• Published 31st Jan 2015
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A Second Chance - DullDragon2070

Godzilla's body begins to melt down, but instead of dying, the King of Monsters suddenly finds himself in Equestria... as a pony.

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Chapter 3: Godzilla Vs. Dragons

Author's Note:

That's right!
I'm back!
The story lives!

I hope this chapter makes up for how long it took me to get it here. Just know that the next will take a little longer than this one. Right now, there are things going on at my job that need my immediate attention. Thus, while I will try to work on new chapters when I can, please know that it will not be my main priority.

Also, all the dragons' names I used are ones I came up with myself. As far as I know, only Garble's name has been confirmed as canon.

Anyhow, enjoy!

While the transformed kaiju and baby dragon stared at one another, Garble, shaking off his initial shock, was the first to break the silence. “Hey, check it out, fellas,” he said, getting the attention of the other dragons, “it's one of those wimpy ponies.”

In response to the red dragon's words, Godzilla returned his attention to the adolescent reptiles with narrowing eyes. But then he blinked in bemusement as the words registered in his mind. “Pony?” he asked, more to himself than anyone else. He was vaguely familiar with the name, and the animal it was attached to. “Is that what I am?”

The air was once again filled silence as the dragons looked at the large equine in bewilderment. And again, it was Garble that shattered it when he suddenly burst into laughter, followed closely by the others.

“Y-you hear that?!” he guffawed. “H-he doesn't even know... if he's a p-pony!”

This made all the dragons laugh even harder. After a moment, though, Chunk, the brown heavyset dragon next to Garble, stopped laughing as he looked at the pony more carefully. He then turned back to red drake and asked, “Uh, is he a pony?”

Garble ceased laughing so fast, that he almost choked on his own breath. He glared at his cohort as if he was an idiot. The rest of the dragons slowly stopped laughing when they noticed that he had stopped. “Of course, he's a pony, you nitwit!” he snapped, while gesturing to the large equine in question. “Hooves, fur, mane, muzzle... and an ugly one at that. What else could he possibly be?”

“Well... it's just that he looks a lot bigger than any pony we've seen before,” Chunk pointed out.

Before Garble could berate the fat drake some more, Pyro, the purple dragon with blond hair on his opposite side, spoke up. “He's got a point, boss. And this pony doesn't exactly look wimpy.” This got murmurs of agreement from the other reptiles of the group.

While Garble proceeded to argue with the group, Godzilla returned his attention to Spike, who was still looking up at him in awe. He then tilted his head to the side as he spoke, “Get going, little one.”

Snapping out of his shocked state, Spike gave a weak nod and started running as fast as his bruised body would allow. Unfortunately, his action drew the attention of his tormentors.

“Hey, the runt's getting away! Get him, you idiots!” Garble shouted.

“Leave him alone.”

Having cleared a few meters, Spike quickly ducked behind a tree. He knew he should have taken the chance he'd been given to quickly get back to Ponyville, but his curiosity got the better of him. He had to get another look at his rescuer. He slowly peeked out from behind his hiding spot, just as the stallion stepped out of the bushes and into the clearing.

Of course, the first thing that immediately caught Spike's attention was the pony's enormous size. From what Spike could figure, he stood at least a full head taller than Princess Celestia. The next thing he took note of was the stallion's robust frame; he was very muscular, much like Bulk Biceps. However, whereas the white pegasus had the massive physique of a bodybuilder, this pony's muscles were not as large as Bulk's, but nor were they less impressive; his muscles were well defined, pressed taut against his fur. His physique classified him as somepony not to be trifled with. Clumps of the pony's dark gray fur stood up all along his back in a few rows, giving him the appearance of having tiny spines. Spike then observed the stallion's swishing, light gray tail; it was nearly twice the length of the pony's own body, and much like his mane and back, patches of hair stuck out from the rest, giving the tail a “spiked” look. Finally, Spike turned his attention to the pony's flank, to get a look at...

“No... cutie mark?” Spike muttered, wondering if his eyes were playing tricks on him. He rubbed them with his claw, blinked a couple times, and looked again. Sure enough, the stallion's flank... was blank. No symbol of the pony's special talent anywhere in sight. Needless to say, Spike was baffled by this. From what he knew, most ponies usually received their marks long before they reached adulthood. And based off his size and the deep tone of his voice, this pony was definitely an adult.

“What did you say?!”

Garble's angry voice brought Spike to the present. He looked to see the red dragon, as well as the rest of his gang, glaring at the enormous equine, who was now standing several meters in front of the drakes. The stallion didn't look intimidated in the least; he just stood his ground, his massive tail swaying back and forth in an aggressive manner. Spike gulped, ducking back a little behind the tree.

“Leave. Him. Alone,” Godzilla repeated, speaking slowly and clearly, while keeping his tone firm. Garble gritted his teeth, taking a couple of angry steps forward.

“Hey!” he snapped, pointing a claw at the large pony. “No one tells me what to do, especially not some plus-sized pony! Besides, I've got a score to settle with that little runt.”

“You will settle it with me,” the kaiju replied firmly.

Garble scoffed at his words. “What? You volunteering to let me smack you around instead of him?”

“No,” Godzilla clarified. “I will fight you.” He cast a glance at the rest of the group. “All of you.”

Silence overtook the area for a third time, and, once again, it was broken by the dragons' uproarious laughter. This went on for a couple of minutes, most of the reptiles doubled over, almost incapacitated with amusement. After awhile, the noise slowly started to die down. Garble, wiping a tear from his eye, looked at the pony like he was crazy.

“You...” he snickered, “you are going to fight... all of us? Are you serious?”

“I am,” Godzilla nodded.

Garble shook his head as he approached the equine at a casual pace. “Okay, you didn't even know that you're a pony, so I'm gonna guess that you don't know anything about dragons. We're the biggest, baddest, and strongest species around.” The rest of the dragons cheered out in agreement at their leader's words. “Our scales are tough, our teeth and claws are sharp, and our fire can reduce anything to ashes... including ponies.” This got another round of cheers.

“Sure, you may be bigger than most ponies we've seen...” Garble paused as he stopped in front of the stallion; now that he was up close, the red dragon realized that the pony towered over him by a couple feet. He quickly regained his composure and continued his rant. “But that doesn't mean that you stand a chance against one dragon, let alone six. So, if you're really thinking of fighting us, it may be the last thing you ever do.”

Godzilla glared down at the arrogant drake, unimpressed. “Am I supposed to be intimidated?”

“Oh, not scared, huh?” Garble asked, tauntingly, a crooked smile forming on his lips. “Then how about this?” The red dragon took in a large breath, opened his jaws, and unleashed a loud, screeching roar right into the stallion's face, causing the pony's ears to flatten against his head. After a few seconds, he stopped and looked at his handiwork with a toothy grin, expecting to see a look of wide-eyed fright on the pony.

What he saw was the complete opposite.

Godzilla continued to glare at the teen dragon, his ears slightly ringing from the sudden, loud noise; his hearing was much more sensitive in this form. The kaiju was familiar with this tactic, as he had used it many times throughout his life. Young males of his species would roar as a way of issuing a challenge to an older male, to fight for dominance. Roaring was also used to scare away weaker predators that entered their territory. Apparently, the adolescent dragon was trying for the latter. Unfortunately, for him, such a tactic would not work on Godzilla, because the kaiju did not scare easily. Or, at all, for that matter.

Nor did he back down from a challenge.

The King of Monsters curled his lips back, giving Garble a good view of his sharp teeth as a deep growl escaped his throat. He then took a large gulp of air into his lungs, opened his jaws and gave the cocky dragon a roar of his own.


Garble was buffeted by the thunderous cry, the sound so loud that it ruptured his eardrums, and the strong air current accompanying it almost knocked the drake backwards. A minute later, Godzilla's roar ceased and Garble swayed uneasily from side to side. The high-pitched ringing in his ears was so bad that his vision was blurry and he had to concentrate on standing. So, naturally, he was unprepared when Godzilla pulled a hoof back and struck the drake in the chest with enough force to not only knock the air from his lungs, but also send him flying backwards a few meters, before haphazardly hitting the ground and skidding to a stop at the other dragons' feet.

The five remaining drakes stood there, completely flabbergasted. They looked down at their leader, who was gasping for air, and then they turned their attention to Godzilla, who was glaring at them expectantly, growling while poised in an aggressive stance. Finally, Chunk, snapping out of his stupor, looked to Pyro and asked, “I thought they were supposed to neigh or whinny. Are we sure that he's a pony?”

The blond-haired dragon shook his head, coming to his senses. “It doesn't matter what he is,” he said. “No one gets away with treating the boss like that. We still got him outnumbered, guys. Let's get him!”

As the others fell into attack stances, Godzilla snorted a cloud of steam. He pawed at the ground with his hoof, digging a small trench in the dirt, and then, unleashing another roar, he charged towards the dragons. The ground shook every hooffall, making it feel like a small tremor was occurring. At the same time, as he drew closer, the drakes also moved. Pyro, Chunk, and the bluish purple, heavyset dragon, Lump, positioned themselves in front of Garble, while the white scaled dragon, Frost, and the gray dragon, Soot, moved to help their leader. Once in position, the three drakes in front took deep breaths and unleashed torrents of fire at the approaching pony. Each flame found its mark, striking Godzilla in the chest and the neck. The kaiju grunted as the flames exploded against his skin, but otherwise, did not slow his approach.

When the fires failed to stop him, Chunk and Lump changed tactics and rushed to meet the stallion head on. When they collided with Godzilla, their combined weight managed to stop him in his tracks... for a few seconds. Both dragons' eyes widened as they felt themselves being pushed backwards. They dug their clawed toes into the ground as they kept hold of the kaiju-turned-pony, but they were still pushed back, leaving long, trailing claw marks in the dirt.

Seeing this, Pyro flapped his wings, and took to the air to get out of the way. Around this time, Frost and Soot, who had managed to get Garble to his feet, happened to look towards the commotion, and, upon the seeing the approaching danger, followed the purple dragon's example and scattered.

Able to get some of his bearings back, Garble happened to notice his underlings' making a hasty retreat. He then became aware of a growing shadow overtaking him; he looked up in time to see Godzilla suddenly rise up onto his back legs, catching Chunk and Lump off guard with the sudden maneuver. He then fell forward, planting his large front hooves into the dragons' chests, and he pushed them both down... right on top of Garble. Air once again left the red dragon's lungs with a wheezing whoosh, and his yellow eyes bulged as he was flattened by the weight of the two heaviest drakes of his gang and the humongous pony on top.

Chunk and Lump desperately clawed at the massive hooves to try and dislodge them, but Godzilla merely pressed down harder into their chests, causing a few ribs to crack, making both dragons gasp out in pain. All of a sudden, Godzilla was attacked by the remaining three dragons. Frost tackled the stallion's neck, using his claws to anchor himself before sinking his teeth into the flesh of the pony's neck. Meanwhile, Soot and Pyro and landed on his back, the former also using his teeth and claws to attack the pony's broad shoulder, while the latter used his flames to burn the skin on his back; since dragon scales were fire resistant, the purple dragon was not worried about harming his gray companion. Their assault proved successful, eliciting pained growls from Godzilla. The transformed kaiju pulled his hooves off the three downed dragons and backed up several steps before stopping.

While the drakes' assault was successful, it was short-lived, for now their enemy's attention, and rage, was now on them.

With an angered roar, Godzilla shook his head violently, dislodging Frost's jaws from his neck, and making him lose his grip. While the white dragon was able to catch himself and regain his hold, the flailing had moved him around to where the kaiju could reach him. Capitalizing on this, Godzilla leaned down, his own jaws open wide, and snapped them shut onto the back of the drake's neck. Frost screamed as he felt sharp fangs pierce his scales and puncture his soft flesh. Dark red blood quickly oozed from the wound, trailing down along the white scales. The agonized reptile unlatched his claws from Godzilla's body and reached up in a desperate attempt to get himself free of the mega-pony's teeth. This proved pointless, as the second he removed his claws, Godzilla swerved his head to one side, and when he swung it back, he released the dragon, sending him flying through the air, until he crashed back first into the trunk of a sturdy tree. Crying out upon impact, Frost fell to the ground at the tree's base.

First enemy dealt with; Godzilla turned his head to the gray dragon at his shoulder. Soot, having seen what had just happened to his cohort, quickly moved himself back, narrowly escaping the snapping jaws, and now he was near the base of the pony's neck, safely out of harm's way. Or so he thought. Neither he, nor Pyro, who stopped using his flames and resorted to slashing the charred flesh with his claws, saw Godzilla's large tail rise up and slam down on the two dragons with tremendous force. The blow stunned them both, but as the tail rose again, only Pyro was able to fling himself off of Godzilla before it came down again, hitting Soot a second time. The gray dragon fell from his perch and hit the ground, and a few seconds after, the drake wailed in agony as Godzilla mercilessly stomped on his back with his hoof. The pain of his bones being crushed overwhelmed Soot's senses, and he slipped into unconsciousness.

Seeing the dragon go limp, Godzilla lifted his hoof and used it to smack the out-cold reptile away. Around this time, Pryo managed to recover enough to leap up and latch on to one of the kaiju's hind legs with his claws. The reaction was instant. Both of Godzilla's back legs suddenly shot up from the ground; unprepared for the quick movement, Pyro lost his grip on the pony. In the next instant, both legs kicked out, and the hoof nearest the purple dragon caught him square in his scaly chest, snapping several bones of his ribcage. Pyro instantly blacked out from the impact, his body flying through the air at a high speed before crashing into some bushes.

As his back hooves touched back on the ground with a heavy thud, Godzilla looked back at them in surprise. In his bipedal form, his feet had been mostly used for stomping his opponents when they were down; given his massive size, kicking wasn't really an option. Now, as an equine, it seemed it was much easier to kick, but what really surprised the Monster King was how instinctive the action was. Most likely it was due to his new pony form.

The kaiju's musings were interrupted when he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned back around just in time to receive a clubbed tail to the side of his face. Stars danced across his blurred vision, and he was aware of the taste of blood coating his tongue, the inside of his impacted cheek cut by his sharp teeth. Though stunned, his vision cleared and he turned his sights on his attacker. Chunk, having recovered, stood his ground and growled at the massive pony, waving his tail in a threatening manner. Godzilla answered with a growl of his own. He opened his jaws to unleash another roar, but was cut off when he was suddenly tackled from the other side by Lump. Angered, Godzilla turned his attention to the bluish purple dragon and attempted to bite him, but the dragon had already moved out of range. Taking advantage of the distraction, Chunk moved in and swung his tail again, the thagomizer striking Godzilla's foreleg this time, causing the kaiju to screech out in pain; the strike didn't break any bones, but it was enough for the leg to buckle, causing him to fall to the ground. Not letting up, both dragons started pummeling him while he was down, Lump kicking the stallion in the sides and the head, while Chunk used his tail club to hit him in the back and along the neck.

Meanwhile, from behind his hiding spot, Spike looked on in horror. Initially, he had been watching with wide eyes and a dropped jaw as this large pony fought against Garble and his gang. Taking on a pack of dragons, even just one, single-hoofed, was unheard of for a pony. Sure, Twilight and her friends had faced a couple before, himself included during the whole greed-getting-the-best-of-him fiasco, but they never actually beat them in a straight up fight. And, the last time they dealt with Garble and his cohorts, they wisely ran away rather than get pulverized. Yet, this stallion not only took them head-on, he was winning.

At least, he was, but now it looked like the tide was turning on him. At this rate, the stallion was done for, and, if Spike didn't get away now, he would be next. The smart thing to do now would be to run back to Ponyville. But, despite the logical decision, the little dragon's body refused to move. He couldn't bring himself to abandon the pony that had come his rescue.

“Come on, big guy,” he pleaded quietly. “Hang in there.”

Back at the fight, Chunk and Lump stopped their assault to look at their handiwork. Godzilla's face and body were covered in bruises, he was breathing heavily through gritted teeth, and blood was leaking from his nose and mouth, staining spots on his beard.

“Hah! Not so tough now, are you?!” Chunk taunted.

“Yeah!” Lump agreed. “Hit 'em again, Chunk! Smash his skull in!”

Nodding at the suggestion, the brown dragon turned back around, lifting his tail club as high as he could. Just as he started to bring it down...

Godzilla's eyes shot open, and with a speed that belied his size, he pulled his head up off the ground, Chunk's tail missing it by mere inches. The thagomizer hit the ground hard, punching a small hole into the dirt. Before either dragon realized what had happened, almost as quick as a striking serpent, Godzilla lunged forward and snapped his jaws around the drake's tail, near the base of the club.

Less than a second after the brown-scaled dragon let out a “Yeowch!”, Godzilla lifted his head and craned his neck in Lump's direction, dragging Chunk off his feet and through the air. Lump, seeing what was coming, tried to backpedal away, but his reaction had come too late and was unable to get out of the way before Chunk's head collided with his own, knocking him to the ground. With both drakes dazed, Godzilla got back to his hooves, still holding the clubbed tail in his teeth. He then rose up onto his hind legs, pulling Chunk off of the ground. Meanwhile, Lump shook his head to clear the stars from his vision, and he looked up to see the towering pony over him, lifting his cohort over his head. The bluish-purple dragon could only stare in horror as the stallion quickly dropped down onto his front hooves and swung Chunk down like a make-shift club; time seemed to slow down for a moment, giving Lump a chance to see the terrified expression on the brown drake's face.

All he saw after that were more stars.

Spike winced when he saw Lump get body-slammed by his own companion, courtesy of the large stallion. But, apparently, the equine wasn't through yet; he once again rose up, bringing the semi-conscious Chunk with him, before pulling him back down and mercilessly slamming him into the prone dragon below again... and again... and again... and again. Each impact sent a small tremor through the earth, each of which the baby dragon could feel. While Spike was glad that his rescuer was back in control, he couldn't help but feel a smidgen of pity for his tormentors.

Slamming the now unconscious Chunk into an equally unconscious Lump for a final time, Godzilla saw a flash of red in his peripheral vision. Releasing his hold on the dragon's tail, the kaiju turned to see a recovered Garble lunge at him, claws swinging. The talons found their mark, raking across the top of the stallion's muzzle, eliciting a pained growl and a spray of crimson. Temporarily blinded by his own blood, Godzilla could do little as the red dragon followed up his attack with a barrage of claw swipes, leaving shallow, bleeding slash marks all across the large pony's neck, chest and upper forelegs. Garble's relentless assault lasted for a minute, until Godzilla suddenly threw his head forward, headbutting Garble in the face, sending the reptile to the ground.

Gaining a quick respite, the monster stallion used his hoof to wipe the blood from his eyes. Once his vision was clear, he glared down at the red dragon, who was writhing on the ground and clutching his snout, dark crimson trails passing between his claws. Godzilla moved forward to stomp on the dragon, but then stopped when he was suddenly blindsided by Frost, who had recovered from his collision with the tree. The white-scaled dragon once again latched onto the pony's neck with his claws and teeth, causing the kaiju to growl in pain and irritation. And, just like before, Godzilla flailed about, dislodging Frost long enough to grab him in his jaws. He whipped his head around and threw the dragon, but unlike last time, Frost managed to open his wings and take flight, clipping a few tree branches as he gained altitude.

Godzilla watched the dragon carefully as he circled back around in a wide arch. Once the kaiju was back in his sights, Frost launched a few fireballs at him; some struck the ground, while a couple hit Godzilla along his side and back. The kaiju winced, but did not take his eyes off the airborne reptile. The white drake tucked his wings, gaining speed as he made a beeline for the stallion, firing off more flaming projectiles. When he was just a couple meters away, Godzilla suddenly spun around, whipping his tail through the air and slamming it into the dragon's body. The attack sent Frost flying head-first into another tree, and at the speed he was going, his head actually pierced the tough bark and went through the other side, before the tree stopped his momentum.

Godzilla watched as the white-scaled body stiffened for a couple seconds before going limp, hanging from the tree. The kaiju then turned back towards the lead dragon, who had managed to pick himself up off the ground, still clutching his snout with a claw. Garble's eyes widened as he looked around at his gang, all of them unconscious. He then turned his attention to the pony – though, now, he wasn't so sure he was a pony – who growled as he approached the dragon, harmful intent burning in his large golden eyes.

“Wait!” Garble exclaimed, throwing his claws up in a placating manner; his nose was bleeding, and it looked a little misshapen from the headbutt, indicating that is was broken. “Please,” he begged, “don't hurt me! Have mercy!”

“Mercy?” Godzilla repeated, continuing towards the cowering dragon. “You showed none to the little dragon, and now you plead for it?” He snorted in disgust. “From the way you were talking before, I thought you dragons were made of sterner stuff.”

“Oh, that? I just roughed him up little,” Garble explained as he tried to back away from the approaching pony, but the large equine's stride was letting him cover ground faster. “I-I never meant to hurt him too bad, I was just kidding around. You know... just f-for laughs.” He tried to emphasize his point with a weak chuckle, which died in his throat as Godzilla now stood in front of him.

“I find your sense of humor... disturbing,” the kaiju snarled.

Giving an audible gulp, Garble quickly clasped his claws together in front of him as if he were praying. “Please! I'm sorry! I won't do it again!” he frantically promised. “Please, just let me go!”

Normally, Godzilla would have ended this pitiful reptile's existence by now, but something stopped him. He could smell the fear coming from the drake, which was nothing new to him. Whenever he attacked Japan, or anywhere else humans resided, he could smell their fear coming off them in waves as they ran from him in terror, but that never stopped him before. However, now he was seeing it up close, in the dragon's wide yellow eyes, and he could see his body trembling.

Was this how humans actually looked when they saw him coming?

Godzilla felt his desire to inflict further harm upon the dragon lessen. After a moment of contemplation, he leaned his head forward, causing Garble to flinch. When the two were mere inches apart, the kaiju spoke in a low and menacing tone of voice: “Leave, now... before I change my mind.”

As transformed kaiju pulled his head back, Garble quickly nodded, flapped his wings to get airborne, turned and flew off without so much as a glance behind him. As he disappeared over the treeline, Godzilla let out a huff as he slouched a little. While far from exhausted, the fight had worn him out a little more than he had expected. Battling in this new pony form was going to take some getting used to.

“That was AWESOME!”

The sudden exclamation snapped Godzilla out of his musings. He spun around, teeth bared in a snarling grimace, preparing to face another foe. When he saw who it was, his expression changed to one of mild surprise.

“Uh, sorry,” Spike nervously said. After Garble's hasty departure, the little dragon, ecstatic that his rescuer had triumphed, abandoned his hiding place and rushed over to large pony. He had been initially frightened by the menacing glare that was directed his way, but now, seeing the giant equine looking at him in confusion, he felt abashed for having startled the massive stallion with his outburst in the first place.

Having recognized the tiny drake, Godzilla put on a gentler expression, and he slowly approached, so as not to scare him again. “I'm surprised that you are still here, little one,” he said. “I thought you would have been far away by now.”

“Well, I was going to,” Spike explained, absently rubbing the back of his head with his free claw. “But then I realized that I didn't get to say...” he trailed off when something over the large stallion's shoulder caught his attention. A small red object in the sky coming towards them, growing bigger as it quickly approached. Spike's eyes widened when he recognized it, and he pointed his claw and shouted: “LOOK OUT!!!”

Caught off guard by the small dragon's cry, Godzilla didn't immediately react, until he heard a swoosh of air and felt a sudden heat behind him. He turned his head, catching a glimpse of bright orange before he shrieked in pain as his head and neck were swiftly engulfed in flames.

Garble cut off his fire attack, continuing his dive towards the burning pony, and then he twisted around and delivered a flying kick to the stallion's temple. The blow knocked Godzilla off balance, and being distracted by the pain, the transformed kaiju was unable to catch himself. Spike barely had time to jump out of the way as the colossal equine crashed to the ground.

Not letting up on his assault, the still airborne Garble unleashed another heavy stream of fire from his maw, covering Godzilla in flames from head to tail. Once done, the red-scaled drake landed a few feet away, a sadistic smile of his feet as he watched the pony writhe, crying out in agony.

“Ah, the specialty of the day,” he said, waving his claw with dramatic flare. “Barbecued Bronco.” Garble broke into laughter, until he felt a sudden jolt to his knee. He looked down to see Spike angrily punching and kicking him in the leg. Annoyed, he grabbed the purple dragon by the throat and hoisted him up to his eye level. Spike looked back at him with angry green eyes.

“You jerk!” snapped Spike, beating at the claws wrapped around his neck, but to no avail. “Why?! Why did you do that?! He let you go! He could have pulverized you, but he let you go after you begged him to!”

“You are as dense as that pony,” Garble remarked, rolling his eyes. “That was just an act. I just needed to get away and wait for him to let his guard down so I could get the drop on him. Did you really think that I was going to run away from a pony?” He scoffed. “Please. The day that happens, is the day I give up my wings and my fire, and call myself a lizard.”

“More like a cowardly snake,” Spike spat. Garble's claws tightened around his neck, causing him to gag.

“You know, Spike, I'm glad you're still here,” Garble said, an sinister smirk on his lips. “I still owe you a beating for earlier.” He threw a clawed thumb over his shoulder. “And I don't think that your plus-sized pony pal's gonna save you this time.”

The younger dragon continued to glare at the arrogant reptile, before breaking eye contact to look over Garble's shoulder. A second later, he blinked, and then his eyes widened and his jaw dropped. This made Garble's raise an eyebrow in confusion. It was then that the red drake noticed that it was suddenly quiet, with the exception of the crackling fire; no cries of agony, no thrashing...

Then the silence was broken by fierce growling.

Garble froze, overcome with a strong sense of dread. He slowly, almost mechanically, turned, and saw what was behind him. What he saw made his expression match that of Spike's, and his grip slackened enough for the baby dragon to slip from his claws and plop onto the dirt rump first. Neither of them noticed this, both stunned by the sight before them.

Godzilla was back on his hooves, facing the two reptiles. Aside from a few tiny embers still burning in various places along his body, most of the fire had gone out, revealing charred, blackened skin, all of his fur completely burned off. All of the wounds that the dragons had dealt him were completely cauterized, and what was left of his mane and tail was still on fire.

To both Spike and Garble, he looked like a raging demon-pony straight out of Tartarus. Which proved doubly true for the latter, as the stallion's bloodshot eyes were on him, his glare trying to physically pierce the drake's skull. With his fangs bared, Godzilla stomped forward. Panic quickly took hold of Garble as he took a couple steps back before launching another stream of fire from his mouth. The attack struck Godzilla square in the chest, but he did not falter, nor did he even flinch. Garble fired a couple more shots, but the kaiju gave no reaction as he continued to approach the red dragon.

Suddenly, the flames dancing in his mane and tail sputtered as there was a brief, faint flash of blue amongst the orange. A couple seconds later, there was another flash, stronger than the last, causing embers to fly off. The strange azure light pulsed, growing in strength and flashing more rapidly by the second. Finally, a particularly strong pulse snuffed out the remaining flames, leaving what was left of Godzilla's mane and tail glowing bright blue.

Both the Garble and Spike were, understandably, shocked and confused by this phenomenon, as neither of them knew what it meant.

Godzilla, however, did.

Recognizing the familiar sensation, the kaiju briefly smiled, before pulling his head back and opening his jaws wide, revealing the same blue glow forming in the back of his throat. While Garble didn't understand what was happening, he got the impression that it was bad. Taking a deep breath, Garble immediately unleashed a large torrent of fire at the stallion. Almost at the exact same time, Godzilla threw his head forward, a larger column of blue flames launched from his maw. The fiery streams of orange and blue collided, and they clashed in a battle for power... for a couple of seconds. Then, the kaiju's attack began pushing forward, tearing through the dragon's flames like tissue paper. Garble struggled to pour more power into his fire, but all too soon, he ran out of breath, and his flames snuffed out. Instantly, he was struck by the azure fire, the force of the attack knocking him to the ground and sending him skidding in the dirt for several feet before it finally ceased.

Snorting blue steam through his nostrils, Godzilla walked toward his prone victim, stepping past Spike, who could only look up at the ponified kaiju in shock and awe. When he reached the fallen dragon, he saw that the scales of his face and upper body were slightly charred. Garble was on his back, eyes clenched shut as he let out a groan of pain through gritted teeth. He opened his eyes, which widened upon seeing the giant equine towering over him, and he attempted to push himself off the ground, but Godzilla firmly planted his hoof on the dragon's stomach, pinning him down.

“Wait, please,” Garble begged, weakly holding his claws up. “Let's talk this out.”

“No more talk,” Godzilla replied, coldly. “You had your chance.” His mane and tail began to glow again.

Seeing that his pleading fell on deaf ears, Garble merely whimpered, “What are you?”

As the glow intensified, transformed kaiju answered the dragon's question, the light aura pouring from his mouth.

“I am Godzilla... King of the Monsters.”

He then unleashed his atomic breath upon Garble, the sound of the blast drowning out the dragon's screams. After nearly ten seconds, Godzilla cut off his attack. The red drake's entire upper body was now charred black, and his head spines, ear frills and wing membranes were all but completely burned off. Smoke rose from his body, carrying the smell of burnt scales with it. The pain was so excruciating, Garble could only whimper pitifully, until finally, after what felt to him like an eternity, his eyes rolled up into his head, and he slipped into unconsciousness.

With the last of his enemies out of the fight, Godzilla gave into instinct, throwing his head back, and unleashing a roar of victory to the sky.

Spike covered his ears, trying his best to block out the incredibly loud cry, the ground under him trembling from the sound. Even after the cry faded, there was still a faint ringing in his ears. As he uncovered his ears, his eyes never left the large stallion, who, despite being wounded and badly burned, still looked very imposing.

“Whoa.” That's all he could say. That was the only word he could think of to describe what he just witnessed. It seemed like the kind of thing you could only read about in comic books. Come to think of it, Spike thought absentmindedly, this would make an awesome fight scene in the “Power Ponies” comics. This guy could give Saddle Rager a run for her bits!

“Are you all right, little one?”

Brought out of his musings by the deep voice, Spike looked up to find that the burnt pony had moved away from Garble, and was now standing right in front of him. Large gold-colored eyes, which had been filled with malice and ferocity during the fight, now looked down at him with gentle concern.

“Uh, yeah,” the baby dragon replied as he picked himself of the ground. “I'm...” He trailed off, looking up at the stallion incredulously. “Am I all right?! I should be asking you that question! You were set on fire!”

Godzilla grinned, amused by the tiny drake's expression. “It's not the first time it's happened,” he explained. “And it most likely won't be the last.”

Spike was baffled at how matter-of-factly the stallion made that statement, as if it was a normal occurrence. “But doesn't it hurt?” he asked.

“A little... but I've felt worse,” Godzilla replied, thinking back to last night and his near-death experience.

The baby drake looked at the battle wounds littering the equine's charred body. Worse than this?, Spike thought in bewilderment. He then blinked, something catching his eye. Stepping forward, he took a closer look at a set of cauterized claw marks on the pony's upper foreleg, and saw that the wound was glowing a very faint blue. Spike watched, mesmerized, as the wound was slowly shrinking in on itself. As it did, the burnt flesh around the mark chipped away, falling to the ground, with light pink skin taking its place. Almost immediately, tiny hair follicles began to sprout up, covering the newly formed flesh with charcoal-gray fur. Taking quick looks at the other marks along the pony's body, the baby dragon saw that the same thing was happening with them as well.

“Your wounds,” Spike said, awed by what he was seeing. “They're healing!”

Godzilla looked down at his body, seeing that this was indeed the case. “Hmm, so they are. It would seem that I still have most of my abilities,” he surmised.

“Abilities? What exactly are you?” Spike asked, curiously looking over the massive equine again. “I mean, you look like a giant Earth pony, but then there's that roar, those teeth, and that blue fire; it's like you're part dragon. Are you some kind of hybrid?” he asked.

This actually made the kaiju chuckle. “No, little one,” he answered with a smile. “While I have been mistaken for one on more than one occasion, I am not a dragon. And, up until this morning, I wasn't a pony either.”

“Really?” Spike thought back to when the large pony first appeared. He had seemed surprised when Garble referred to him as a pony. “If you weren't a pony before, then what were you?”

“A dinosaur.”

“Dinosaur?” Spike tapped a claw to his chin as he ran the term through his brain.

As Godzilla watched the little dragon think to himself, his attention was drawn to the small brown pouch still clutched in his claws. “What is that you're carrying? Must be something very important to you to risk your life, protecting it from those dragons like you did.”

Spike looked down at the aforementioned bag. “Oh, yeah... I actually forgot I still had it.” He looked back up at Godzilla. “It's not for me, it's for Twi-...” Spike trailed off, his eyes widening in realization. “Twilight!” With everything that has happened, he had completely forgotten that he still had to bring the herbs to her. She was probably wondering where he was, as he should have already been back to the castle by now. Frustrated at his forgetfulness, he slapped himself in the head with his free claw, yelping as he accidentally struck a bruise.

“What's the matter?” asked Godzilla, confused by Spike's sudden mood shift.

“Twilight's waiting for me to bring her these herbs! I gotta get back to Ponyville!” Spike explained hastily, before breaking into a run. After four steps, however, he came to a stop, clutching his body with a whimper. Now that the whole ordeal was over, the adrenaline rush he felt then had worn off, and the pain from the beating he received had caught up to him... with a vengeance. He was sore all over, and every step he took sent a jolt of pain through him. In his condition, it would take him much longer to get home, as he would have to move at a slower pace.

“Tell you what, little one,” Godzilla started, seeing the young drake's predicament, “I'll take you there. You can ride on my back.” The purple reptile looked up at him with wide eyes. “You can have a chance to rest. And, if any other dangerous creatures cross our path, I'll be able to protect you.”

“A-Are you sure?” Spike asked concernedly, again looking over the pony's still burnt body. “You got hurt pretty badly helping me. I wouldn't want to be any more trouble for you.”

Instead of answering, the transformed kaiju merely dipped his head and grabbed Spike's back between his teeth, taking care not to puncture the little dragon's scales with his fangs. This action startled Spike a little at first, but he quickly relaxed as the stallion lifted him up, and gently placed the drake on his broad back.

“You're not,” Godzilla assured, giving him a gentle smile. “Now, which way to... Ponyville, you called it?”

Spike nodded and pointed in the direction he had been going before he was attacked. As the large pony started walking, Spike glanced at the defeated dragons. “What about them? They're not dead... are they?” he asked nervously.

“No,” the kaiju answered, not sparing a glance to the fallen reptiles. “I'm not fully used to this form yet, thus I cannot fight at my full strength. They are lucky.”

“Oh,” Spike muttered, a little unnerved. That wasn't his full strength? He cast one last glance at Garble's charred form as they left the clearing, trying not to imagine what could have happened if the monster stallion had gone all out.

“What is your name, little one?”

“It's Spike,” he replied, putting the troubling thoughts out of his mind. “And yours is... Godzilla, right?” he asked, recalling what the pony had told Garble near the end.

“That's right,” Godzilla nodded.

“Well, Godzilla,” Spike said, giving the Monster King a grateful smile, “thank you... for saving me.”

This prompted a soft smile to cross Godzilla's lips. “You're welcome... Spike.”

Not long after the duo left the clearing, the comatose dragons regained consciousness, one by one. They slowly picked themselves up, while those that couldn't move on their own had to be picked up and carried. No words were spoken, but they all silently agreed that it was time to leave the forest, cut their losses. Most of the groups' wings were damaged during the fight, so flying was not an option; they had no choice but to go on foot.

Pyro, Chunk, Lump and Frost were the least injured, and were able to walk on their own. Each of them had some broken ribs, while the white-scaled drake also had pieces of bark imbedded in his scales. Soot, having his spine crushed, was unable to move, and was slung over Lump's shoulder. Garble, suffering from serious burns from the monster pony's attack, had his arm slung over Chunk's shoulders, being half-carried and half-dragged.

The group trekked through the forest in silence, the occasional pained moan or whimper being the only sound made. About fifteen minutes later, Garble groaned, “I... hate... ponies.” A murmur of agreement came from the others. “And I never... ever... want to see another pony for as long I live!”

As the rest of the reptiles readily agreed, there was a sudden rustle in the brush ahead that made the dragons freeze on the spot. A few suspenseful seconds later, a creature stepped out of the bushes and into full view. And much to the dragons' chagrin, it was a pony-shaped creature.

“Oh, come on!” Garble snapped, waving his free arm in exasperation. “What did I just say?!”

“Hey, wait a sec,” Chunk said, taking a long look at the creature in front of them. “Something's weird about that pony.”

This prompted the rest of the drakes to take a careful look, and they soon realized that their heavyset cohort was right. The “pony” wasn't covered in fur; it looked more like it was covered in armor, which was crimson red. Its legs had various holes in them, yet it seemed to have firm stability. Its short, scraggily mane and tail, and a section of its back were a darker shade of red, and it was sporting a pair of bright red, transparent wings. It had a pair of white fangs poking out of its mouth, a reddish-orange horn atop its head, and it was looking at the drakes with yellow, pupilless eyes.

“Wait, that's not a pony,” said Pryo. “It's one of those changelings; those bug things that can change shape.”

“Why is it red?” Frost asked as the changeling in question slowly walked towards them. “I'd heard that they're usually black?”

“Who cares what color it is?!” Garble snapped, pulling himself away from Chunk and standing on his own, even though it hurt to do so. He glared at the approaching insect. “Beat it, bug. You're in our way.” The changeling did not seem to hear his words, or chose to ignore them, as it came closer. “Get lost!” Once again, the creature did not change its direction. Fed up with the pest, Garble shot a fireball at the changeling striking it in the face, which caused it to give a startled screech. “Am-scray!”

As the flames cleared, there was a small burn mark on the red chitin. Narrowing its eyes at its attacker, the insect curled its lips back, revealing it razor sharp teeth as it gave a threatening hiss.

“Uh, boss,” Pyro said, nervously stepping toward the red drake. “Maybe you should just leave it alone. We'll just go another way.” Garble whipped around on the blond-haired dragon, making him flinch back.

“Shut up!” the leader growled. “That oversized pony may have gotten one up on me, but I'm not backing down from a bug!” He then turned back to the changeling. “Besides, there's... only... one...”

His voice died in his throat when he saw that two more changelings, identical to the first one, had come from the same bush and now stood on either side of their counterpart, all of them giving the dragons dangerous looks. Multiple screeches drew the group's attention to their left; two more of the insects came from behind a tree. Leaves suddenly fell from above, prompting everyone to look up; a few more changelings were perched out on the tree's limbs, a couple poking their heads out through the branches. On their right, even more changelings crawled out the foliage, hissing and baring their fangs. Finally, the dragons looked behind them, and saw several more of the red-colored bugs standing there, blocking their last possible escape route.

The six dragons looked around in wide-eyed fright, they were now surrounded by two dozen of the hostile insects. Garble turned his attention to the first changeling that had appeared, the one he had burned. Gulping down the lump in his throat, he opened his mouth.


That was the red dragon's famous last word, because the instant it left his mouth, the changeling screeched as it flew at him with lightning speed, before sinking its sharp fangs into his throat. The other two followed suit, one hitting him in the chest, the other in his stomach; the impacts knocked Garble onto his back.

A second later, before any of the other dragons could even react, the rest of changelings fell upon them. Given their weakened state, and the overwhelming numbers, the dragons were quickly brought to the ground, and they could do nothing but scream as the vicious bugs used their teeth to tear away their scales, getting to the soft flesh underneath.

As this happened, the changeling with the burn mark pulled its head up from the gushing wound in Garble's neck, licking the blood on its lips and fangs. It looked on as its brethren feasted on the living dragons. A feral, fanged smile crossed its face as it drank in the carnage and listened to the dying screams of agony, before returning to its still warm meal.