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This story is a sequel to And Then There Were 10...Er...67

Jason Hughes has changed much during his stay in Asgard. Not only does he rule part of a kingdom but has united two warring races and married two fine mares. Peace rarely ever lasts and things are about to get heavy, especially when parenthood rears its ugly head.

Edited by the ever amazing m2pt5.

** Featured same day as it released on 5/21/15**

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This story is a sequel to Something Sweet to Bite Too

Sunset Shimmer hasn't been sleeping well lately. She doesn't remember her dreams very well when she wakes, but what she does remember is always the same.
She's back in Equestria. Only Equestria is very different from how she left it. The Palace is deserted. The land is a bizarre, twisted, candy coated version of what she remembers. The night never seems to end. And there's something in the dark... Something that laughs and sings, but it's somehow more frightening than the bizarre landscape ever could be.
When Sunset is awake, it's the start of a new year at CHS. The Fall Formal is just around the corner, but she has other things on her mind. Will she discover the truth about her dreams? Or will Halloween bring with it tricks and treats that make her Nightmare Night memories seem pleasant by comparison?

Cover Art by kvernikovskiy

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Tony Stark had everything he wanted in his life. He had his company. He had a carefree life where he could simply enjoy himself and tinker with whatever came to mind...and he was a super hero to boot! He couldn't imagine ever being happier.

And then a rainbow-maned Pegasus foal dropped into his life, and turned it upside down.

Lucky for Tony Stark that the multiverse is much more imaginative than he is.

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Will freely mix several different Iron Man continuities based on what makes the story work best.

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All Dante ever wanted to do was lay back, relax, and - eventually - open and run his devil hunting business. He certainly never wanted to get involved in anything regarding the fate of multiple worlds, power hungry demon lords, insane cultists, and certainly not parenthood.

But then he got a party invitation from his brother...and on the way to the party, he found a tiny orange pony, who proves despite physics to be far more than a handful.
Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: New cover art by sanyo21

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When Wreck-it-Ralph finds a villain character who seems to have gone Turbo, he finds more than a handful in the handful sized sprite.
For one thing, she has no idea what game she comes from.
For another, her code seems completely foreign to the Arcade.
For a third...she's absolutely adorable.
Having only just finished cleaning up after King Candy's mess, this little Nightmare could be a problem...or the greatest blessing Ralph has ever received.
And shadows from the past move behind the scenes...

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: Now with cover art by KittyCoverArt.
Edit: Now with fan art at the end of the first chapter.

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Batman has defeated many foes in his life. The Joker, Two Face, The Riddler, Poison Ivy...just to name a few. However, no matter how hard he tries, there was one foe he could never defeat...Time.

Finally beaten, he admits defeat, ready to give up...

But a tiny white unicorn might have something to say about that. A single word that gives him hope. A legacy. A way for Batman to conquer time itself, even if Bruce Wayne cannot.

That word...is "Father".
Part of the PWNY-verse.

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Kratos...the Ghost of Sparta...

Under the domination of Ares, the God of War, he committed horrid atrocities, including the slaughter of his own wife and daughter...

Visions of what he had done would haunt him all his days...until it brought his days - and his world - to an end...

At least, that's what the fates have decreed await him and Olympus.

But Fate changes sometimes. Some things can't be predicted, even by gods. And this time around, one of those things has found her way to Kratos at the very beginning of his Nightmares.
Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: New Cover Art by Sanyo21!
Edit: New Fan Art by ArkKane!

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It is recommended you read this story in one of the Dark formats in order to better distinguish the colored text of the 'other voices'.

Hey folks! Name's Deadpool!
I thought that was all of us?
It is. He's just introducing us as a single entity.
Will you two idiots be quiet? I'm trying to talk to the readers! Anyway, I know you've all been waiting with bated breath for this story ever since it was announced, and here it is! And it's going to have everything you'd expect of such a story!
Adorable father-daughter bonding moments.
Total babes!
Awkward hilarity.
Not to mention me, Deadpool, the merc with-
Daddy, who are you talking to?
Oh hey Chryssi! Just telling the readers about-
Are you breaking the fourth wall again? I thought you were going to teach me how to do that today.
That's what I'm doing! Say hi to the readers, Chryssi!
You will all love me and despair as I feed upon your adoration to become an unstoppable god!
That's my girl! Hey, wanna read the story with me?
I brought popcorn and chimichangas.
*sniffle* You're the best thing to ever happen to me, Chryssi!

Hey look! We've got cover art now!
Aww, you were so cute at that age!
And I'm not cute now?
Now you're sexy!
We should thank Sanyo21 for the image.
Then I guess I'll throw up a link! Nnnghha! http://www.fimfiction.net/user/sanyo21
...did you really have to literally throw it?
Oh, and for those who don't know yet, this story is part of the PWNY-verse. It's not all about us - even if it should be - but you'll probably enjoy it to-Oh, stop making me a shill already!

Oh, by the way, it's recommended you read this story in Dark or Ultra Dark. Some of the colored text doesn't show up clearly otherwise. Not necessary, but just a suggestion.

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Probably the best story you will ever read. Twilight and the gang engage in an activity at a place at an unspecified time. Some form of emotions and actions ensue and the activity ends at a time that is different from the one where the activity started. Scratch that, definitely the best story you will ever read.

For all you lazy people:

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