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Dark 19 stories
  • Dark 19 stories Stories that have a very heavy and eerie feeling to them. Usually involves a specific or group of characters that go through sinister and horrible events.
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  • Dark 19 stories Stories that have a very heavy and eerie feeling to them. Usually involves a specific or group of characters that go through sinister and horrible events.

  • Human 10 stories Stories where the characters of My Little Pony have been turned into Humans, an example being like Equestria Girls. That or where humans are sent to the realm of Equestria with either a reason why or for unknown purposes.

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Fluttershy has always been the one out of her friends to have fear constantly claw at her mind and drag her down into its deep abyss. From stage fright to nightmares, Fluttershy cannot escape it. She can only have the compassion of her friends to reassure her and slowly fight fear off.

But one morning, after having a pleasant sleep, she awakens in the majestic castle of Canterlot. At least the ruins of it. She wanders around and tries to find out what happened...

...while being hunted down by fear's true living manifestation.

Chapters (2)

My name is Kyle Stevenson, and I cosplayed as Deadpool for a convention. Little did I know that not only would I find myself in the magical world of Equestria, but I would gain the powers of Deadpool himse—

Wow, would you get a look at this asshole? He thinks he's the shit just because he has some silly widdle healing factor THAT'S NOWHERE NEAR AWESOME AS MINE!

You know, I'm sure he has a life and certainly means well. Perhaps he'll use his powers for good?

Oh! Oh! We're going to kill him for pissing us off, aren't we?

We wouldn't have it any either way.

Boys, I think it's time to lock and load... and show this faker the REAL meaning of chimichangas!

That doesn't make any sense...

Does anything?

Absolutely not!

Note: This story stars ME, the REAL Deadpool! Not some cosplaying fake!

This wonderful story was....

Written by Flint Sparks Deadpool.

Especially helped by D-Lamb
Chrystalis McCloud
Yellow Box
Everyone's favorite sponge: RainbowBob!
White Box

Chapters (4)

A mysterious object is discovered in the night sky above Ponyville, and a radio picks up a strange transmission. A discovery will redefine the history of Equestria and the origins of ponykind.

Something is out there.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to The Legend of Spike: Krazoa Island

Part four of "the Legend of Spike Series."

It has been twenty years since Spike married Rarity and Equestria is on the brink of war. While Equestria prepares to defend itself, Spike falls into another growth spurt induced sleep. As he slumbers, the children of the Mane Six are threatened by an old foe.

Chapters (13)

Seeking redemption, Corvo—a problematic mastermind—helps save Equestria from threats which far surpass the limits of Celestia and Luna; but it all becomes much more difficult than they could ever imagine, escalating into a hopeless, war-like mental chess match.

The comment section below is a spoiler-fest. Ye be warned!

►Fan art right here, done by The Sexy Assistant
►Pre-reader: Bootsy Slickmane

Chapters (17)

After a thousand years imprisoned in the moon Luna has returned but for her those thousand years passed by in a matter of moments. Though the Elements of Harmony have cleansed Nightmare Moon's taint from her heart she is still very much a broken mare. Celestia suggests she write her thoughts down in a diary to help her process what she is going through but what will she see fit to write?

Chapters for this story will be short but will be updated often.
Featured on 6/18/2014 and several times since then. Holy crap you guys are awesome!

Chapters (177)

After having his heart broken, Spike finds himself in a parrallel world. He must race against time as he only has three days to recover a dangerous mask before the moon crashes into the world. Based on the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask by Nintendo.

*Takes place in Season 3 before Magical Mystery Cure.*

The cover image was made by flawlessvictory20.

Chapters (24)

Part 2: Demon Days

Ever since Dante and Vergil’s fateful clash at the Gates of Tartarus, demons have begun running rampant all across Equestria. Now The Elements of Harmony must join forces with the ever estranged sons of Sparda and hunt down the demonic Tartarusians if they hope to restore order to their once peaceful land and return the demon twins back to their world. All the while, a shadow from Celestia and Luna’s past looms dauntingly over the unsuspecting kingdom of Canterlot.

The demon days that lie ahead for Twilight and her friends will bring with them a bloody storm that threatens to resurface the long forgotten, if not slightly altered, history between Equestria and Tartarus.

NOTE: The events of this story take place AFTER the following in their respective order:
- Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening
- Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
- The Season 2 Finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Concept Art and Image made by DROLL3
Pony May Cry Part 2 Title Card

Proofread by Nightmare_0mega

Chapters (29)

You've heard it all before. No matter how hard I try, it all comes out wrong.
Maybe because it all is, isn't it?
I can't give you anything special.
All I can offer to you is my story. Just a log of my time here, patchy, as it is.
I hope that's enough. Read on at your own free will, matters little to me.
I'm sorry, we haven't been introduced.
My name's...

Featured 26/7/14

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The Lunar Rebellion sought to bring Nightmare Moon to power over Equestria, and for two long years, a war was fought for that very purpose. In the end, Nightmare Moon was defeated, but Celestia had become broken. She lost her faith in the ponies that once only knew love, and she walled herself inside her castle at Canterlot.

For five years, no pony had seen or heard from the goddess. In her absence, Equestria falls apart at the seams. Endless skirmishes are fought over petty land disputes. Love and tolerance are gone from the land. Ponies begin to revel in the art of war. When a dangerous threat emerges from the ashes of the Lunar Rebellion, all hope seems gone from the world. But some ponies aren't willing to let Equestria fall.

Four unlikely ponies step up to correct the mistakes of the past. In their quest to restore Equestria, they will learn that through the magic of friendship, all things are possible.

This story is presented as part of the Pony Fiction Writer's Month for September 2011. Enjoy.

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