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I'm a brony and a Pinkie Pie fan but I like all of the mane six, as well as Spike. I hope to provide some entertaining and interesting fanfics for the Brony community.


(Idea suggested by Latecomer. Rated Teen to be safe, but content should be mostly G/PG. Coverart was best I could find on the subject. Fetish tag added by moderator.)

Potty training is something that everyone goes through at some point. Some more than once. No two stories are exactly the same, though. Some ponies take a shine to it, others are more hesitant. But sooner or later, all must face the monumental development.

The same holds true even for those in another world. And their methods of learning are just as full of trials and tribulations as of that their pony counterparts.

This collab presents a collection of stories from authors revolving around this crucial concept in a young one's life. Some stories will be short and others long.

Guaranteed to provide your daily dose of cuteness, with some comedy on the side for some entries, and even a bit of drama for others. All stories will be labeled accordingly. Newcomers are always welcome.

Wanna join? Check out the rules and available characters at the official collab entry pages: Entry Page 1, Entry Page 2. If you want to just debate ideas without necessarily turning them into prompts or stories, check out the general promotion and ideas threads here and here.

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Nice to see it up! I'll add when I've got free time

9714884 Alright. You can check it out at the page for either padded pony group it's part of.

Really good job on the exchanges and characterizations in this first chapter. Yeah, have to admit I can definitely see how it could so difficult to teach Sweetie to use the potty (though I can understand Rarity's frustrations concerning her parents, and felt bad when Sweetie thought Rarity was taking those frustrations out on her). Unfortunately, while well-meant, that "keep trying until you get it right" lesson will cause Rarity and her friends A LOT of trouble in the years to come.

Anyway, on to the next chapter.

Really good mix on child care styles concerning Lofty and Holiday (and, yeah, the parents going missing on one of their adventures AND being too busy to raise a foal explains a lot).

Anyway, here are a few possible ideas for re-writes for your "What If" series (Volumes Ten and/or Eleven)

1. "The Beginning of the End":

First, expand it to a three-part story (after all, if this is going to be the final season, what could be a better way of showing you're planning on going out big than by making the final season opener a three parter?). This could be accomplished easily by cutting out "Uprooted" completely.

Second, Grogar includes Gladmane and the Dazzlings into his Legion (Gladmane because he's the only one of the group who DOESN'T have an "arrest on sight" order against him but is greedy enough to sell out Equestria for the right amount of money [which would make him an ideal spy for sniffing out enemy weaknesses] and the Dazzlings because they are the only ones of the group who have any real experience with teamwork AND because Grogar can restore their powers enough so that they can turn the villains' enemies against each other)

Third, Grogar goes for a "Carrot AND Stick" approach (meaning he offers all his recruits something they greatly desire, and DOES reward success but makes it clear that he doesn't tolerate failure OR betrayal)

Fourth, have Sombra's refusal to join Grogar be explicitly because he is Genre Savvy enough to KNOW major villain team ups just don't work and even give good reasons WHY rather than being simple ego.

Fifth, include some minor elements of Sombra's "Fiendship Is Magic" issue for his backstory and characterization (obviously not every element, but enough so that he isn't a Generic Doomsday Villain).

Sixth, Celestia and Luna still announce that they eventually PLAN to retire, but are considerate enough to give most of the higher-up nobles and their intended successor(s) two years notice so they can properly ease their future successor(s) into it.

and 2. "Sweet and Smoky": Have Garble and his pals be only passingly mentioned as being already been found out as the ones that caused the mishap that is hampering the hatch of the dragon eggs. In addition, Twilight accompanies Fluttershy and Spike because, well, she DOES have experience hatching dragon eggs. Of course, Twilight admits that, while she is certainly powerful enough to hatch dragon eggs and has far more control of her power than when she was a filly, she can still only hatch one dragon egg at a time. Plus, Spike does a bit of bonding with his birth mother Singe.

Wonderful work on this chapter. Loved seeing Apple Bloom's thought processes as she was trying to imitate AJ (particularly her recall of Granny chiding her for trying to "apple buck"), which is part of what led her to be eager to try potty training.

And, now, I'm on to the next chapter.

Loved Granny's flashback concerning the hassles she, Bright and Pear went through trying to potty train Applejack during the time she was trying to live like the animals.

And, now, we're on to the last chapter for now.

REALLY good job on the characterizations for this chapter. Yeah, I could easily see Spoiled thinking that way (unfortunately) and definitely explains a lot concerning Diamond back then.

Of course, one has to wonder what hassles Twilight had in toilet training Spike. And I can definitely see Night Light and Twilight Velvet trying to explain to Flurry Heart the hassles THEY had in trying to toilet train both Flurry's father AND her "Aunt Twilight".

9715727 You're welcome to join in and tackle one of those concepts if you like, just need someone to leave Spike or Flurry Heart.

Yeah. Unfortunately, I don't have the time and energy to tackle those myself, but I definitely wish you luck in finding somebody who DOES.

Thanks! And I didn't think of it that way, but it makes some sense!

Rarity wasn't properly trained at that age herself, so it's a bit of a high standard - but then, she didn't have a shiny new flush toilet to work with.

You're welcome! I did think it was a bit cute. I also considered covering the part where she actually learned to use the toilet later, but this took long enough to write and that would feature a bunch of OCs so it's probably best to just brush over it.

9716411 Well, that's an angle to explore in future entries.

This was rather cute.

Sweetie hesitantly nodded. “No, but me stiww like diapees. Diapees safer, more comfy.”

“More comfortable, Sweetie Belle,” Rarity corrected as she frowned. “And after all that effort you put into doing your pee pees and poo poos in the toilet, surely you don’t want to go back to diapers. Think of all the freedom you’ll have if you give them up.”

“Me no wanna give them up.” Sweetie pouted.

Rarity sighed, sensing that she wasn’t going to break through to her sister just yet. “Well how about this, Sweetie Belle? I’ll let you stay in your diapers, and Mother and Father can change you as much as you want when you’re in their care,”

I especially loved this exchange.


Unfortunately, while well-meant, that "keep trying until you get it right" lesson will cause Rarity and her friends A LOT of trouble in the years to come.

Oh, yeah! Like you wouldn't believe! :rainbowlaugh:

9716456 I'm glad you liked it, and I hope you'll check out the rest of the prompts published so far.

Great job on this. Love the work that went into the characterizations, exchanges and humor. Fluttershy and Discord getting turned into babies and both re-learning a variety of things was both funny AND sweet.

I am definitely going to be looking forward to seeing who's coming up next.


Thank you so much for this. I don’t think you know how much this little oneshot comforted me. I’ve been doing a lot of oneshots lately with Shining and Velvet, and finally got up the courage to post an ABDL fic with them. It was critiqued pretty heavily and I was afraid that nobody else could see the bond between them that I did, ABDL or otherwise. But this story made me so happy to be wrong. Even though this isn’t ABDL, you showed me that I’m Not alone in my perceptions Of how close they are and how much they love each other. And you gave me hope. Thank you so much. From the bottom of my heart.

9727968 You're quite welcome. We did get to see a little bit of their bond in "Once Upon A Zeppelin" and I can see Velvet inspiring Shining to try out for the royal guard given her love of adventure and thrill seeking nature.

I think it should ended with the foals hugging Princess Celestia thanking her. Would been very touching.

Why does this story have so many down votes

Yeah, any story with diapers or the like, or even slight ABDL content tends to get downvoted

9773527 Any interest in doing another collab entry?

I love the cover art, Sweetie Bell lookings so happy over using the potty. It's very touching and sweet.

I hope someone does Cozy Glow soon, I'd imagine she'd be a tough one to train.

9784909 Well, if someone leaves her behind then she could be considered.

Hmm... interesting that this Twilight would appear before her counterpart. I wonder if she'll get a chapter later? In any case, unless surprise is the goal (SciTwi) might make a better tag.

There's certainly a lot of your headcanon regarding SciTwi's present and future family here - pretty decent takes at that. And as for the process itself - it somewhat reminds me of an aborted RP of mine featuring pony Twilight. Although this one is perhaps even more ahead of her peers than I imagined!

Hmm... perhaps getting some practise in like this would make them readier for when Pound and Pumpkin come along. The idea of Pinkie growing up apart from her sisters is a little sad, though.

Really, downvotes for theme alone are kind of petty.

*Applause* This was very well written. The story flowed extremely well with Rarity definitely showing how she was well on her way to developing into the fashionista we know-and-love today.

Rarity's persistence really paid off, too! I really got worried when Sweetie fell into the toilet but Rarity managed to save the day through persistant coaching and, to her credit, being able to talk at Sweetie's level.

I liked how Rarity couldn't resist making verbal corrections. She most definitely is showing her dedication to being more than what her humble beginnings were.

Great job! :)

Very nice! Loved how we got to see a bit more of Lofty and Holiday's personalities in action. They definitely compliment each other well in where one may be weak the other is strong.

<LoL!> Best part was Scoots thinking the tooilet was a tub. It would make sense as, in some cases, a sink can be used as a tub and, well, a sink is about the size of a toilet bowl. *Shrugs*

This story makes me think how much scoots would have been like Baby Plucky from Tiny Toon Adventures. She'd be a total stinker when it came to things while having the cleverness to get away with such mischief.

My only knowledge of Lofty and Holiday comes from the books for "Ponyville Mysteries". I didn't get to know much from the actual episode as, well, not being able to physically see meant I could really only go by voices and there wasn't enough to paint the picture you illustrated here. so thank you. :)

Love the homage to Foal Star. Foal star has been a great friend and inspiration for years. :)

The plot flowed very well. I like the idea of Shining showing how he is meant to be a brave guard. Perhaps more notably is the 'take charge' attitude he needed in order to make this milestone accomplishment. This could have been the trigger for him to realize how, if he wanted something done, he'd have to be the one to show he was committed. This may have gotten him to be able to be worthy of being Celestia's Captain Of The Royal Guard.

Very cute, very fun, and definitely neat to see how Shining handled a novelist mother. I'm guessing things got a little more controlled by Twilight's time of coming into the family. Or, maybe, shining knew how he was and worked, as he did in "Sparkle 7", to outwit his sister. :)

<LoL!> Now this is certainly a delightful reprise of 'Potty Years'. In this case, Starlight still made it out of diapers, though. Perhaps if Plucky's parents would've thought of using a chamber pot?

Golly, I don't doubt Fire Light having one of those chamber pots. He'd certainly be the type to not like change, with the exception of Starlight's diapers.

What was really neat is seeing how Starlight's magical potential was already being realized by age 3! She's quite powerful and, honestly, I see it as a result of natural talent combined wih how much she learned to use her emotions to fuel her magic. (There really was a lot to gleam from Glimmer in 'All Bottled Up')

Fire Light is also a good character to, without being intentional, leave his daughter to her business while he tended to the door knocking. It was also easy to imagine him looking about the saturated bathroom building tension as he hoped his daughter was okay.

Very nice!

Oh, yeah... This definitely sounds like Spoiled Rich. There is definitely no mistaking her mannerisms along with how her daughter is less a daughter and more a tool for furthering her social status.

It is sad to think of how much different Diamond Tiara could've been if she wasn't always so pressured by her mom all the time. Would she have even become a bully if not for the standards drilled into her mind by her mom and for how her mom looked down on those not like what she believed to meet those standards?

I wonder if Rarity may have known Spoiled Milk or Filthy Rich growing up? Having known of them, and those like them, may have been what got her to where she is upon meeting her for the first time.

It would certainly be something if it had ever be known that Rarity tried to pal around with the upper-class. Maybe she, at some point, aspired to be like the, likely older, Spoiled Milk for how lavish, clean, and extravagant she was?

Very nicely done. :)

It has been way too long since I heard of Nanny DeFoal. This story certainly puts an additional element of mystery behind her. Perhaps, like Discord, she is an omnipotent entity whose style of mischief is that of 'faling around'? :)

It did appear Celestia was getting into her role, too. Her outbursts were to be expected but you could see how she also took advantage of it to be not as prim-and-proper as she was always supposed to be.

When will Nanny deFoal return? I know she did a good job on Spoiled Rich. Has she been in any other stories outside of those by Foal Star and Zubrick and yourself?

<LoL!> This was really good! I actually did have a question about the end of Friendship Is Magic - Part 2 if Luna was, well, smaller than we saw later in Luna Eclipsed.

The dialogue between the two was really nicely done. You could definitely feel the Luna in even Woona. Little Lulu having curiousity as to where all that fancy plumbing went was also rather clever. Though, in the end, I think she'll have chosen the moon over the sewer system. :)

9794779 Well unfortunately, the rules only allow for one version of a character. So Human Twilight is the only one that can be used directly. She could still crop up in future stories as a secondary character though.

9799623 Not to my knowledge, but she is a pretty popular character in baby MLP art on Deviant Art.

Ah, Rary. I like the idea of her being friends with Cheerilee from a young age. It makes sense as, in a way, I do recall Cheerilee being a tad fashionable in her younger years. Plus, since G3, she's kind of been portrayed as a 'big sister' figure. So doing what she did here makes a lot of sense.

I shall look forward to more entires in the collection. :)

Great story! I really liked the flashback and how we got to meet with Silver Spoon's mom and dad. The difference between their parenting techniques was certainly interesting to see, as is how all parents tend to be. This certainly could have worked as an MLP take on classic cartoons like 'The Potty Years' with Baby Plucky. silver certainly gave us a true child's feelings on being made to do something so boring when all they want to do is go-go-go!

You wrote Diamond Tiara in quite true form. I wonder if she and silver Spoon ever made up after "Crusaders Of The Lost Mark"? Diamond and Silver got wrote out pretty quickly. This is sad as DT finally was making some real character growth, too. :(

This is so cute! Spike is now offically going to lead the charge in potty training the students of friendship! so cute!!!

9825020 But will he ultimately succeed is the big question.

Ah-ha! Nanny DeFoal returns! And her unique powers are also back in play, too. You've got to give her credit on her video-editing skills. I'm sure Spike wishes different edits could be made. Like, say, twilight being photoshopped in...?

Very interesting PSA. I'm sure things would get a bit dirty given how, as we learned from Silver Stream, plumbing isn't exactly a common thing for other creatures. So this is certainly one way to keep the area clean.

Now, being nanny DeFoal, I wonder if she has other uses for her special 'model' in which she seems more-than-willing to update to her needs....

This went quite well. The way in which Smolder came to have a disliking of modern pony-plumbing definitely makes a lot of sense. I'd imagine forgetting to lift her tail would easily occur, too, as she is used to either just squatting in a corner, or letting it just go as she was in mid-flight like a bird.

<LoL!> The line about Silver Stream being such a chatter-box was good. It is fortunate that only Gallus and Ocellus know of her 'cutesie' side. Silver Stream would so want to be all-in on tea parties and other things that would embarrass the heck out of her.

Then we consider how she, 'for Ocellus and Yona's sake' joined the cheerleading squad. I'm sure Silver Stream has already started making some remarks about the performance as Smolder thinks on how to just keep up the façade of 'doing it to help her friends' instead of liking to do it herself. :)

Smolder is definitely a dynamic character in how she defies the norm for a dragon but doesn't exactly fight being different... unless you call her out on something, then she'll fight you.

Her 'soft side' is definitely more believable than Garble's. I'd love Garble to get flushed down a toilet. <LoL!>

I'll have to see about getting back into the stories. I kind of have a little crisis ging on. However I'll get past it soon enough.

9831609 How could Garble be flushed? Even if he shrank I don't think a baby dragon could fit down a pony toilet. And I hope you recover from whatever it is you're going through soon.

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