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After a thousand years imprisoned in the moon Luna has returned but for her those thousand years passed by in a matter of moments. Though the Elements of Harmony have cleansed Nightmare Moon's taint from her heart she is still very much a broken mare. Celestia suggests she write her thoughts down in a diary to help her process what she is going through but what will she see fit to write?

Chapters for this story will be short but will be updated often.
Featured on 6/18/2014 and several times since then. Holy crap you guys are awesome!

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So far this is a cool idea. If I could add a little opinion... I would like to see Luna's difficulty in learning the new language. Such as modern abbreviations. A little humour to dissect the dark would be ideal. Of course just a thought. Enjoying it!:twilightsmile:

2842170 I din't know how much humor i'll do mainly because i'm not very good at it. I will try to do what i can with the modern language transition and hopefully what I've written so far is 'ye olde' enough to not make that seem out of place. thanks for reading and for the comment.

2841931 If this gets featured i might just die of happiness!

So sad, I really feel for Luna. Based on the dark tag, I suppose this won't have a happy ending.

Celestia is being very cruel to Luna concidering she was so glad to have Luna back. I hope she becomes nicer to Luna soon.
Great work and update soon.

Thy Princess.

you have my interest, fascinating work here

Yuhoh. No no nooo, Twilight is for making friends with~~! :raritydespair:

MOAR!!!!!!!....if thats ok with you....:fluttershyouch:

I am starting to get angry with this version of Celestia. Why is she so distrusting?

Hold on Luna. You can get your night back.

I completly agree! She's treating Luna like a little child. It's been annoying me for a while now, concidering she was so glad to get Luna back she's being very cruel to her.

Your grammar.....I just read all chapters so far, and the atrocity that is your sentence structure and punctuation hurts to read.

Ooh drama. I'm intreiged as to where this is going.

Love "Celestia is total bitch" stories. They please me :pinkiecrazy:

Some of the comments do seem to simplify the ups and downs of Celestia and Luna's relationship. That Celestia=Wrong and Luna=Victum is both too simple and kind of wrong. Celestia being over protective and a bit dismissive is understandable, she ruled alone for a thousand years. She's afraid of losing her sister again and Luna is stranger in a strange land. The first few months of Luna's return logically would be filled with mistakes, missteps and misunderstandings. And of course Luna would be angry and vent in her diary. there are things I think work about the structure of this "story", so I'm not saying I don't like the story, I DO! The idea of Celestia needing to learn to accept that Luna isn't going anywhere and that she needs to start treating her like and equal appeals to me, the idea that she wouldn't learn these things or understand she needed to how ever doesn't strike me as part of her character. I'm asking other bronies out their to not condemn Celestia so easily, I propose that she's much more complex than Tyrantlestia or Trollestia

I hadn't even though about what had happened to Nightmares army. You very cleverly keep making me think about things like this. I take my crown off to you.

Am I the only one that feels Luna should just go and slap her sister? :duck:

Ahh once again Luna gets a face full of "Times have changed drastically in 1000 years". And of course is this good or is it bad? So much for Luna has to change about how she handles things, and getting Celestia to do the same (though many how Tia handles Luna herself)

second paragraph repeats itself. keep up the good stuff

There have been a scattering of assassination attempts, none of which met any measure of success. though if any would-be assassin made it past the guard they would find themselves very much unable to harm her. It seems even a ruler as lighthearted as Celestia will have a few attempts made on her life, though if any would-be assassin made it past the guard they would find themselves very much unable to harm her.

Also, I'm assuming by this story's canon the guards in It's About Time will have spears because Luna gave them to them?

What has become of Equestria?

I am liking this story, and your frequent updates.
I really don't mind the short chapters - the anticipation & change between 'diary entries' works well for your story.

2917787 thanks for the catch I was trying to decide where that sentence should go while I was uploading and I guess I put it both places:derpytongue2:
2918341 thanks to you too. Yes Luna will be the one to give the guards the spears they are seen with.

Not if Celestia keeps refusing to let Luna do anything.

Humm wonder how many of the ideas that Celestia used to create modern Equestia are actually Luna's ideas Celestia ignored 1000 years ago? Not realizing how smart her littler sister was until she lost her.

Poor Luna. Celestia still loves her but is sorta waving Twilight in her face.

"Me and sister" should probably be rephrased as "My sister and I"

.....what the Harvest Feast has become.

This wasn't renamed to Nightmare Night by any chance was it?

And quite the shift in Luna's persona over the last 4 chapters.
She really is coming to terms with (her sister's) New Equestria.

Ooh Luna is having dark thoughts! Stay strong Luna!

Cello = drinking horn... Alright.

Maybe this is why she moved to Ponyville.

Poor Luna, missing out on proper winter weather. If you have clouds, that means it's too warm. When the temperature drops to -20 and all the moisture has frozen out of the air, laying instead in a metre-thick layer of snow on the ground, leaving a crisp night sky with perfect visibility - that's beautiful.

This is a beautiful chapter.
+1 for Luna's winter nights!

A mock battle would be valuable for both the Lunar and Solar guard, the Lunar guard learning restraint Solar and the Solar guard learning tactics from the Lunar. Celestia and Lunar ideally should act as part of a single government and the Solar and Lunar guard should act as a single army. The way things ought to be verses the way things are is a great conflict for Luna to lament on, comment on, and learn from.

The first comment was so serious and clever. My response was yay! Snowball fight! I hope Lulu wins :)

"YOU ARE A STUPID BRAT BUTT TIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps just joking, but bring me a pizza or ELSE!:flutterrage:

I remember my first tenant

Unless she was actually taught this by somepony renting a room from her, you probably mean "tenet".

I know he possesses neither subtly nor battlefield experience.

"subtly" is an adverb, you want the noun "subtlety".

Kick her flank Luna!!

Thanks for the catch.

Awww yeah go Luna! WOOT WOOT LUNAAAAA! :pinkiehappy:

Woo, go Luna!

I do so enjoy an olden-time Luna, when blood flowed as thick and often as wine and brutality was the only worthwhile currency.

Keep this up!


Celestia shall be defeated! Victory shall be great and she shall kneel as loser!

i can see this ending badly...again....

Very well done. Seems like someone actually understands Luna :pinkiegasp:

Is it just me, or is Luna taking this snowball fight a bit too seriously?

2987849 True, this level of seriousness should be reserved for pillow fights.

You forgot the part where you have fun Luna. That is the whole point of the exercise.:pinkiesad2:

Well this is pre-Luna Eclipsed the poor thing has yet to take the stick out of her plot and learn to relax and be personable with her subjects. Same goes with the Night Guard I'd think, despite their victory over the Solar Guard I'll bet they feel strangely unsatisfied. It wasn't meant to be a purely tactical exercise but a way to unwind and have fun, even soldiers need to have fun.

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