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  • Random 16 stories Stories where a Random event occurs, unexplainable to the characters themselves. Meant for either weird or funny purposes.
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My name is Kyle Stevenson, and I cosplayed as Deadpool for a convention. Little did I know that not only would I find myself in the magical world of Equestria, but I would gain the powers of Deadpool himse—

Wow, would you get a look at this asshole? He thinks he's the shit just because he has some silly widdle healing factor THAT'S NOWHERE NEAR AWESOME AS MINE!

You know, I'm sure he has a life and certainly means well. Perhaps he'll use his powers for good?

Oh! Oh! We're going to kill him for pissing us off, aren't we?

We wouldn't have it any either way.

Boys, I think it's time to lock and load... and show this faker the REAL meaning of chimichangas!

That doesn't make any sense...

Does anything?

Absolutely not!

Note: This story stars ME, the REAL Deadpool! Not some cosplaying fake!

This wonderful story was....

Written by Flint Sparks Deadpool.

Especially helped by D-Lamb
Chrystalis McCloud
Yellow Box
Everyone's favorite sponge: RainbowBob!
White Box

Chapters (4)

Princess Twilight Sparkle was flying with Rainbow Dash when she gets stuck in the sky.

...and this fic is the fic that pierced Twilight's Library on 7/20/2014!

Chapters (1)

Being the sensible farmpony that she is, Applejack knows that spiders are nothing to be afraid of. Fluttershy herself would tell her that. But that still didn't stop her from harboring a deep-seeded fear of those eight-legged critters. And when Fluttershy's spiders escape their homes, Applejack starts seeing them everywhere.

She promptly freaks out and runs away.

Chapters (1)

The Alicorn Amulet twists its wearer into madness and megalomania. Nopony can wear it without repercussions, both for themselves and others. Nopony is safe. Nopony is exempt.

Still, nopony expected him.

Chapters (1)

Princess Twilight Sparkle, in a bout of anger, flips a table.

This quickly escalates.

Now with a Youtube reading!
Thanks to Captainbron3y

Chapters (1)

After a strange awakening, a concerning shower, and a rough scrubbing with a loofah, Twilight Sparkle finds herself with a new palette of colors. And she thinks she knows who’s responsible…

A collab with CosmicAfro! Check out his page!

Coverart provided by the wonderful ArgonMatrix!

So this red and black alicorn fic got accepted into Twilight’s Library on 8/30/2014. Madness, I say.

Chapters (1)

Now with 23% more sequel!

Twilight and her friends all get together for a sleepover, looking forward to some well deserved downtime. Discord arrives, standing outside in the rain, pleading for entrance and to come in out of the weather. Twilight Sparkle insists that this is a mares only sleepover, so Discord does the only thing he can do, doing the unthinkable to gain entry.

Once inside, Discord, now Eris, tries to bond with the mane six and learn the magic of friendship.

The mane six fail to take into account the magic of Discord.

Now featured on April 16th, 2014. Thank you all so very much!

Chapters (5)

Rainbow Dash accidently pranks Princess Celestia. Her life is basically over.

Cover art by Thresha8

Chapters (15)

Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Big Macintosh meet in the kitchen one early morning to discuss something. Applejack, however, finds that this news is a little unsettling, despite Pinkie's attempt to be rational about things. Then again, we are talking about Pinkie's idea of rationality...

[Rated Teen & Sex tag for sexual innuendos only... your imagination may fill in the blanks...]

Read along with Mr. Afro Pony! Thanks, Afro!

Special Thanks to those at Twi's Library!

Chapters (2)


Rainbow Dash writes a novel and challenges Twilight to proofread it. Twilight accepts the challenge and gets to work. Unfortunately, Twilight is met with a piece of literature so terrible, that she can't even find the heart to tell Rainbow Dash how terrible it is. What will be the outcome of this short adventure?

Please note that the comedy in this story is a bit bland, due to the fact that it wasn't supposed to be a comedy when I first began writing (I know right?). This is just a stupid idea I had one night. It's one of those one-shot stories. Make it happen, people!

Chapters (1)