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Potty Training Tales - SuperPinkBrony12

(A collab with Latecomer, open to all authors. Stories should be SFW with some potential PG content, rated Teen to be safe.) A collection of stories involving various characters undergoing potty training, to varying results.

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A Pot of Silver (Silver Spoon)

Author's Note:

Tags: [Slice of Life]
Characters: [Silver Spoon] [Diamond Tiara] [OC]
By: Latecomer
Note: The headcanon for Silver Spoon’s parents is lifted from two of my “What If?” rewrites (“Look Before You Sleep” redo and “Spice Up Your Life”)

It was always a special occasion for Silver Spoon when her best (and only) friend in the world, Diamond Tiara, came over for one of their gal pal sleepovers. The two rich fillies even had their own secret little greeting that they fondly exchanged, while their parents got everything set up in Silver Spoon’s bedroom.

“Bump! Bump! Sugar-lump, rump!” They had come up with it a few months back to celebrate their mutual freedom from diapers. And they were now engaged in their first real discussion of such matters since, as part of a conversation regarding their forthcoming attendance at the Ponyville Schoolhouse.

“I wonder, will they have throne toilets like my house, or ground ones like yours Silvy?” Diamond Tiara enquired.

Silver leaned in conspiratorially. “I talked to Feather Duster, her little brother goes there, and she told me they don’t even have proper toilets! Just a long trench in a shed!”

Diamond hissed in shock, but then thought for a moment. “That kind of sounds like yours. Well, apart from the shed bit.”

“No, it’s completely different!” Silver Spoon protested in a scandalised voice. “Our toilet is made of porcelain and has a flush just like yours, only the shape is different. And at least I can use it without needing a servant to lift me up!”

“Hey, I’ll be able to climb up on my own once I grow a little!” Diamond protested as she picked a sugary snack from a nearby plate. “And at least I was out of pullups before you were!”

“Only by like two weeks.” Silver muttered.

“Anyway,” Diamond continued, chewing on the candy. “If the school toilet is not like yours or mine then what is it like?

The brief spat over, Silver returned to a tone of voice like she was telling a scary story. “Well for starters there’s no flush,” Seeing her friend’s horrified gasp at this idea the filly continued, leaning in. “Feather said the break’s so short that there’s usually other ponies tinkling right next to you, or worse. She also said there’s only a wall between the colts’ and fillies’ sides, but nothing else.” Silver’s voice had become almost a whisper.

Diamond Tiara took a moment to suppress her disgust. “Well if she heard it from her brother, perhaps it’s only like that on the boy’s side? You know how colts are…”

Silver shook her head. “She said it was the same when she was in school, years back.”

Diamond shook her head. “Well I suppose it makes kind of sense, Mama says that most ponies just have holes in the ground at home. I bet most of the students wouldn’t know what to do with a proper toilet if they saw one. But still we shouldn’t have to put up with it! I’ll have to speak to Daddy-“

But before she could lay out her plan for getting her father to upgrade the school sanitary facilities in detail, Diamond was distracted by more immediate problems – namely an ominous gurgle from, and subsequent clenching of, her stomach. It seemed that she had somewhat overindulged on the plate of sweet treats, or perhaps it was the large lunch she had eaten earlier? In any case, what mattered now was an urgent dash to the nearest bathroom, which Diamond Tiara remembered with a sinking feeling (which her stomach really didn’t need right now), was on the ground floor and practically the other side of the palatial house.

Silver Spoon noticed her friend’s distressed expression. “What’s wrong, Di? Are you not feeling well?”

“No, I’m fine!” The pink coated filly reflexively responded, even at her young age her mother had taught her never to show weakness. “Er, speaking of toilets... you wouldn’t happen to have an upstairs one like at my house?” She wasn’t very hopeful, she had only ever seen the downstairs one but she wasn’t quite sure what else to do except run for it (which would be rather undignified).

“No, sorry.” Silver shook her head. “Wait, do you need to go?!”

“Of course no-” Diamond’s denial was cut off by an audible stomach gurgle, leading her to amend it to “Kind of? But I’ll just go downstairs now-“ It seemed that her seated position had been partially calming her belly though, because the moment she stood up and tried to walk, the pressure on her bowels worsened dramatically to the point it took all her willpower not to just soil the expensively carpeted floor. Such a disgrace would be unacceptable for a fully trained filly like herself. And yet at the moment, the downstairs lavatory seemed like it might as well be on the other side of Ponyville.

Silver Spoon could also see that Diamond wasn’t going to make it, and knew that it was her responsibility as both a friend and a host to help her avoid disgrace, even if it meant embarrassing herself a bit. “Wait, Di! You need to go right now, don’t you?”

Diamond Tiara turned. “Yeah, so I don’t have time to wait!”

“No, I mean, I have something... just hold on a sec!” Silver Spoon vanished under her bed, only her rump and tail protruding from the lavish sheets that fell over it to the floor.

Diamond Tiara wondered what her friend might mean, some diapers she wore at night-time, perhaps? Even if she accepted the indignity of a reversal in her training as better than the alternative, it would surely take as long to put them on as it would take her to reach the downstairs bathroom, and her gut really didn’t feel like it was going to give her even another minute.

Tiara was about to make a break for it anyway when Silver emerged from under the bed pulling out- “Is that a flower pot?'

“No,” Silver shook her head. “It’s a chamber pot, a kind of potty. You’d better hurry!”

Diamond looked at the finely made bowl for a few more seconds,it really didn’t bear much resemblance to the plastic potty she had used in her training. But another gurgle from her stomach warned that she was reaching her limits. Seeing a lack of better options, she quickly ran over to the thing and straddled it, then stopped holding her body back.

The next minute didn’t feel very good for Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon thankfully didn’t try to say anything. By the end though, Diamond’s emptied-out gut was starting to feel better even though she remained seated on the pot for the moment just in case. She resumed the conversation with a simple. “Thank you, Silvy.”

“You’re welcome.” The other filly looked a bit bashful, though, and one of the other lessons Diamond Tiara had picked up from her mother was to always try and learn others’ weaknesses.

“So, are you not actually trained properly yet? Because it’s ok, we can’t all be me”. The filly boasted in a way that seemed to completely ignore her current situation.

“I’m trained!” Silver Spoon said defensively. “But the toilet’s a long way away, especially at night. So why not use it? It doesn’t smell under the bed, and the maids empty it in the morning.”

Diamond Tiara contemplated this, and found that it did fit with her ideas of how much effort should be expected of her as opposed to servants. “A decent idea, much better than wearing diapers at night,” (Which she still did, but had no intention of Silver finding out about). “Perhaps I’ll ask Daddy to get me one like this too, it’s much prettier than my training one.”

Silver Spoon giggled. “He won’t be able to buy one like that!”

Now it was Diamond’s turn to be defensive. “Are you saying my Daddy can’t buy anything he wants?” That being more or less the fundamental principle of her worldview, she disliked it being called into question.

“Maybe,” Silver Spoon answered with a grin. “But he can’t buy one like that because it’s the only one of its kind. Mama said so.”

“Don’t be silly, where did she get it? Even if it’s hoof-made, I’m sure my Daddy could have them make a new one,or a better one.” Diamond demanded.

“She got it from her mama.” Silver explained.

“Well, where did she get it?” Diamond questioned.

“From her mama.” Silver added with a knowing wink.

“And let me guess, she got it from her mama too?” Diamond said with all the biting sarcasm a five-year-old could deliver.

“Yep,” Silver agreed, much more sincerely. “Mama says it’s been passed down in our family since the days when common ponies still did their business in the street.” The last part was said in an approximation of her mother’s voice.

Diamond considered this for a moment. “But common ponies still do their business in the street, it’s why Daddy’s special, because he has a proper store indoors.” In fact, Ponyville had as many indoor emporiums as it did market stalls and Barnyard Bargains stood out for selling a broad variety of products, but the indoors part stood out more to a preschool filly.

“Yeah, I don’t quite get what that means either,” Silver admitted. “But it has been in the family for a really long time, like, back when Mama’s side were unicorns! She said it was first made for…

“…Silver Gleam, the young Lady of Acacia Grove. She passed it down to her eldest daughter,and her daughter to her firstborn, and so on until my own mother passed it to me when I was your age. And now, it is time for it to be yours.” Silver Standard finished.

Two year old Silver Spoon didn’t quite know what she was supposed to say to that, so she just nodded. Perhaps this was a present, like for her birthday last month? It was certainly pretty: A bowl of white shiny rock with a bright rim of polished silver, and a mouth-handle. Maybe she could keep some of her toys in it?

“Are you ready to try it out right away?” Her mother asked.

Silver Spoon nodded again, she was sure she could figure out something to do with it. If nothing else it could just be a “display piece,'' as her mother called some of the vases and such in the entrance hall.

“Well then, let’s not delay,” The thirty something year old mare declared, whose colours were a near-perfect reversal of her daughter’s, a shiny silver coat and a darker grey mane. “I have to be back in my office in an hour.”

Silver Spoon knew Mama had an important job at the Ponyville Bank, even if she wasn’t quite sure what it was. But she definitely didn’t want to waste the precious time they had, so she stepped forwards to grab the pretty pot’s handle with her mouth.

Before she could get a hold of it, however, her Mama grabbed her, holding her in place with her hooves while she removed her diaper for some reason. Silver Spoon was confused: She was still clean and dry, and the pot looked way too small to be some kind of miniature bathtub. “Er… Mama?”

“What, my little bit?” Silver Standard asked as she lifted her daughter up and placed her on the pot, carefully making sure her tail dangled over the edge.

“What you doing?” Not that Silver Spoon hadn’t considered “seat” as one of the item’s possible uses, but she would have turned it the other way up first. And she had no idea why her diaper had been removed.

“Why, helping you up of course. Oh, did you want to get up yourself? Well, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of chances in the future,” Her mother explained without actually making things any clearer. “Now, whenever you’re ready, little bit.”

Now Silver Spoon was a little worried. It was like one of those times when she showed off her skills to Mama, except she had no idea what she was meant to be doing. Or why her diaper was off, or what this strange pot that she didn’t quite fit snugly on was for.

She sat there for a little bit, hoping that these things would somehow become clear on their own, but after nearly a minute of Mama just watching expectantly, she felt the need to say something. “Um… ready for what”

“To use it, of course!” Silver Standard proudly proclaimed.

“Right,” Silver Spoon blinked. There was definitely something she was missing here, and as much she might not like to admit ignorance it couldn’t be helped. She didn’t want to get yelled at for doing something wrong “And… how do I do that?”

Silver Standard just laughed for a moment. “Now this isn’t the time for joking, little bit. But then she seemed to notice her daughter’s look of genuine incomprehension. “Unless… you’re not joking? You really don’t know what this is for?”

The filly racked her small brain for anything she’d missed in her mother’s description of the pot. “It for… passing down?” And then when that didn’t seem quite sufficient. “And… being pwetty, wike all the stuff I not supposed to touch.” In which case she wondered, why did her mother seem to want her to touch this one and with her uncovered backside at that?

“Well yes,” Silver Standard agreed after a moment’s consideration. “It is indeed both an heirloom and a work of art. But there is a practical use to it as well, one which makes touching it a must. Have you really not seen anything like it?”

Silver Spoon shook her head silently, and then added a “No, Mama.” just to be sure.

“Well,” The mare sighed “I guess I was putting the cart before the horse there, so to speak. You’re such a bright little filly, I just assumed… But nevermind. I’ll just have to teach you.”

Silver Spoon was disappointed she hadn’t matched up to Mama’s high standards. But she was also quite curious as to what she was apparently supposed to have known. Interrupting Mama was a no-no though, so she waited patiently while her mother considered how best to explain.

Eventually, she settled on an approach. “You know that you’re going to grow up into a big pony like Mama someday, right?”

Silver Spoon nodded, Mama mentioned this fairly often and she was bigger than she used to be. Even so growing to Mama’s size seemed unlikely, but if Mama said it, it had to be true, right?

“Well, there’s another side to that coin, isn’t there? All of us big ponies used to be little foals like you!” Silver Standard went on explaining.

That was a revelation, she sort of figured Mama might have been that way, what with all that talk of passing down, but all big ponies? “Even Papa? And the servants? And Uncle Argent?”

Her mother nodded. “Yes, little bit, all of us. I kind of remember Argent when he was your age, though he was a lot more annoying. But never mind that,” Silver Standard said, moving on quickly. “The point is, even though we were once foals like you there’s more differences between us than just size, right?”

Silver thought about it for a moment, then realized. “Picture!” She pointed to the image of a “banking ledger” (whatever that was) on Mama’s flank. Mama had said she would get her own when she was older, was that why her diaper was off? But then, what did the pot have to do with that?

“Yes, we grown-up ponies have cutie marks,” Silver Standard nodded. “But that’s still some way off for you. What I’m talking about is another difference in that vicinity, none of us wear diapers, do we?”

No, they don’t.” Silver Spoon thought. Grown-ups wore all kinds of things, from the servant’s uniforms to Papa’s apron, but their rear ends were always bare. In fact, the only ponies she had seen wearing diapers were foals her own age or younger. But in that case… “So ya don’t tinkle?” She wondered.

Silver Standard laughed at her daughter’s response. “Oh I still do, even if you’ve never seen me do it. It’s just that I don’t need diapers when I do my…” She coughed into a hoof. “Business.”

“Mama tinkle at work?” Silver Spoon questioned, her mom was still making no sense at all.

“Sometimes, but most times not,” Silver Standard explained, finally deciding to stop beating around the bush. Her efforts to try and nudge her daughter toward the pot’s intended function were going nowhere. “Basically, this is what grown ponies use to answer nature’s call instead of a diaper. Well, most grown ponies anyway. Some prefer a more ‘revolutionary’ approach for some reason.”

“Give up diapees?” Silver Spoon blinked. Truth be told, she had come to resent the way they limited her movement and seemed to slow her down. But the idea of having to leave them behind all together was strange and frightening. What would she do if she didn’t have the comfort of them to protect her in case of accidents? Having one in public without a diaper on would cause her social standing to plummet.

“Only around the house,” Silver Standard explained. “Once we’re certain you can manage, you’ll be able to wear these,” She presented a box of what looked like diapers, only not as thick and full of colorful designs. “These are the newest invention in foal care, they are known as pull-ups. And everypony who’s potty trained wears them, at least until they're old enough to know when they have to go.”

“But me have to give up diapees to wear them?” Silver Spoon blinked again.

Silver Standard smiled. “Correct. Not to worry, you’ll soon love pull-ups so much you won’t ever want to go back to diapers. Besides, now you look just like a princess on her throne. Like Celestia herself.”

“How long me have to sit on tis?” Silver Spoon asked her mom as her rump remained planted on the chamber pot.

“Until you have to go, or until I’ve decided that enough time has passed. Perhaps I shall instruct one of the hired help to fetch you some books?” Silver Standard suggested to her daughter. “I find it helps if one has something to occupy them when they are on the pot.”

But Silver Spoon just got up and grumbled. “Dun need to go. Me don’t wanna use chamber pot. It boring.”

“Yes, I know it’s boring, but it’s something everypony has to use eventually.” Silver Standard explained.

“Even you and Papa.?” Silver Spoon questioned.

Silver Standard reluctantly replied as her expression started to shift ever so slightly. “Well… not quite. Grown-ups like your father and I use something… a little more modern. It’s called a flush lavatory, and your father insisted on having one installed when he married me.”

“Tat what makes tose funny sounds fwom the bathwoom?” Silver Spoon asked her mom. Every so often when passing by the aforementioned place, the little filly’s ears would pick up what sounded like a faint and distant roar. And for a while now she had wondered what could’ve made such a noise.

“Yes. Though if you want to know more about how such a… device works,” Silver Standard remarked as her face seemed to morph into a grimace. “Ask your father.”

Greasy Spoon was more than delighted to explain the flush lavatory to his daughter. He even took the liberty of bringing his daughter into the bathroom so that she could see the aforementioned plumbing fixture.

It was like an elevated trench made of porcelain, connected to a series of metal pipes in the ground. Off to the left hoof side rested some kind of nozzle, and in front of it stood what looked like a colored tile of some sort.

Greasy Spoon explained. “This flush lavatory is pretty simple. You just stand over the opening, and let nature do the rest. After that you wipe yourself with the sprayer,” He gestured to the nozzle. “Make sure to get every trace of your,” He coughed into a hoof. “‘Business’ removed. And then you step on this,” He pressed a pedal, causing a loud roar to be heard. “And everything you’ve done gets flushed away. Then you just wash your hooves and you’re done. No mess, no fuss.”

“So, me use that instead of chamber pot?” Silver Spoon hopefully inquired.

Greasy nodded his head and seemed to laugh. “Yup. Far less of a hassle, wouldn’t you agree? And far more civilized too.” In his mind he was thinking. “And if you think it’s great now, just wait until I upgrade to the throne model.

The little filly looked at the flush lavatory, an odd mix of amusement and confusion reflected in her eyes. “Can… can me try it?” She asked her father.

“Why certainly, let me help you get into position,” Greasy instructed. “You need to make sure your diaper’s off first, can’t use the lavatory with it on,” Like with his wife when she had attempted to pot train Silver Spoon, Greasy pulled down the undergarment and tossed it aside without fanfare. “Now just back up until you’re standing over the opening. Then make sure to lift your tail so it doesn’t get in the way. And after that it’s elementary!”

The little earth pony tried to follow her father’s instructions as best she could. A little bit of clumsy waddling ensued before she was certain she was in position more or less. The tiled floor of the lavatory didn’t exactly feel inviting on her hooves. Still, she lifted her tail as instructed. Then she just stood there, waiting.

Minutes passed but nothing happened. “How long me have to stand?” She inquired to Greasy.

“As long as you need to. You certainly can’t leave the lavatory without using it, unless you wanna go back to diapers. Which you can’t.” Greasy declared as his voice took on a slight hint of stern authority.

Silver Spoon looked down at the porcelain trench. She didn’t see anything. But it had to have been several minutes, because her hooves were starting to get sore. And her tail ached from having to be lifted up for such a long period of time. It seemed like a lot of unnecessary effort just to use this fancy contraption.

And as a little one’s mind tends to do, the little filly’s thoughts started to wander. True, sitting on her chamber pot hadn’t been the greatest experience either. But compared to what she had to do now it seemed like far less of a hassle. And her mom had seemed positively thrilled with it, even offering her those pull-ups. Her dad had yet to make such an offer.

Much as the young earth pony wished she didn’t have to choose either one for the time being, if she had to pick one and only one the chamber pot seemed like the lesser of two evils. “Papa, me wanna use chamber pot.” She declared as she lowered her tail and trotted away from the trench.

“Really? You wanna train on that outdated thing? You’ll have to empty it into here when you’re done you know,” Greasy Spoon commented as it was now his turn to look disappointed. “Why not cut out the middle mare and go straight to where your waste will end up anyway?”

“Me can use chamber pot anywhere!” Silver Spoon insisted. “No need to stand wike with wavatowy.”

Greasy reluctantly relented. “Fine, have it your way. But you’re gonna have to be retrained on this flush lavatory eventually, I hope you realize that.”

“Dun care.” Silver Spoon replied with a giggle. That was a long way off as far as she was concerned.

"So, you potty trained with this and then your dad made you retrain with the flush lavatory?” Diamond questioned her best friend in the present day.

Silver Spoon nodded her head. “Yeah. It was definitely not as bad then as it was when I was a little filly. I just hope that the throne model isn’t too much of an upgrade, or I’ll have to learn all over again.”

Diamond grinned and boasted. “Oh, it’s way better than a flush lavatory. Trust me! You get to actually sit on a throne, like a princess! Though I still need the help of servants to get on and off it because it’s so big. But that’s okay, it all but flushes by itself, though Mother says you have to be careful not to fall in for whatever reason.”

“Well, knowing my dad and how your mom thinks, it’s probably not gonna be too much longer before we get that new throne lavatory,” Silver Spoon commented. “So I guess I’ll just have to see for myself what it’s like.”

Tiara nodded, then turned her matter to a more pressing subject. “How exactly am I gonna get cleaned up? I couldn’t make it to the potty, so I can’t use toilet paper. Plus, I don’t think Mother will be very happy to know I used something so old fashioned.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll cover for you.” Silver grinned.

Just then, a middle aged pegasus mare came trotting into the room. She had a coat of dull brown, gray locks for a mane and tail, and a cutie mark depicting a broom sweeping away dust, as well as light blue eyes. “Is everything alright in here?” She asked her young charges. “I thought I heard noises.”

Diamond froze right on the spot, afraid of being found out! Fortunately she needn’t have worried, Silver Spoon had everything covered. “I had to use my chamber pot, Feather Duster,” She told the maid. “And I was just explaining to my friend how it works and why I have it."

“Ah, I see, all is well then,” Feather Duster commented. “I take it you don’t need help wiping then?”

Silver Spoon shook her head. “Just bring the wipes and I’ll take care of it myself. After all, I’ll have to do it on my own when I’m in school.”

Feather Duster nodded her head. “Very well then. I shall retrieve the wipes and leave you to take care of ‘business’ so to speak. Just be sure to dispose of the wipes properly when you’re finished.” Then she turned and trotted out of the bedroom.

Silver waited until the room was again void of grown-ups, before she flashed a knowing grin to Diamond Tiara. Her best friend’s secret was safe.

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