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Trixie steals the deed to the Golden Oaks Library. She quickly finds out this doesn't mean what she thinks it means.

Inspired by this blog post by MythrilMoth.

Trixie vector create by Silentmatten

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Warnings: Sporadic updates, long/plodding, backstory shipping

When Spike went to bed, he was a 162 year old dragon, war veteran, twice widower, and living on the outskirts of Ponyville. This morning, he wakes up to a voice he hadn't heard in decades on the eve of the 1000th Summer Sun Celebration.

Now, Spike must choose between the future he knows and a future he can make.

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Two thousand and fifty three years.
Spike has been battling the eldritch horrors of timeless Ginungagap for over two millennia, yet even to this day, his shame remains gnawing at his very heart and mind. Until the day comes when he is told of the danger that threatens what is most precious to him.

To save what he loves, Spike shall face his shame once more, his will, determination and sanity stretched to their limits, as he will step into the Abyss of his own, personal hell.

As always Spike moves forward, ever forward, towards battle, death and hopefully redemption.

In life, shame.
In death, absolution.

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After a month of being missing after a magical mishap, Spike has returned to Ponyville. However, he's not the adorable baby dragon everyone remembers.

Now a well fleshed out drake, and garbed in armor the likes of which ponies have never seen, he walks with caution, grace, and absolute confidence. His eyes show wisdom beyond his years, but he has trouble remembering details about his friends. But he returned with a purpose.

He also didn't return alone.

One thing is certain though...he has a story to tell. That is this story.


MLP/Metroid crossover.
Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: Now with cover art by DavieRocket.

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So I got in a car crash and the hospital put me under for surgery. The next thing I know, I wake up as a small pony with wings. And I can't see. And it's freaking cold up here.

At least I've still got my smokes.

(Got the idea from the funny picture. Rated T for language and tobacco use.)

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This story is a sequel to The Poisoned Barb

Prequel reading is recommended to enjoy, as well as a steady reading pace.

I was once a woman in her twilight. I was once a mother and a wife. I was once a respected human being. I was once unquestionably happy.

Now I am Barbara The Dragoness; property of House Shine, Squire to Prince Solaris, Assistant to Apprentice Dusk Shine... and master of my own fate.

This is the story of my second childhood, and how I found the strength to keep moving forward.

Welcome to my new life.
Cover Art by Koviry!

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~Completely Re-edited as of 06/13/2021~

I was once a woman in her twilight, my children both old and fresh.

Now I am the child.

I was once a mother and a wife, my family held importance above even my own well-being in my heart.

Now I am orphaned.

I was once a respected human being, a woman to treat as an equal.

Now I am simply an assistant.

I was once happy.


... Now I am Barbara The Dragoness.

Barbara the assistant.

Barbara the child.

Barbara the widow.


The Lost Soul.

This is the story of my second childhood, and how I found the strength to keep moving forward.

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JonTron visits the land of talking, magical ponies while the author experiments with the concept of combining the literary medium and a multitude of short clips of the visual medium for a relatively entertaining experience.


Rated T for the Tron in the JonTron ...also language.

Warning! Comments contain comments about the story! As such, since the comments are commenting about the story, it can be deduced that the comments commenting the story are commenting about information relevant to the story, which means that those who decided to read the comments before reading the story, for whatever reason, should be warned about comments commenting about information that's relevant to the story and the spoilage that may occur.

Edit: story featured on—ah, who even cares? I mean, why even bother noting the date? What am I gonna do? Look back fondly on the exact date that my story got put in the featured box? I mean, honestly, I'm pretty sure I just lost a whole bunch of views just for having the word 'featured' in my story's summary.

Cover image belongs to TWULF.

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This is a fic based on the Time Loop Files, the format of which was first codified by Innortal on fanfiction.net.
Here's a brief guide.
The basic idea is, one character (the Anchor, usually the main character of a fictional setting) is looping back to the very first moments of their parent series every time either they die or some kind of time limit expires. They of course end up monumentally stir crazy given enough time.
Eventually others start to loop as well.
The reset is not always perfect. Sometimes a loop's history will be different to the "prime" loop, or canonical plot.
"Crossover" or "Fusion" loops also occur, randomly. These can involve the home loopers having a guest, or the anchor for one universe spending time in another, or replacements of one character by another.
Vacation Loops are where the Anchor (or others) decide/s "buck it" and lets off steam by doing whatever comes to mind. There's little or no attempt to maintain the original timeline.

In addition, and particularly more recently, it should be known that this story has a collaborative element to it - people may submit loop ideas or loops, ideally at the Spacebattles thread (a link to the current version of which is on the Trope page), and they may become included.

There's two page image options, thanks to Filraen - the current page image has been edited by the original creator from this work of theirs.. The other one is here:

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Spike needs to get out of Ponyville, and when an advertisement for an affordable travel package finds its way into his mailbox, he jumps at the chance. Little does he know that he isn't the only one who took the offer. What will come of his chance meeting with this beautiful mare? Friendship, or something more?

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