Dante's Little Apple Surprise

by Tatsurou

Going For A Ride

After clearing a wide gap on the motorcycle to the next area, they drove into a tunnel area. Magical barriers forced them to abandon the motorcycle as two white wolves of supernatural origin attacked them.

"Dagnabbit!" Applejack snapped. "I didn't even get ta shoot anyone!"

"We barely rode at all," Dante grumbled right back.

The wolves took a lot of damage and moved quite fast. Dante used the speedy strikes of Alastor to keep up with his, while Applejack lassoed hers with Berial while siccing Cerberus on it from her tail. It wasn't long before they went down.

However, before the wolves went down completely, Applejack paused. "Waita minute...I recognize you two! Geri, Freki, it's me! Applejack!"

Both wolves froze and took a closer look at Applejack. After sniffing her for a bit, they both proceeded to lick her mercilessly, making her giggle.

Dante blinked. "You know them?"

Applejack nodded, scratching the wolves ears. "Yup. These two work for Odin. Met 'em back while I was going to school at Kuou Academy. Nice fellas."

"So...what are they doing here?" Dante asked.

The two wolves growled at Cerberus for a time. "They're here as part of the contract Odin signed," Cerberus translated. "Since Applejack signed it too as a witness representing the House of Sparda, the other mythos who signed it are bound to help maintain the stability of the world. Since this is a human manipulating demonic power, that falls under Spardan authority, and these two are here to help us."

"And they attacked us...why?" Dante asked.

"Because they'd only ever seen or smelled Applejack as a humanoid," Cerberus explained. "They didn't recognize her as a pony. Of course, now they're a bit worn out from fighting you both."

Applejack chuckled, scratching their ears again. "It's okay," she replied easily. "It was fun sparring with ya both."

The two wolves panted happily before going to curl up in a corner to recover.

Back up at street level, Dante and Applejack once again fought their way through a wave of lesser demons, still finding nothing a true challenge. To try and spice things up, Applejack decided to see if she could beat the demons by swinging Cerberus with her tail while hopping around on one forehoof. It was rather disappointing when she discovered that she was strong enough to actually do that. Between the propeller effect of Cerberus' spin taking her into the air to the level of the demonic birds and the strength of her tail slamming him into the demons, they went down far too easily.

"I'm bored!" Applejack complained.

"You're not the only one," Dante countered. "Hey Agni! Rudra! Nevan! Cerberus! How about some background music?"

Nevan began to sing, only to be quickly cut off by Dante.

"Some other background music?" Dante begged over Applejack's giggles.

As Nevan deliberately went through more and more embarrassing or inappropriate songs for background music, the pair went back down into the tunnels.

At the other end of the tunnel, they encountered another giant lion-ape blocked their path.

"So, are we going to do a challenge this time?" Dante asked.

"Just kill it,"Applejack grunted. "It's only fun doing that the first time."

Despite the lion-ape being more durable this time around, it went down even faster with the two of them not holding anything back as they tore through it. At one point, Applejack hauled out Sparda, severed the creature's arm from its body, caught it with Berial, and proceeded to bludgeon the creature repeatedly with its own arm while shouting, "Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!"

When the creature fell, Dante raised his eyebrow. "Not fun, huh?"

Applejack chuckled. "Alright. That was a little fun."

Shortly thereafter, they encountered a tank partially consumed by demonic flesh, a large eye locking onto them as the barrel fired a blast that just missed them, exploding a tanker truck.

"That's a new one," Applejack admitted.

Dante grinned widely. "This is going to be fun!"

Unfortunately, the tank didn't prove to be very challenging. Once they were both on top of it, the only trouble was hacking their way through the thick armor to purge the demonic infection. Between Gilgamesh and Beowulf, that didn't take very long.

"That was...disappointing," Applejack pointed out. "It couldn't move very much at all."

Dante sighed. "I was hoping for more."

The same strategy proved effective against the other two infected tanks they encountered, save for having to evade a machine gun on the cockpit of one of them. Once the three tanks were down, they continued onward.

"So much potential there..." Dante mused.

Applejack paused, her ears twitching. "What's that noise?" she asked. "Sounds kinda like 'whum-whum-wum-whum' with a 'chk-chk-chk-chk' undertone."

It wasn't long before Dante heard the noise too. Turning, they saw an infected helicopter coming down from the sky towards them, armed with machine guns, rockets, and aerial maneuverability.

Dante and Applejack both grinned widely. "Bring it on!" they shouted together.

It was at that point they discovered it was armed with something much more dangerous...competent battle strategy. Staying out of range of their guns, it fired one regenerating homing missile at a time, backing it up with machine guns, making sure neither of them had the chance to get in range with any of their weapons.

"Wasn't expecting it to be smart," Dante muttered as they dodged out of the way.

"Up that parking building!" Applejack suggested. "Get it inside where it can't dodge!"

As they made their way up the tall building, Applejack's plan worked. The chopper followed them inside. However, it also set the lower floor on fire, so they had no choice but to keep climbing and delay clashing with it. The fact that its blades - which were visibly razor sharp - filled the center of the building didn't help.

Getting out the top didn't help, as the chopper continued to pursue them across the rooftops, keeping them in its range but staying just out of theirs. "Pa!" Applejack called out. "Why don't you just pull out Pandora and blast it?"

"I need to charge it up!" Dante called back. "Why not hit it with Beowulf's Ray of Light?"

"Same!" Applejack replied. "If I sat still that long, I'd take a rocket to the face, not to mention the backlash from losing control of the charge!"

Eventually, they reached the top of a tall building with pillars at three corners. "You know what?" Applejack snapped. "I'm sick of this! It wants a dog fight?" She charged her magic and two large green mystic circles in the form of squares appeared in front of her. "Let's give it a dogfight!"

Dante rolled his eyes. "I thought we weren't going to use Griffon unless-"

"We do!" Applejack replied. "I'm pissed! Griffon!"

Griffon appeared in his full sized form. "Your command, Mistress?"

Applejack pointed to the infested chopper as it became visible. "Sic!"

Griffon roared as he lunged forward, hitting the chopper talons first.

As Applejack stared at the carnage her familiar wrought, Dante had to admit it was pretty fun to watch. It was a pity that he didn't get to take the chopper down himself...but it was rather hard to play by the rules when the enemy didn't cooperate.