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A ling from the southeast US, support me on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/sandstorm94/overview

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Artwork · 4:15am October 23rd

Thanks goes to my friend CrystalMysteria for recreating the collar in the story, her amazing talent once again surpassed my expectations of how it would turn out. (She did Queen Flurry Heart's cutie mark as well... Which is the cover art for this story). The excerpt from how the collar is described is found below (since FiMfic won't let me embed the image, link is here.:

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Thank you for adding Putt Putt Becomes a Pony to your favorites!

Thank you for tracking Cog Republik. If you have an OC you would like to see in the story, tell me, and I'll work him/her in.

Thanks for reading Deathbed Confession! Be sure to check back on Thursday for the next chapter!


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My MLP OC- Cloud Dasher: Cyan coat, short purple mane and tail with a snow tornado cutie mark. Is the middle child of Rainbow, me, and Scootaloo. Can perform a Sonic Rainboom and works in the Rainbow Factory with both of my sisters and (through marriage) Aunt Pinkie.

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