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Redemption of a Nightmare · 6:40pm March 20th

Talk about hitting a walk off home run...

Thank you everyone who made this story a major hit. It now sets a new personal best for my place on the Mature Enabled Featured Box (2nd), Mature Disabled Featured Box (#1), Overall Heat Rating (#1), and Non-Mature Heat Rating (#1).

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Thanks for reading Deathbed Confession! Be sure to check back on Thursday for the next chapter!


Thank you for your interest in the story "Toxic Love". I hope I shall not disappoint!

I'm glad you liked The Six Habits of Very Friendly Ponies. Also, though Together Forever doesn't seem to be my type of story, I am very intrigued; I will give it a read later, and unlike other users here, when it ends up on my read it later list, it does get read.

Good to hear. Hope all goes well.

Thanks for the track and the favorite. :).

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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