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Flint Sparks

Who let the dogs out?


My name is Kyle Stevenson, and I cosplayed as Deadpool for a convention. Little did I know that not only would I find myself in the magical world of Equestria, but I would gain the powers of Deadpool himse—

Wow, would you get a look at this asshole? He thinks he's the shit just because he has some silly widdle healing factor THAT'S NOWHERE NEAR AWESOME AS MINE!

You know, I'm sure he has a life and certainly means well. Perhaps he'll use his powers for good?

Oh! Oh! We're going to kill him for pissing us off, aren't we?

We wouldn't have it any either way.

Boys, I think it's time to lock and load... and show this faker the REAL meaning of chimichangas!

That doesn't make any sense...

Does anything?

Absolutely not!

Note: This story stars ME, the REAL Deadpool! Not some cosplaying fake!

This wonderful story was....

Written by Flint Sparks Deadpool.

Especially helped by D-Lamb
Chrystalis McCloud
Yellow Box
Everyone's favorite sponge: RainbowBob!
White Box

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Haven't read it but the description caught mah attention. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

4381340 Sure hope so! Wonder how many people think this is actually a normal cosplay fic, and not a satire. :duck:

I love this.:pinkiesad2:too bad I wasn't apart of it.

Congrats on the fun little fic. Glad I could be of help with your action writing.

Your fight writing still needs some work in a general sense, but it is better than the first draft was, for sure. Just keep what I told you in mind and you'll only get better with time.

Now for the other four members of the Mane 6 to get shipped with celebrities and popular characters! :pinkiesmile:

The chapter name should have been:
( o Y o )

So thanks for that.

I seen 'thatonewriter' in the description and laughed so hard!:rainbowlaugh:

4382206 Goes to show I put effort into this, eh? A thousand whole words just to make a wall of text! :rainbowlaugh:

Wow, that… huh.

So, we done here?

Yeah, must be done here. Roll credits!

This story...
( •_•)
( •_•)>⌐□-□
... is the tits!

You know, this gets better and better, my friend. :moustache:
I don't read Deadpool, but I want to now.

Normally, I wouldn't comment on chapter 3 since I'll comment on chapter 4. But hey, I'm here.

hahaha Hahahahahaha ha haha hahaha (big breath) ....HAAAAAAAAAhHahhaha hahaha haha haaahaha hehehe haaha hee hee.... I can't stop laughing.

where the invisible people where when they laughed at jokes.

Many editors
Very skill
Still err
~Dash The Stampede

Comment posted by Ember Q Discordia deleted May 13th, 2014

This is awesome! Definitely make more and a sequel!

Oh boy! I love lesbians!
Who doesn’t?

Who doesn't. Homosexuals. people with other fetishes. Straight women.

Alabaster is a name applied to varieties of two distinct minerals, when used as a material: gypsum and calcite.

I...I think I'm about to break my personal rule of not faving or liking anything in the lohav...


Because this is exactly what I was hoping for.
I shall grope them forever!
~Dash The Stampede

Deadpool + pinkie pie= badassery and fourth wall being broken :yay:

This story had me in tears. Thank you for this hilarious story.

4384284 Meh, thought it was funny that I've found you here.

Okay... after the thesis on titties, I didn't think I could get any weirder... then you shoot Solaire of Astora in the head... can I have your babies?

:rainbowkiss: :rainbowlaugh: Oh my Celestia! Hahahahahahahahaha! Man Flint, you (and whoever edited this) have simply outdone yourself. Loved every single moment of it. I should see what that text says and what you meant by "Boobies". This is going to be one for the books. :rainbowlaugh: :twilightsmile:

I read this story and liked it...
There are (were) 69 likes...
Deadpool y u so silly?

Flint Sparks. You damned traitor. You should know never to stir a hornet's nest!

*sigh* Don't kill me, but i'm named after that yellow asshole.
Also, spiderman's in that video.

:rainbowlaugh: This is hilarious. I know next to nothing about Deadpool, but I knew what was going on the moment I saw the pink text.
Also: I can't wait to see how the ninja turns up in that final chapter. :pinkiehappy:

I got hundreth like xD good story reguardless of the forth wall demolition

Oh boy! I love lesbians!
Who doesn’t?

Lesbians are neato!

And, like, through some lame deus ex machina the magic of friendship, they somehow gained the powers of their costume.

Gods, imagine this happening at a real convention. So many Deadpools, or worse...Homestuck trolls *shivers*

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