feathers!” Scootaloo said as she choked for breath.

Applebloom popped her head up from behind the wagon, she and Sweetie Belle were pushing and shoving the kart from the rear.
"Ah’ put a cork in it Scoots, not our fault this lady weighs more than half my family! We’re pushin’ hard as we can!", the youngest apple sibling grunted as she pushed harder.

Sweetie Belle gasped for breath audibly, wiping sweat from her brow.
“AGH! WHAT was this lady EATING?! Bricks?! If my sister ever saw a mare this heavy she’d flip!”

The ‘lady’ in question was clumsily splayed out in the wagon, only her main body even fitting with her head half stuffed in and half lying atop the wagon’s wall. All four of her limbs were sticking out of the wagon, dragging along the ground with her sharp hooves cutting small grooves into the dirt road. The moment the girls laid eyes on her they knew she wasn’t your average pony. For one, if her not fitting the wagon was any clue; she was enormous. If standing up, she'd easily a tower over your average mare and stallion alike. It had been months since they’d been in Canterlot, but Sweetie Belle could swear she was at least equal in height and dimension to the solar princess herself; if not even taller. That wasn’t the only resemblance they noticed though. Somehow, despite only four of the species being known; she was an alicorn!

So exuberant were they in the idea they rescued a Princess from some far away land, none of them noticed just how strange her horn and wings were. The horn was crowned in a ring of bony, dark, scale-like protrusions that were partially hidden by her haggard mane. Its shape was also all wrong. Not matching her main body colors of dark crimson and ivory at all, it was more of a fiery orange. The projection wasn’t tubular at all, rather curved and shaped more like a saber with a definite edge. They had failed to notice just how sharp it was. The horn had already effortlessly sliced an inch or two into the wagon’s rim just from the rocking of the wheels shaking her head. And rather than bird-like and feathery, this mare had broad, angular bat wings more like those of Princess Luna’s guard. The mane was medium length and was mostly a dirty brown with red tinting, aside from a few strands of black here or there. The style was wild and completely unkept.

“Almost there! Just to the top of this hill and it’s all downhill to the farm!”

Scootaloo huffed as she flapped as hard as she could along with her friend’s effort, knowing that if they could get over this literal uphill drag it would be smooth sailing from here on out. The sun was beginning to go down and the pressing darkness only motivated them more to get their rescue effort back to the farm as fast as possible. The elementary aged trio put their backs into it, huffing, sweating; pushing and pulling as hard as their bodies could muster. The front wheels of the wagon just barely broke the peak of the hill, the center of gravity shifting and promising relief. And then a howl sounded off. All three of the Cutiemark Crusaders jumped up and clung to one another, a shuddering wreck. The lupine howl sounded off again, this time much closer than before. Darting their eyes too and fro, praying not to see what they feared was approaching; a factoid dawned on the fillies’ heads.

“A-a-applebl-oom….. wh-when’s Zap-Apple season?....”
Sweetie Belle stuttered out as a pair of glowing green eyes peered right at her from a dozen or so meters away in the shrubs.

“S-s-starts toni-i-ight….” Applebloom croaked as her eyes were wide as saucers as she locked onto the eyes as well, noticing they were getting bigger as perspective became closer.

“A-and th-that means…..” Scootaloo gulped as her limbs were taught with muscle tension, ready to spring out into a sprint at any moment. The tightening of the hug showing her that her friends’ bodies were doing the same. It was the equine response to danger, a long held tradition, one they were about to enact at any moment. The emerald green eyes were now just 3 meters away.

Almost like on cue, the monster composed of fallen leaves, sticks, twigs, branches, and fallen wood that gave it its name snarled like a rabid dog and pounced out, aiming right at the fillies with splinter-covered fangs. The CMC scattered while screaming, as it impacted the ground they once stood on. The beast crashed into the wagon and dumped its contents onto the ground beside it. All three fillies darted out in all directions.


Back at Fluttershy’s cottage

Fluttershy had just finished pouring her tea, blowing over the steaming hot drink to cool it enough to make it safe when she heard a massive crash and the sound of splintering wood coming from her living room. Half worrying another migrant had somehow had an identical accident and fighting deja-vu, Fluttershy rushed to the living room, not caring about spilling hot tea over half her china set and table cloth.

Nothing could have prepared her to expect what she saw.

Twin, ivory tinted crystals sharpened to points on the tips had ripped through her floor, splintering and snapping the wood like a pair of cavalry driven spears. That however didn’t curtail most of her attention, the hovering form between them did. The stallion was hovering high above with his back to her, his horn nearly scraping the ceiling as faint beams of energy similar to electricity flowed out of the crystal pillars and onto the patches of hardened fur on its shoulders, which along with his mane, tail; and back ridge glowed with a similar light. He shifted in midair, turning and facing her with a vile grin on his face. The eyes of hellfire were alight with pure energy that Fluttershy could feel radiating out into the room, chilling the temperature like the icy solace of the high atmosphere. A deep chuckle echoed out.

“Hmhmhmm….. So… This IS a new world….”
The stallion said as he looked down to Fluttershy with a fiery gaze, the energy only growing each second.

“And its inhabitants….. Such an odd form… I wonder if it is as susceptible to harm as the humans…"

A cackling mass of energy formed in the stallion’s closed jaws, raw crimson red energy seeping out from between every tooth. Fluttershy took a step back, wide eyed at the sight before her. She knew full well this being, pony or not, meant her harm. And if it meant one who showed it compassion harm so easily, there was no doubt it would do the same to almost any other who crossed his path. Anyone who crossed his path who he thought was weaker than him. Anyone like the towns residents, her animal charges…. Her friends. Fluttershy shut her eyes, the thoughts going through her head being nearly unbearable. He’d hurt them all, just because he could. Just like any other bully or criminal….

That word floating into her head…. Bully… Thug……. One stronger who preys on those weaker, not because of some need but because they could…. Just like the Cockatrice, Dragon, even Angel on a bad day.

Fluttershy’s eyes flew open in a determined, unblinking glare right into and through the stallion’s orbits and the effect was instant. While he was still convinced he could have obliterated her with one blast of the Corona ray, that…stare… stopped him. He was taken back at first, his will to attack killing itself off as quickly as the charge for his ray dissipated. Reaction rapidly evolved from unknown horror to surprised, and through it all thoroughly impressed and eager to reconsider. He had no clue what the hell this creature just did but he did NOT want be on the receiving end again. The crystals ceased their charging and he hovered down to the ground, gently setting himself down right in front of the mare with a stern look to try and hide his exasperation and fear of what had just hit him.

At that instant Fluttershy herself canceled her signature ability, looking up with a stern but much more relaxed expression. The stallion's mind mind was absolutely livid. He knew this was a whole new realm than his own, but he had no idea of its inhabitants. Some may call him a conqueror but he was by no means a moron. This individual had just displayed something he found both entirely alien and yet so entertaining in nature. Were all of this world's denizens so strange? And if so, how many had ‘gifts’ that made them combat capable? Enough to be a threat perhaps? There were two ways of figuring it all out. One was something a destruction crazed brute like Ghidorah would have chosen, and another was one more to his intellectual tastes.

-1. Going at it solo and finding out this world's dangers bit by bit overtime, risking retribution in his weakened state
2. Keep calm, cease attacks, and let the denizens of this world do the informing; then act accordingly-

He bowed his head, he decided the latter would do best, especially insight of possible retributions. Recalling his position when he awakened and feeding it into column B's setting, Xenilla drew up a plan. Opening his eyes, he spoke out in an echoing voice.

“Are you the one who set me on that bedding and tended to me?”

Fluttershy kept firm and slowly nodded. The stallion that was easily twice her height lowered down, picking up her hoof and kissing it.
“Xenilla at your service…”

On the outskirts of the Apple Farm

Scootaloo pumped her wings as she drove about in random circles as fast as she could on her scooter, trying to keep the Timberwolf’s attention as long as she was capable. Judging from the loud snap and near miss of her tail between a pair of wooden jaws, she was doing the distraction part well enough. Applebloom was making a mad dash for the farm through the apple orchard, sprinting as fast as her short limbs would carry her. Still she kept constantly looking back to her friends before remembering to look where she was going, and nearly missing a face first impact into an apple tree. Sweetie Belle was going to be running alongside her to get Big Mac and Applejack, but another idea had dawned into her head. Circling around the snapping beast she darted over to the downed ‘Princess’, skidding to a halt. Frantic with fright, she put her hooves on the mare’s face and shook it as much as she could. Given the dark colored pony's huge size, she only manages to rattle her head some . Alicorns always seemed to have great power, more than enough to deal with a Timberwolf.
“Wake up! Come on, wake up miss! We need your help!”

No response came. Sweetie Belle, on the edge of tears backed up and rammed into the crimson pony’s chest, body checking it in a relatively meek manner to rouse her to consciousness. Not even a twitch came in response.

Scootaloo was having her own trouble, trouble that just got miles worse. The Timberwolf swiped at her scooter with its paw, managing to catch and tear out the back wheel with its sharpened bark. Scootaloo’s scooter was thrown completely off track, the remaining wheel spinning out of control as the metal bracket that held its counterpart dug into the dirt. Still speeding, Scootaloo called out as she came barreling in towards her unicorn friend. We wasn't able to change her direction, only able to scream out.

Scootaloo jumped off her ride as Sweetie Belle dove to the side, the two colliding on the ground in a heap as the transportation crashed into the unmoving mare's face. Both fillies were seeing stars, only conscious enough to scream out as the wooden beast lunged for them.

Without warning a basketball sized ball of purple light shot over the duo and smashed into the TimberWolf’s head. A small, bright, swirling mass of energy dissolved away half of the beast’s face with an element unknown to Equestria. Micro-oxygen. The monster, still alive, fell back with a painful yelp as it kicked up a dust cloud on impact. A shadow loomed over and walked over the youngsters as they slowly looked up, still panting from surprise.

Destroyah hissed at the downed creature. She cared nothing at all for the lives she had accidentally spared, she was only attacking the biggest threat in the area, snacks could come later. The dog-like barks and snarls rang out as two more Timberwolves emerged out from the forest to aid their wounded packmate, glaring at the strange mare. Destroyah couldn’t be happier. Indeed, snack time wouldn’t be now….

-Now… -
The former demonic crustacean charged up her magic-less horn, readying the cutting edge.
-Now comes the fun part-

Meanwhile at the Library

Twilight’s feeling had only intensified since last night, so much to the point her horn was beginning to physically ache as it registered unknown powers nearby. Filtering through a book of spells to cure the raging migraines she felt coming on, the young alicorn rubbed her eyes to try and make sense of texts with her fuzzy vision. Groaning to herself, she was nearly ready to call up Spike to read the passage for her when she felt a gentle tap, barely heavier than a feather; on the tip of her horn. The pain vanished instantly, as if healed away by the feeling of warmth that suddenly washed over her. Opening her eyes, Twilight spotted the source of the tap.

A tiny, fuzzy little moth was perched up on the tip of her horn, twitching its antennae about. Not even caring the damage its kind did to books, Twilight Sparkle smiled at the little creature, puzzled at how her pain had alleviated so fast and even more curious on how the insect had caused it. A pressure point perhaps? Pure luck of it landing at the time the pain relented? The questions were given a higher magnitude when the moth vanished as if made of dust and blew away under a small draft. Twilight’s eyes popped out as she looked around the place her horn had been, hoping the headache hadn’t just been playing tricks on her head.

She stopped as soon as a flash of light with a silent source burst out behind her, a calm, female voice spoke out.
“I am sorry you were in such pain, are you well now?”

Twilight turned around and her jaw nearly dropped at the sight of rainbow colored wings…

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