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You're stupid pretty. I'm pretty stupid.


You've heard it all before. No matter how hard I try, it all comes out wrong.
Maybe because it all is, isn't it?
I can't give you anything special.
All I can offer to you is my story. Just a log of my time here, patchy, as it is.
I hope that's enough. Read on at your own free will, matters little to me.
I'm sorry, we haven't been introduced.
My name's...

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Wow talk about walking through a mine field with all that future knowledge. This is so great work keep it up

I love the idea of you being in past equestria. Just remember that if you are trying to do canon then you cant have twilight. As for Applejack I can't wait to see what you have planned :pinkiehappy:

Brilliant. Bring out the next chapter post-haste! :twilightsmile:

Just thought I'd give bronies somethin' different and I know, trust me, I've thought this fic through

2599067 Can't wait to see how it goes then :twilightsmile:


I've read a lot and never seen a pre-season 1 HiE story. Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to more of Kyle's adventures as he grows up around these ponies.

will the ponies be fillies the whole fic or will you fast forward a few years later on?

oh, and applejack is best pony

"I'm thinking...of running away" she said in a hushed voice.


Keep up with me and you'll find out :rainbowwild:


2595021 he cant have rainbow dash and fluttershy because i believe they live in Cloudsdale and Pinkie still lives in the Rock farm
Wow he can only have Applejack and Rarity....

Hey, mate:ajbemused: look at the cast, I've got this sorted:twilightsmile:


2614194 Applejack is gonna leave soon and if she doesn't something could change and she could get a different Cutie mark if things dont follow how they're supposed to.


:C Apple Jack why you do dis to me... him...? Kyle...

I woulda picked goku. Dbz is the most badass thing the world will ever know.

Well, as far as first impressions go, he's not been blasted by a startled unicorn or bucked... er, yet. Maybe he should have kept AJ with him. Oh well, too late now. The dice have been rolled...

Good going so far. I know how you feel. I'm in year nine too, writing a fic too and I will tell its a bitch. Plus I also have cadets. Never have enough free time. You're doing better than me. Keep it going and your writing is really good. I look forward to the next chapter. :)

Comment posted by Kickback deleted Jun 22nd, 2013

:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp: I have a idea mmmaybe kyles not the pervert but lyra is!!!!
or he somehow saw his own future in his dream

Just curious...

Why can't I read the latest chapter?!

This is such a good story... I really want to keep reading.


Cause I accidentally hit the publish button before it was finished...now I'm finishing it...course, I can't say WHEN it'll be up for all to see but now you know and knowing is half the battle:twilightsmile:

You've got an interesting story so far, and I like the potential Lyra romance angle, but there's one or two things that really need work. Namely, this:

I noticed her mane was baron of her hat

I was baron of anything but the clothes on my back.

I'm seeing way too much (mis)use of the word "baron" when you mean "barren" (this also occurs several more times in the previous chapters). Not only is the word usage wrong, but you keep using the same phrase over and over again. It gets a little grating after a while. Try to come up with some different ways of describing what it's like when someone is lacking something you'd expect to be in their possession.

For instance the first sentence above could be rewritten as "I noticed that her mane was missing its trademark Stetson," while the second sentence could be better stated as "I had nothing but the clothes on my back."

Just a friendly suggestion. If that's okay with you.

Doesn't seem like this story will be getting iffy anytime soon. This is the best chapter in this story so far. I hope to seen no more hiatus on this.

Awesome, great chapter can't wait for the next. :pinkiehappy:

another good chapter. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Dude. First the Alex mercer story with Kickback and now this? Wow you write stuff I like. Amazing story and I hope I see more soon.

All I can think about is who all he is gonna meet since all the ponies from the show are kids

Do...do you miss her, sometimes?" I asked. Celestia spun around to look at me, questioningly.

Time jump?

Or will he get the powers of...

Killing spree...

“Alright, I’ll stand over here and I'll stand over there” Are you a wizard?:rainbowderp:

2962795 dude I fucking love you right now(no homo). That is an amazing song and if you hadn't posted it I would have.

Love this story! Can't wait for more!

2962768 Kinda what I wanted :pinkiecrazy:
2962795 *Sniff* :pinkiesad2:
2963483 No, this is NOT Natural Selection :facehoof:
2964266 'ppreciate it, mate, :twilightsmile:

awwww tis a sad day :pinkiesad2: good so far :D

Once Celestia finds out just how much Kyle knows of Equestria and Ponyville, will she choose to not press him for future knowledge? The MLP stuff will get spilled eventually and if anyone can handle the meta-knowledge, she could. In a self-fulfilling prophesy kind of way, Kyle might be the reason Celestia always seems to know how to nudge the Mane 6 into being at the right place or doing the right thing. Or history, in any dimension, is simply too big for a single human to change it (get over yourself Kyle, you're not that important) so anything he does will happen as it's supposed to, irregardless. Mmm, what's that called? Knowing the future but being unable to do anything about it? Oh yeah, the Cassandra complex.

And while being utterly immune to magic sounds kind of neat, it's a two-edged sword. He's also immune to it's healing effects as well. I wonder if this extends to alchemy? Heck, Kyle might make for a nifty cockatrice hunter seeing as how the chickensnake can't petrify him at all and he could stomp through poison joke all day without any ill effects since it's magic too. Timberwolves, manticores and hydras would still be deadly with their physical attacks though.

Hmmmm :moustache:
Thankyou for that, gives some food for thought :twilightsmile:


Augh! The author's a changeling! There're everywhere! Aieee! :pinkiegasp:

Kyle might be immune to you Changelings too, about as mind-controllable as a rock and immune to love stealing magic. No offense meant, Tom. Tho, levitating Tom and using it to squish Kyle like a bug is still doable.
Owch. :fluttershyouch:

Kyle's disconnection from magic is the worst disability anything could have in Equestria, far more than Scoot's small wings or even a unicorn's horn cut off. Sounds a bit like dark matter. We know it's there, comprises 90% of all matter, and it holds galaxies together but we can't interact with it at all.

the dream part with rainbow dash reminds of saw

also keep up the good work


i didnt like that dream to much.......

Comment posted by Kickback deleted Aug 8th, 2013

Kyle hasn't figured it out yet. Luna could no more dreamwalk in his head than he could levitate an apple. He's a dead zone as far as Cadance and Luna are concerned. I bet changelings would find him as nourishing as a rock too, no matter how much he might love a bug-pony. He'll have to face those night-daemons on his own sadly.

The nightmares and rather intimate dreams will be explained in full, they're all lucid, so that's why they're that intensely detailed and memorable. :twilightsmile: I appreciate the educated assumptions, mate :ajsmug:

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