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Just a recent brony who wants to share his stories with every-pony.

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  • Sunday
    Winter is close... | New Story tease

    ”It’s going to be a nasty winter... you best be ready.”

    ”Ready? Ready for what..?”

    ”For War.”

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  • Saturday
    The Eternal Shield Teaser/Update

    ”Let’s get one thing straight Slayer. The Princesses may trust you now, BUT I certainly don’t!”

    ”You are but one Stallion; who are you to go and try to save the lives of innocent ponies who’re not yours to save!”

    ”Tell me,” Hayden questioned him, “If I can’t control the Slayer from his lack of... restraint, what makes you think you can?”

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  • 1 week
    HME | Teaser/Update

    Izuku grasp his hand around Twilight’s hoof then they both begin to spin. Every second their spin increases getting faster, and faster, light of her magic creating a gigantic whirlpool with tendrils of green lighting sparked and danced around it. Once they’ve locked on their target the two announced in a shout.

    ”Ultimate move!”
    “Ultimate Move!”

    ”Sparkle Sparkle!”

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  • 2 weeks
    Broken Memories | Sneak peak

    Here’s a bit of a sneak peak of the up-coming story coming soon to FiMFiction near you!

    Subaru was trying his best to console Fluttershy’s unyielding screams whilst his eyes welled up with tears.

    Twilight threw her hoof over her mouth to block out the contents of her stomach from spewing out. Tears began to stream out of her eyes as she too stared at the horror before them.

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  • 2 weeks
    New Art | Remastered

    Will be returning to this story soon here’s a remastered cover for it! It was hard at first when I was first working on this but I was able to make it work!

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Winter is close... | New Story tease · 11:42pm 8 hours ago

”It’s going to be a nasty winter... you best be ready.”

”Ready? Ready for what..?”

”For War.”

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Glad you enjoyed my short story, Is this the End?, so much you added it to your favorites. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow

Ohhh, i know that story
Damn, i'm sorry for that, hope you can continue it though, i loved it, so good luck in the rewrite!

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