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Human 10 stories
  • Human 10 stories Stories where the characters of My Little Pony have been turned into Humans, an example being like Equestria Girls. That or where humans are sent to the realm of Equestria with either a reason why or for unknown purposes.
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  • Human 10 stories Stories where the characters of My Little Pony have been turned into Humans, an example being like Equestria Girls. That or where humans are sent to the realm of Equestria with either a reason why or for unknown purposes.

  • Random 16 stories Stories where a Random event occurs, unexplainable to the characters themselves. Meant for either weird or funny purposes.

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Dragons. Beings with incredible power and fire, yet most of them are peaceful creatures. But some of them have not accepted the peace. Some of them are as savage as they come. And with a dark force that sits behind the shadows and pulls the strings of these ferocious beast, chaos and destruction will come for all ponies. Desperate and afraid, Twilight uses her magic to reach out across time and space to find the greatest dragon fighter known to history!

That is not who she gets.

I own nothing. Written after season four and HTTYD 2. And despite what the title says, there will be no ponified characters.

Chapters (30)

My name is Kyle Stevenson, and I cosplayed as Deadpool for a convention. Little did I know that not only would I find myself in the magical world of Equestria, but I would gain the powers of Deadpool himse—

Wow, would you get a look at this asshole? He thinks he's the shit just because he has some silly widdle healing factor THAT'S NOWHERE NEAR AWESOME AS MINE!

You know, I'm sure he has a life and certainly means well. Perhaps he'll use his powers for good?

Oh! Oh! We're going to kill him for pissing us off, aren't we?

We wouldn't have it any either way.

Boys, I think it's time to lock and load... and show this faker the REAL meaning of chimichangas!

That doesn't make any sense...

Does anything?

Absolutely not!

Note: This story stars ME, the REAL Deadpool! Not some cosplaying fake!

This wonderful story was....

Written by Flint Sparks Deadpool.

Especially helped by D-Lamb
Chrystalis McCloud
Yellow Box
Everyone's favorite sponge: RainbowBob!
White Box

Chapters (4)

When the gym class teacher breaks her leg during a martial arts session, Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna have to turn to someone they didn't want to turn to from the beginning.

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman.

Rated 'TEEN!(?)'
Expect swearing. Lots and LOTS of swearing, and also sexual humour.
Set within the Equestria Girls universe. Set before events of Sunset Shimmer's downfall.

Chapters (3)

Red Team had been given an assignment. It wasn't the usual sort of assignment. They were assigned to defend their base 'until further notice'...and then never received notice. All announcements sounded pre-recorded, and enemy assaults were few and far between. The enforced inactivity was slowly fraying the bonds of the team...

...until something unexpected arrived. A tiny creature appears one day in their fortress, in need of compassion and care. Somehow, she finds that in this group of strange individuals, as she becomes their baby.

Crossover with Team Fortress 2.
Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: Since I get these comments a lot, I will say here, I've never played the game and don't intend to include much in the way of game mechanics, so please don't suggest such things.

Edit 2: FAN ART! for chapter 9 by G_Haze. Makes me so happy.
Edit 3: More fan art from G_Haze, This guy's amazing!
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This story is a sequel to Kingdom Hearts of Harmony: The Other Side

The weight of Sora's failure at the keyblade exam weighs heavy in his heart. In his sullen despair, a gateway to a new world with creatures had never seen before would open to him, calling for help.

Tasked with becoming their hero of light, will Sora be able to become the hero he was always meant to be or will his own darkness take it all away?

Part of the KINGDOMHEARTSVerse


Rated T for suggestive theme.


(Image by Me)

Chapters (34)

A cartoon pony named Twilight Sparkle visits me every other Friday night. Normally she just raids my fridge, questions my life choices, and forces me to watch her show. Tonight something is different. Has she always had wings?

Fair warning: Twilight’s views on her own fandom's creations aren’t exactly positive.

Cover art generously provided by statoose
Reading by CaptainBron3y
Reading by NovekBrony
Reading by Natetrix
Chinese Translation by Comradash
This story is approved by Luna's Fanfiction Library

The story continues in the sequel

Chapters (1)

It's that time of year again at Ponyville Elementary, with Family Appreciation Day. Little Apple Bloom is feeling left in the dust yet again, as all of her immediate family members are too busy to come in to speak. The little filly is left with only one other option:
Her "honorary" family member...
If only he had actually taken a bath for once...

Rated T for Trevor, so expect colorful language and some bloody good violence. Don't worry, no ponies were harmed in the making of this story.
However, many changlings were.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro.
Grand Theft Auto V belongs to Rockstar.

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Discord, being the curious Spirit of Chaos he is, decides to bring in Jesus to explain what exactly Easter means. The answer is more surprising than you'd think.

Yes, a story about Jesus, chill out and roll with it.

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Having spent nearly a year in Celestia's court and by her side, the first and only human in Equestria is in rapidly deteriorating health. And despite all of her power, Celestia finds herself unable to help him.

(Written for the Most Dangerous Game contest, and in far less time than I would have liked. AU tag because for purposes of this story I'm ignoring the mirror world where Equestria Girls took place—this Equestria has no knowledge of humans in any way.)

Chapters (1)