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This story is a sequel to The Legend of Spike: Krazoa Island

Part four of "the Legend of Spike Series."

It has been twenty years since Spike married Rarity and Equestria is on the brink of war. While Equestria prepares to defend itself, Spike falls into another growth spurt induced sleep. As he slumbers, the children of the Mane Six are threatened by an old foe.

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Welcome to the epilogue of the Legend of Spike Series. I'm planning on making the short story about ten chapters or so long. The central chapters will be focused on the next generation of characters.

It will be sad to see Spike's generation end after seeing him go through so many awesome adventures but I guess it had to happen sooner or later. I only hope he at least has a child with Rarity (or adopted one) to live up to all the great things he has done. Anyway cant wait to see what you have in store for fun. :moustache:

Do not despair. I purposely made a twenty year gap between the wedding and this story just in case if I ever wanted to do another another story. I'm already thinking of a possible Legend of Spike Part 4. Here's a hint, the three main stories of the series are based on video games. So, which one am I thinking about? :rainbowdetermined2:

Well I do hope that Spike has a kid, by blood or adopted. Though it looks like any family it has tensions and Star wants to prove himself while stepping out of his parents' and friends shadows.

Dang I am not sure how to react to that if I can be honest. Well if I'm right we are going to have one heck of a ride. Hey diablo if you want you can adopt my new night saga story on fanfiction.net I lost inspiration and frankly I lost track of the plot. Just rename the main villain of it nox at least darkness void doesn't sound as good as nox void. I think you can do a better version of what I have so far. I will at least finish my current arc on it before officially putting it up for adoption.

When they make it to Spike and Rarity's daughter, I would be comforted if we know that she can reproduce as well. I have seen some stories where the offspring is infertile, like a mule. I want to see the Legend becomes a Legacy: where all hybrids into the future can trace their rbeginnings to the firs dragon/pony couple--Sparity.

What is foreshadowed--All I can say is eventually I would like for Spike to see his successor, even the ones that are dozens of generation in the future in person. Everypony needs to know where ther come from.

Actually, Spike and Rarity are not the first dragon/pony couple in my series. In the Legend of Spike: Krazoa Island, I made a back story about the Hearts and Hooves Day historical Prince and Princess.
Here's what I posted earlier on that story:

In my headcanon, the prince was a pegasus and the princess was a unicorn. The image of the prince and the princess from Twilight's in Hearts and Hooves Day changes each time you see it.
The first time you see it, you can only see their heads and they don't have horns.
The second time, you can still only see the prince's head, but you can now see the princess's back and she has wings and a horn. Since I assume they were from different kingdoms, it had to been before the founding of Equestria. There probably weren't any alicorns before Celestia and Luna, so the princess was most likely just a unicorn. Also, the unicorns definitely had royalty before the Hearths Warming Story. I made the prince a pegasus because the ingredients of the love poison (cloud, rainbow, and a pegasus feather) are all pegasi related. Also, in both pictures you can only see his head and he doesn't have a horn, making him either an earth pony or a pegasus. The legend also mentioned the kingdom falling, so I used this to show how the pegasus nation became a military state. Since he used a love potion on her and it eventually wore off, I doubt they had a happy ending together.

There's also the line Sweetie Belle said from the episode:

Sweetie Belle: Well, there's something here about a dragon, the kingdom falling, chaos reigning...



Completely forgot about that......You're right. Spike found this out when he was conversing with the Elder Dragon from the story. the Elder told him that he was in love with a pony, and she him...also told that it was possible to reproduce---just that it was rare because normally a dragon and an equine were not compatible. Something about the inherent magic of dragons and unicorn magic combined with true love made it possible for the two to conceive and have a kirin.

Thanks for the head's up!!!!:twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

And though it won't have any real importance to this story, I'd imagine that a kirin would be fertile.


Speaking of that story, since this is 20 years after Krazoa Island, did Spike share to Twilight and the others about the true Hearts and Hooves story as well as his thoughts about it? I know Twilight would be downright giddy knowing something that historical. Not to mention I doubt Celestia nor Luna would hear the true story...

I'd imagine that he has told them. I plan on referencing it a bit.

Is spike gonna have a major role in this or will he just be sleeping while the children do some adventuring?

I don't want to give too much away, but the story's style is that the central chapters will be focused on the mane six's kids; one per chapter. Since this is an epilogue, it's mainly to show what has happened over the past twenty years. Each chapter will be a little slice of life for each of the new characters with a connecting story arc. Each of these chapters will begin with Spike dreaming about an event that happened during the twenty year gap and that will introduce the new characters. These dream scenes will be told from Spike's point of view then the story will shift to the present time and be told from the new characters' point of view. However, Spike plays a crucial part in the central conflict of the story.

In short, yes Spike will be in every chapter but he won't interact with the characters in the present time until the climax.

With this said, should I add a "Slice of Life" tag? Also, should I add the villain's character tag or should I keep it a secret? I mean, it does say that an old foe would be returning in the story's description.

Nice update and great usage of Fluttershy's animal solutions/job//hobby in this chapter. :yay:

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale like this one as I cannot wait to see what happen with Spike and Rarity's kids learn of their dad's draconic nature.

I didn't realize Dragons were omivores... :rainbowhuh: I always thought they were just carnivores. :rainbowlaugh: I need to catch up on some of my dragon info. :pinkiegasp:

Oh and the ending part of this chapter was hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

“I didn't realize she was in Canterlot.”

“Yes, she went to visit Midnight at school. They'll both come down for the birthday before the weekend.”

“You know what that means,” Spike said with a mischievous smile on his face as the reached the front door of their home. “We have the house to ourselves and I can spare a few minutes.”

“Oh, you are incorrigible,” Rarity laughed.

It's nice to see that Spike does eat meat and he and Rarity do have a kid. Plus good thinking having Fluttershy figure it out. Hopefully this sleep won't be too long they will probably need him. Though I wanted Spike fight along side Twilight against Teirk.

In the show, Spike often eats gems and anything a pony can eat. In Applebuck Season, he ate and enjoyed a muffin filled with worms. With that begin said, he can eat just about anything, making him a true omnivore. Also, in Dungeons and Dragons, dragons are also depicted as being able to eat anything, though each type has a preferred food.

So, you think the "old foe" is going to be Tirek. That makes me curious. Who does everyone else think is going to be the returning villain?

4397505 Not really, I would have loved to see Spike and Twilight fight side by side against Tirek in the S4 finalie.

Sorry, I misunderstood your comment. Yes, I would have loved to see Spike fight along Twilight in the season four finale as well, but it was another Twilight being the hero moment. But now I'm curious, who do you think is going to be the returning villain in this story?

4397794 In my opinion it would either Chysalis or Tirek. Those two are the only one's that are most possibly still around for a comeback.

Comment posted by DX-1118 C deleted May 19th, 2014

Why am I not surprise that assholeness is genetic. I just hope the Element's children knows how to fight.

It also comes from his upbringing. Blueblood wasn't exactly the best role model.

If anyone out there has any artistic ability, I would be grateful if they could draw the children of the Mane Six. I could use the Pony Creator on deviantart, but I'll be limited to what I could do with them and I can't use it to make Amethyst. To help you get a better idea of what she looks like, she kind of looks like this: 3.bp.blogspot.com/-Xlb8YMCFKWQ/TiemqPM_qhI/AAAAAAAAE5Q/Qilb4KZICRg/s1600/img-yan_kirin_girl.jpg
Except her eyes are green, she only has one curved horn coming out of her forehead, she has external ears, purple hair, rounded purple spines on her back, no spikes on her chin or jaw, no mustache, and a cutie mark.

What a surprise, who knew that evilness and snobbish ways run in the family Blueblood's.

Great update and interesting bonding moment between Midnight and Amethyst. Make me wonder how the other children if the Elements are like. :rainbowhuh:

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale like this one.

Narcissus...what an asshole! Hope he gets his just deserves. :ajbemused: Feel bad the others have to put up with such crap. (Oh and I love the story by the way, so cool)! :pinkiehappy: Can't wait to see what happens next...hahahahahah!


Make me wonder how the other children if the Elements are like. :rainbowhuh:

We will see them throughout the next few chapters, one for each of them. This one was Amethyst, daughter of Rarity, and the next one will be Midnight, daughter of Twilight Sparkle.

P.S. I guess it's obvious who the villain is going to be. Should I go ahead and add their character tag?

Red-colored mare?...heh heh heh... Renny Field. In that case...

Releasing Control Art Restriction to level three...two...one...

Situation A. The Cromwell Approval is now in effect...

Hold release until target is silenced.

I'm glad you recognized Renny Field, but do you also recognize the other pony she was with?

4429066 Not really. It's been a while since I read your Dracula story.

Give it another look and tell me once you've figured it out.

4430345 I give up. Who is it?

It's Gum Shoe, one of the inspectors.

4431386 Oh yeah, I forgot that Renny Field had apparently set her sights on the detectives at the end of the story.


I cheated.....:applecry::applecry: I saw it in the comments, but I did reread LOS: Dracula to see Renny Field. I kinda figured that she's still around even though her master has .....ahem, bit the dust. :trollestia:....and reading that I saw Gum Shoe's description. I'm not surprised that Field has another mare as her slave----it's obvious that the guys were no more than walking dildos useless as the tools there were.

......what mare in her sound dignity would fuck Blueblood?? Even a slut has standards.....apparently not, since Narccisus exists....:pinkiesick::pinkiesick:

Yes, Clue Finder and Cold Case were nothing more than vampire chow. After they served their purposes, Lady Crimson (formerly known as Renny Field) finished them off, but she made Gum Shoe a vampire.

I can see why that spell is forbbiden, that could open a lot of doors that are better left closed.

Anypony get the feeling that somepony other than Midnight have figured how to cast that spell? We saw how it was cast, who did it at first, and we also understand why that particular spell was essentially banished from modern use [seems likes it's a form of forbidden magic].

It's not necessarily forbidden. Twilight saw the potential harm it could do, so she shelved it. The only ponies who knew about it are the Princesses.

So far, we've seen Amethyst and Midnight. That's two down and four to go. Next time, we'll be introduced to Sour Apple.

Love the spell... that was also a terrific chapter. :pinkiehappy: Feel bad for what Midnight saw though, must've been scary, seeing what the Nightmare did to Luna. :ajsleepy:

Feel bad for Luna. She's the one that has to live with it.

Great chapter and nice clearing up which child is which between Twilight and Sparity's kid.

It also seems that some emotional wounds never heal, even thru the passage of time. :fluttercry:

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale as I cannot wait to see what's next in this story of yours.

They say that time heals all wounds, but what happens when those wounds were formed over eons? If you liked this chapter, just wait and see what I have in store for the next chapter: Sour Apple. It's going to be emotional as well.

4453047 That is true. I also feel bad with what she has to live with. :fluttershysad:

There are somethings that should be kept silent between famiies, the beat down of Cider Apple seems like one of them....because when you mess with family, you messede with everyone in thwe family. :ajbemused:

Great update and nice insight on not only the birth of Applejack's daughter, but also the reason why Sour Apple is so silent at times. A truly heartbreaking moment within the Apple family. thank goodness that Granny wasn't alive to see it. :ajsleepy:

Still it was an informative update to the storyline and I cannot wait to see more of this tale of yours.

It also seems that AJ may have inherit or learn some of Pinkie's tricks. :ajsmug:

Speaking of Pinkie Pie, will her kids sort of breach the 4th wall during the storyline...since they know about it ?

Keep up the good work upon such a great storyline like this one.

Damn. That was heavy...

Sour Apple is his name, and most likely his personality, but to my eyes, it's more bittersweet then sour. We all can see that he's had to grow up quickly, and since Machintosh has a family of his own to take care of other than Applejack, Sour's taking to the "Big Mac :eeyup:" role of being the stallion of the family, not just for his mother, but for his little sister as well. And as much as he has help from his family, both blood and extended, I can't help but hope that there will be a time where something, or should I say somepony :raritywink: is there to sweeten that tart bite. Sour's too young to let things that get to him that he ultimately didn't control. He did the right thing to stand up for his and his sister's mother.

I'm right pleased that the men for how they settled the score with Cider though. Beat the shit out of him because he deserved it. And humilitating him by by catching him rutting another mare and dragging him into the street where everypony can see it with there own eyes. Surprised that despite Cider was sent to prison for his assaults against Applejack, none of the males were even questioned about their "involvement". Neither did the Mane6. That could potentially set a dangerous precedent for future encounters, but it looks that all the Mane6, their husbands, and their children are graced with diplomatic and royal immunity from Celestia and Luna for their numerous deeds and acts of heroism to Equestria and its allies.

Again, I do hope that there is potentially somepony for him---a female (or a male if you happen to state that he's a coltcuddler, I doubt it) that will show him that it's okay to smile again......isn't that another hint?:pinkiesmile:

First comment..
And how is tank still alive?

Tank's likely to outlive them all, except maybe Spike, barring exceptional circumstances. Some breeds of tortiose can live for up to 150 years.


Hey, considering the timeline if this story, will we see Pee-Wee the Phoenix anywhere in this story ? :rainbowhuh:

Also, nice intro to Posey and nice reminder of the old G1 Posey that was inspired into the Fluttershy of today. :yay:

Nice intro to Surprise as well, as she's a mixture of her mother and her old G1 self, but I wonder if any if Pinkie's kids will try to "talk" to the audience/reader of this story ? :pinkiegasp:

There are somethings that are kept a secret and the arrest of Cider Barrel is one of them.

Hmm, are the Changelings involved in this tale ? :unsuresweetie:

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great story.

Great chapter!

Introduction to Posey was very nice. :yay:

Surprise's entry into the story made me laugh pretty damn hard, not to mention her fourth wall moment when she replaced the idea light-bulb with a dead one. :pinkiehappy:

And that last chilling sentence. I bet we all remember who this is.

As she thought about their plan which would unfold in a few days, a song came to mind. “This day is going to be perfect...”

Man, such an awesome job Diablo, keep up the good work and suspenseful story telling! :twilightsmile:

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