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Pinkamena Diane Pie... professional weatherwoman

She was not always destined to go down this career path, but a traumatic experience from her childhood lit the fire of becoming a storm chaser, and she took great pride in what she did. Now, she was preparing for one last job in the field before retiring to work behind a desk, but with the outbreak of the century and a lover from the past returning... she life is about to be thrown into a bigger whirlwind than the tornados she chases.

This story, in which everyone is human, is based on one of my favorite movies... the 1996 movie Twister.

Chapters (4)
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Okay, definitely tracking this, just because of what it's based on. Good start, by the way!

Reminds me a lot of this tune. Start at 2:39 if the jump doesn't work right...

Tracking this. Now.

Huh, looks like the Bolt's team are worse off than their inspiration in the original movie. And love the choice of music, perfect for a Tornado Hunt. Though I still prefer this piece, possibly because it introduced me to Deep Purple and possibly rock music in general. (For the record, the piece is Child in Time. Took me years to learn what that piece was, so pleased to finally learn it.)

Thank you! all my life I have been trying to find out what that song Dusty played was

You're welcome man! Glad I could help someone who was in the same situation I was.:yay::twilightsmile: For the record, off of Deep Purple's "In Rock" album.


This story, in which everyone is human, is based on one of my favorite movies... the 1996 movie Twister.

But, didn't the Nostalgia Critic say that movie was bad?


You honestly listen to a critic? Watch it for yourself then get back with me about your opinion

Diversion indeed. I think I can say, like Twilight... WAS not expecting that.

I shall give this a read. (By the way, good job on your fics, the like to dislike is better than mine, LOL)

Okay, what? Just... what? Seriously, what does any of this have to do with the actual story?

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