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Next Story update · 12:10am January 14th

Alright guys, I need your help with this one. Seeing as I am up to date with my stories, for the most part anyway, I am going to have you the fans vote for which of the following stories I do next. Please leave your answer in the comments section:

My Life as a Suit Pon
Princess and Queen: Mother and Daughter
Chessmaster through Life and Shadows
Sweetie Drops’ Special Treat
Johnny Dash
A Gleaming Love
Changelings of Harmony
Flames of Disharmony
One Last Flight

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Changelings of Harmony.

You. You created this monster.


Thanks for favoriting The Multi-fusion! May I ask what you liked about it?

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My MLP OC- Cloud Dasher: Cyan coat, short purple mane and tail with a snow tornado cutie mark. Is the middle child of Rainbow, me, and Scootaloo. Can perform a Sonic Rainboom and works in the Rainbow Factory with both of my sisters and (through marriage) Aunt Pinkie.