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Somehow, I get the feeling that Miles and Kerry took inspiration from this particular comic book when they were writing the later volumes:

By the way, this video is officially a decade old as of yesterday, and I still completely agree with every point made in it.

If Monty Oum hadn't been taken from us, I'd bet my soul the series would have become something even greater than what it ultimately turned into. It's become all flash and no substance.

I started hating him towards the end of Volume 3 when he revealed himself to be obsessive and abusive towards Blake, even though it clearly contradicts a particular scene in a previous episode where he refuses to go after her and decides to return to Mistral instead.

Then again, contradicting scenes are a dime a dozen in this show and it's the main reason why I've developed a love/hate relationship with it.

Sounds like Adam Taurus, rest his soul and the butchered writing that led him to his stupid and ill-fitting developments and death.

Hey, friend. How you doing?

I've got a quick question for you.

Which RWBY villain(s) do you think this song fits the most?

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