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A crossover with Titanfall about an unfortunate series of events for a rather unlucky pilot.

Featured on my birthday, 5/5/2021

Death - Obvious.
Profanity - Obvious.
Violence - Obvious.

Chapters (2)

It takes a certain kind of pony to become a personal servant to the princesses. One must have patience, grace, a clever head, and be a problem solver.

Dapper Dash is one such pony.

Although skeptical about the idea of having a personal butler, Dapper Dash soon proves he is anything but an ordinary butler. While most ponies would be rattled or nervous around Celestia and Luna, he seems to be calm, and even managing to keep up with them.

He's a true gentlecolt, and not only that, he is quite the learned stallion, impressing even princesses. Clearly he is more than than he seems, but not much is known about him. With the drama around the palace it may be good to have an ally that can think on his hooves.

After all, a butler is there to make life easier for their charges.

Big thanks to Hoodwinked MCShelster for the amazing cover art! Really love how it turned out! ^^

Chapters (10)

This story is a sequel to Negotiations

It's been five years since our surrender. Things have gotten better, but we have a long way to go before our home is repaired and our name redeemed. I have spent these five years working nonstop to fix all the mistakes my former teacher left us.

But now I have a chance to make up one of the biggest ones I've ever made.


She betrayed us and sided with humanity. I hated her for her betrayal. Called her a coward. Now I am cowering in front of her house, begging for forgiveness. I have lost so much. I just want to gain one thing back.

Based on The Conversion Bureau series.

Pre-Read by bahatumay, Socks (Also thanks for finding this cover art), and Chaotic Note

Edited by Biker_Dash and wlam ]

Please Help Out The NegotiationsVerse TV Tropes Page

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Mule

A continuation of my last iteration, featuring the fallout that comes with desperate measures. Celestia and Nightlight soon learn that that their actions an have long spanning consequenses that effect those around them.

Chapters (1)

A promising member of the royal guard, and recently, Princess Luna's aide, was helping his two Canterlot Princesses with a personal favor involving their old home in the Everfree Forest. After a rather weird encounter with an unknown being, the royal guard codename 'Aero' discovers that he is now alone in the forest.

Later on, he also realizes that something very strange is going on.

Especially with the mares.

Set during Season 6, after "The Crystalling" Part 2 (from Aero's perspective).
RGRE [Reversed gender roles Equestria] (From Chapter 2 onwards)

Cover Art by Riouku.

EDIT: Featured 01-12-2021. (That was really fast, to be honest. Thank you guys.)
EDIT2: 01-20-2021 (Once again, that was fast. It was brief but I saw it)
[02-04-2021] ~ [25-02-2021] ~ [04-03-2021] ~ [20-03-2021]

Chapters (7)

Inspired by the song Bismarck by the amazing band Sabaton!

When the Allies sunk the great battleship Bismarck, they thought it would be gone for good, left at the bottom of the Atlantic to rust as the Second World War raged on. What they didn't know was that the ship never made it to the ocean floor. Instead, the hulking battle machine was transported to someplace entirely unknown to mankind, with its sole survivor taken along for the ride.

The Gryphon Empire had been expanding its borders for centuries, gaining power and influence over the majority of the planet while at the same time stretching themselves ever thinner. Now, with food shortages threatening to tear the Empire apart, they look towards the only hope of salvation they have, Equestria.

Yet the pride of a predatory race would never allow for them to stoop to begging or trading for what they need. In their very blood there is a cry for war that cannot be denied if they are to save all that they have built. However, only a fool would dare go against the magical might of the pony nations, even taking into account the abysmal state of their military. Yet all of that changes when the hulk of a massive war vessel appears on the shores of their homeland, with a very strange pony the only being aboard.

Will Equestria fall under the power of one of mankind's most infamous warships? How will our lone human-turned-pony react to being in both a new body and world? You'll just have to take a look inside and see for yourself.

Thank you to my new Editors Grau and Helping Hoof for their help in making this an even better book for all of you to enjoy.

Chapters (9)

Two and a half years ago, I left my home, family, and friends behind to fight for humanity to save them from Princess Celestia's madness. Despite the hardship, suffering, and loss I have never once waved in my conviction in doing the right thing to prevent the genocide of an entire race. However, I have been captured. Instead of killing me, they kept me prisoner because they need me to use my Element one last time in their hopes of saving Equestria from Humanity's upcoming invasion.

Too bad I have no plans to do that.

This is a NegotationsVerse AU that ask the question of what would happen if Fluttershy got captured by Equestria so they can use her Element as a means to save themselves from humanity?

To see the original canon series, click here: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/301668/negotiations

Please help out at the TV Tropes Page: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/TheNegotiationsVerse

Chapters (6)

Dinky Doo asks her mother a question.

Derpy Hooves finally reveals a truth.

Story collaboration with Rootbeer Dew, who helped to write up the ending.

Picture by some guy on Deviantart. Doomcakes, I think it was? XD

Popular Section! 5th July, 2014, Saturday! Thank you everyone!

UPDATE - There is a sequel to this story! To read the sequel, look up TheMyth, and his story 'Where Is The Love?'. This is the official sequel that I gave him permission to write up. Thank you everypony for your views and support! You guys and gals helped to make this a special story!

Link to the sequel! Where Is My Love?

Chapters (1)

Derpy has been summoned to Canterlot by Princess Celestia. She has been fitted with the ceremonial armour of the Royal Guard, and has been brought to a courthouse. The princess has asked her to speak of an event in her past that she has no memory of. An event that changed her life and altered her personality. She just has to keep reminding herself that "most days are pretty good."

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to Drawn With the Night

Sequel to Drawn With the Night. Fancy Thunder and a small team go to Canterlot to fulfill a commission.
She decided to ask a few 'innocent' questions and toss a few stones in the placid waters to see what is stirred up. Specifically, how will the Princesses react to a pony who doesn't need them, and thus doesn't worship them?

A TV Tropes page

Chapters (5)
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