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Inspired by Guardsman Sparky's wonderful story, A Matter of Genetics

The Cycle of Life, Death, and Rebirth. Not even the most powerful Pokemon in the world can lift an appendage to alter it, stop it, or even slow it down. A lesson the Genetic Pokemon Mewtwo learns the hard way when the Bringer of Death, Yveltal, emerges to destroy all life on the planet so it can begin anew. And yet, all is not lost for the Pokemon Super-Clone, for the Pokemon God, Arceus and the Order Pokemon, Zygarde, have taken pity on him and offer him a chance at a clean slate. However, there is a catch: he will lose all of his memories, save for his name and mastery of his powers.

Now transformed into a gijinka version of himself, Mewtwo meets Princesses Celestia and Luna, as well as their champions, the Elements of Harmony aka the Mane 6, and is sent to work and live among the inhabitants of Ponyville. Join him as he embarks on adventures with the Elements of Harmony, learns what it's like to fall in love, and be loved in return, face down threats that only he can stop, and try to regain his missing memories.

A Pokemon crossover that starts during "The Return of Harmony Part 2." Contains Twilight Sparkle X Mewtwo, Soarin X Rainbow Dash, and Spike X Rarity. Human and anthro tags for "gijinka" ponies/Pokemon, which I understand to mean humans that retain certain aspects of their original counterparts, such as tails, horns, wings, etc.

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Woooo a mewtwo story i like the idea also i have learned a new word neat

I love Pokemon/MLP crossover and this one sounds promising.

I notice some minor mistakes like missing or extra spaces, but the more noticeable was Spike being depict having wings and no tail and Discord being depict twice.

And also this segment where a word is missing.

Rainbow Dash, who had rainbow-colored that wouldn't look out of place on a punk

Rainbow Dash, who had rainbow-colored hair that wouldn't look out of place on a punk

I really liked the humor that was put into the fight scene; I'm very excited to see where this ride goes! :pinkiehappy:

I don't understand why, in universe, he didn't wipe Discord's mind clear, right off the bat; have you seen the Death Battle between him and Shadow? Right before he snaps his fingers, BAM! No memory of what he was doing, where was was, or anything he could do. From there, Discord could've been left to sit there, for the Mane Six to deal with. Hell, that could've been a jumpstart to his reformation.

Although, now that I think about it, that could've made for a lot more boring fight scene, not to mention a shorter chapter.

8107303 That's about what I figured, anyway. Maybe he, in universe, just didn't think to do it, since he literally just became a self aware, conscious, sapient being, from his perspective...? Admittedly, we're not firing on all cylinders, and thusly, not completely coherent, the moment we wake up.

... Existential lag...? It's like jet lag, but with the bonus of existential crises.

8107303 To put it another way, it's like that moment, after you first become inflicted with retrograde amnesia, and you brain kinda goes, "oh, I'm a thing that exists, and I'm aware of that, so let's press start on that coherent thought app, for our HigherBrainFunction.OS!""

8107153 actually it is rainbow colored mane not hair. They made the same mistake in the pilot episode of mlp when rarity stated Out of my hair? What about your hair?!". (please don't make fun of me for the "fun" fact)


If you read the preface more carefully, you'll learn that they are humans with pony traits and not full blown anthros. So speaking of hair isn't wrong.

Here's a picture of what they mostly look like in this story, so you can have a better representation.

8107340 is the word "gijinka" in the dictionary anywhere? this is the first time i heard the word.

8108274 found the term...also nice first chapter... looking forward to more

Nice idea I like it.

8108063 My apologies I had forgotten they were anthro's

You have a bad habit of using run-on descriptions that don't contribute to an overall style. Case in point:

"Come on, girls, if we can get back to the library, I have a book that I just know will give us a clue!" said one of the unicorns, who, unlike her friends who were currently the same shade of gray as a rock, had a dark blue mane and tail, both of which had a magenta stripe in them, and wore a purple jacket with a magenta starburst on it, underneath which was a white shirt, black pants, and magenta and purple sneakers. This was Twilight Sparkle, and no sooner said this than she was trampled by a gang of bunnies with unusually long legs.

That is way too many details in a paragraph that is only two sentences long.

There's a difference between right description and plenty of description. You've successfully described the physical attributes of Twilight Sparkle, but who the hell cares? And more importantly, why do we need to know that she's wearing what she's wearing? Simply mentioning that she wore a magenta shirt and black pants is enough. No one cares that she wears sneakers.

Before I read this, what is the Gore tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

that song works to dam well for discord to damn well

Well, fun fact: I was consuidering using this for him at one point:

But, in the end, I'm glad I used the one that's in the story.

8127208 the one you went with works better then that one you made a wise choise


This picture only confused me more considering this:

Fluttershy, who was usually seen with a butter yellow coat and a light pink mane and tail

So they have a coat of fur. At least that's what the story says.

Of course I have no idea if they have feet instead of hooves on their legs, or if they have muzzles or not. :rainbowhuh:


Either the author made a mistake or he was talking about a jacket.

Anyway he made a blog to clarify about the term "gijinka" and the image he used is pretty much the same as mine.



Ah, okay. But then the Anthro tag can be misleading considering these are humanized ponies, right? :rainbowhuh:


Well he also did put the Human tag, but the Anthro tag still has its place. When we see Anthro, we think automatically of a being that's 50/50 human-pony, but any proportion still count. Here they're around 90/10 human-pony/pokemon.


I honestly thought the human tag was for the human Mewtwo at first. God, this is causing me a headache. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm used that humanized pony stories don't have an anthro tag, so I was confused by it. And only pony ears to the additional wings and horns seems a bit less for anthro. At least it seemed to me that way. But then again that's probalby a point that can be argued.

...But then again I remember how Twilight wondered what he is. If Twilight looks so human, how exactly can she tell he is different? Sure, the chokehold maybe, but then again Pinkie does crazy stuff all the time. So I'm not sure how Twilight could tell. Just another question that was just popping up. :twilightsheepish:

I demand moar! Naow!!!!! x3

A bit short, but nice to have an update.

Fun fact, Pinkie does drink decaf, cause normal coffee makes her drowsy.

Oh boy, mewtwo better hope he has aura sphere or that weavile will shred him. I do enjoy how this is going also. Not to be picky, but wouldn't a weavile as a human have black skin and red hair?

There are two things I'm wondering about:

First, if they are distrusting of him, why do they believe him when he says he lost his memory. At least Rainbow probably would have doubts, especially considering the timing.

Secondly, Twilight after somehow trusting in his story immediately accepted as Celestia pointed out that he could be very much a really big threat.

So I guess, I'm a bit confused at this whole trust thing. They somehow are distrusting but also trusting of him. It honestly confused me a bit. :twilightsheepish:

Interesting...........go on..........

Comment posted by D4rpylicious deleted Jun 2nd, 2017

Huh... guess Mewtwo wasn't the only one....:trixieshiftright:

Finally it has taken you so long I almost completely forgot about the story

"Trust, but verify," as the old saying goes.

Is this going to be updated anytime soon?

PLEASE tell me this isn't dead?!?:raritydespair::pinkiesad2::applecry::fluttercry::unsuresweetie:

yooo this story do be poggers. Wonder when the next update will come. But do take your time if you are working on it!

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