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So, you think you know Equestria just because you watch My Little Pony? Well, I can tell you, the show barely scratched the surface. The name's Shirotora, and I'm one of many humans that call Equestria home.

Of course, where most humans find themselves in the form of a pony, griffin, minotaur or some other regular race, I happen to have the form of the servants of an ancient tyrant god that were sealed away along with their master thousands of years ago.

Yeah, that didn't go over very well with Celestia.

This is the story of my adventures in this crazy world of not-so-cartoonish ponies, along side a colorful cast of friends, including a crystal pegasus that can control fire, a dragon-pony that was locked in stone for eight hundred years, a demon blacksmith looking to get contracts with mortals, and the worlds luckiest/unluckiest mare... Oh, and the Mane 6 are in there, too.

Together, we'll figure out why the hell predators are getting more violent, and why more and more monsters are suddenly popping up everywhere.

I just hope it doesn't have anything to do with some ancient, long-banished evil coming back...

It does, doesn't it...


This is a complete reimagining of my first successful story, Chaotic Harmony. While it will share some characters and events with the original, this is going to be an entirely different experience.

To those of you who loved the original, I hope you love this just as much. To those who didn't, I hope you find this an improvement.

Also, to those who have been following Children of Chaos, that story will also be reworked a little as a sequel to this, not the original.

Note: While this is not a true AU, there will be some pretty major deviations from canon. There is no AU tag because all major plot points in canon still happened in this fic, though the details of how they played out may have changed, and most changes could be wedged into the show's canon. There's also a little bit of 'dark', but not too much.

Basically, this was made as if the show was the kid friendly version of what happened.

Chapters (37)

Currently undergoing cleanup

Call me Shiro. My story begins when I find myself in the land of Equestria. I would say something cliché, like, “a world I only thought existed in a show for little girls” or something, but it really isn't. I mean, sure, it's similar enough, but at the same time it isn't the perfect, peaceful world they depict. For starters, I haven't met a pony who hasn't had somepony the know and love get eaten by some predator. That's where I come in.

You see, when I arrived, I was changed into not a pony, but a tiger. I don't care what you say, I'm not a Gary Stu! Sure, I have chaos magic, get a girlfriend in less than a month, and get a katana, but the katana breaks... while fighting an elder god... Okay, fine, but I don't go full Stu. You never go full Stu. Anyway, this is the story about my quest to protect these ponies that I came to love.

Chaotic Harmony is an over-the-top action/comedy (emphasis on comedy) that takes all the clichés you know and love (or hate) and breaks, twists, turns them on their ears, or pumps them full of adrenalin and laughs as they rape your brain. This is, however, also a story about overcoming loss and forging a new life.

Contains: Different-but-not-quite-different-enough-for-AU Equestria, ridiculous comedy, over-the-top DBZ level action, borderline Stu self-insert, tigerxpony shipping, and dark, emotional chapters later on.

You'll laugh, cry, cheer, and d’aww throughout the rollercoaster ride that is Chaotic Harmony.

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Smaug is the mightiest of all beasts in Middle Earth. No creature can match his prowess. As the last of his kind, he has no obligations to anyone being other than himself. The only thing he cares about is his hoard.

But this new creature, this alicorn, may just change that.

Chapters (52)

This story is a sequel to Hollow Shades

During the Hearths Warming season, a time when ponies come together to celebrate the memory of when the three tribes came together in friendship and harmony, Princess Luna realizes that there is yet one individual who does not have that luxury, and sets out to correct it.

Short follow up story to Hollow Shades
Featured on 12/27/16
Thank you all so much!

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The poster and artwork for the chapters belongs to Shrekzilla

Fluttershy loves all animals great and small, this much is true. And that means she has no problem taking in a abandoned egg left on her front porch. But what will the kindly pegasus do when she finds out that the egg hatches into the last remaining member of Titanus Gojira, a enormous and powerful saurian superspecies that once dominated ancient Equestria?

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Okay just stop and think my daughter and I were, at home then there was an explosion.

I can hear my little girl crying, I swear if I find out who did this God won't be able to protect them.

Smoke everywhere before we pass out and succumb to death, there's a bright flash of light then complete darkness.

We wake up just outside of the town of Ponyville I am a little confused but not my daughter she couldn't be happier.

I get it we're in Equestria. (my daughter's favorite show I know this, I've watched it with her) But why is she a Unicorn and most importantly why the hell am I a damn Alicorn?


This guy is not a GARY STU because he needs to learn to fly and use magic.


And besides his daughter will be better at most magic than him.

The sex rating is more due to foul language from the father but there might be some sexual innuendos between characters. There will be some slight gore.

Chapters (10)

Fighters live for their next battle. They fight until they taste the dirt of defeat. But that was never supposed to be a part of Twilight Sparkle's schedule. Once, she was a promising student for Unicorns everywhere, and now... She's a bar fighter.
She says she'll leave Ponyville one day and return to her life as an accomplished scholar. But her new "friends" at Knuckle Brick Corner have made that more difficult than it needed to be.
Now she'll either have to learn to fight or learn how to fight better. As Equestria's rising contender for the most skilled fighter. Starting at the bottom of the loser's bracket.

Special thanks to kani! For drawing the awesome cover for this story!
Please check out the great artwork on kani's deviantArt page! (Click here for Art!)

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Night One

"Why is she standing out there? What does she want?"

Night Two

"There's something off about her...."

Night Three

"That's not Fluttershy..."

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The Akatsuki have made it to Equestria! The ponies feel it is their duty to stop them at all costs. The Akatsuki, feeling provoked, start an all-out war against them. Can the ponies defend their homeland against these new invaders? (There are many more Akatsuki than those mentioned in the manga and the anime. I will address a select few of them here.)

*Author's Note* The Akatsuki are in the Part 1 time period of Naruto, also known as Naruto's Boyhood Part. This means several Akatsuki are alive, that were never shown, that died during this period. We are about 3/4 of the way through Part 1 at this point, so some characters, like Zabuza and Haku, are already dead.

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Shadow is a genetically engineered xenomorph who lost everything. His hive was destroyed and he was tricked into going into trap that was to get him off the ship he stowed away on. He crash lands on an unknown world and sees an opportunity to finally live without the worry of WY. When he discovers a small cottage and discovers that there isn't a human living in it but a talking pony, his life flips upside down. These creatures treat him nicer than the humans and he vows to not let WY step foot on this planet. He will start his own hive and hope to find a way to have his species strive once more. Will he succeed or will he be captured and experimented on?

Chapters (13)