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The art for this fic was used with permission from, and created with unequivocally EXCEPTIONAL SKILL, by the one and only AskBubbleLee on Deviantart. Look upon the works of this talented artist and rejoice, ye pitiful mortals!

Ebonfallow is a meek changeling who, for reasons beyond her control, was born with the inability to change form. Blackfish is an orca of adventurous qualities both admirable and vexatious, and pines for something—or someone—interesting enough to satisfy an unknown thirst that plagues him so.

When the former leaves her hive for a coastal pony community in disgrace and the latter decided to explore the very same location she dwells by virtue of his unquenchable curiosity, their paths soon cross upon one calm, warm summer day.

And, as both soon find out, their fates may be destined to intersect in more ways than simply a single, freak encounter...

(Btw, the rating will probably eventually change, as will certain, *nudge, nudge,* tags.)

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 21 )

Alright, I’m putting this out there. I dont’ care your waitress is a changling, not a reason not to leave a tip. Makes me want to stand by that door and make sure. No tip? You get one chance, then I break a finger. Damn deadbeats. Tips are more the 60% of a waitress’s earnings. I am very surprised the owner has not done something. Still good story, made me care about a character 1rst chapter and curious about another. Ebonfallow needs a big brother/sister damn it. Blackfish better be good to her.

Tips are an american thing. If you try to tip someone in Europe, chances are they'll be insulted.

I realize, but the fact that she specifically mentioned tips, implies that we're probably using, at the very least, a partially American-like system. So, maybe they make up about 20% as opposed to 60% of her gross income. Especially, since the poor girl sees it as a slight, as opposed to something not worth mentioning at all. Money is still lost. I stand by what I said, girl needs a big brother/sister (or at the very least a BBGBF) and Blackfish better be good to her. Just to be clear, I love this story and Daudi managed IN HIS FIRST CHAPTER to make me want to hug a crippled OC changeling and keep her safe. I am a Big Brother, Daudi activated my big brother instincts towards a fictional character. The whole previous comment was meant as a complement, not an insult.

“Tries to pry open the shell of”

Sooo, gore?

or an analogy for changeling ppppuussyyyy

I gave you a thumbs up.

Comment posted by Twitch - The Plague Rat deleted May 16th, 2018

I'z ever confused by da concept of tips. I'z pretty sure dey originated from gangsters, or somefink...

I just wanted ta show some of da aspects of a community dat sits by da sea. Oh, goodness me, is dis da reason I 'ave four downvotes already?

Tips are an odd thing. While I understand some need them, I’m not tipping a waitress that might have spit in my food. They’re also not used in other countries. I was taught it was inappropriate in S.korea because it implies the individual isn’t making enough money.

If this never gets a second chapter i will punch at least 1 baby in the face

I've already gotten 1499 words done on the second chapter exactly as I type this.

K ill go put this baby back where i found it, then...

(Btw, the rating will probably eventually change, as will certain, *nudge, nudge,* tags.)

Why not change the rating and add the tags from the start?

Because I'm not entirely sure if it will lead there yet or not. I don't want to promise something that has a small chance of not happening.

Yes! My new favorite couple. I love how your righting this, awesome! Blackfish is the perfect archetype of the gentleman savage, while Ebonfallow is great as the cynical romantic. I love the this story immensely. I have loved this story from the first paragraph and have continued to be fond of it. Your characters are realistic while also having that smutty romantic comedy feel to them. The relationship between the two is, so far developing accurately and your descriptions are superb. Also I loved that you used Ebonfallow's book as a metaphor for the developing relationship . That was superb. I rarely find a story that I can give no criticism towards, this is one such story. Good Job and please continue as you can. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gem with us.

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