• Published 27th Aug 2019
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Chaotic Harmony: Do Over - shirotora

A human finds himself in Equestria where other humans - turned into one of the various native races - have been living for hundreds of years.

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Chapter 5: Swords and Fast Food

“So,” Twilight began with a knowing smirk as we sat at the table, waiting on Spike to finish breakfast. “I felt a bit of astral energy last night coming from the guest room. I take it you summoned Innor?”

I hesitated for a moment, before speaking, “Actually, that was somethin’ Ah was wantin’ to speak to you about. Ah tried, but... You remember how the princesses said mah magic can act on its own?”

“What happened?” Twilight asked, sounding slightly concerned.

“Well... Ah think mah magic changed the summoning circle,” I admitted.

“What did you summon?” Twilight asked, now more curious than worried.

“A spirit smith named, Bakura. He seemed like a stand up guy, so Ah made a contract with him,” I explained.

“You shouldn't have done that without somepony experienced there to make sure he wasn't taking advantage of you,” Twilight admonished. “What was your price?”

“Advertisement,” I replied, fighting back a smirk. I won't pretend that I know how these prices work, but even I can tell that was a damn good deal. “All Ah gotta do is get his name out there. He even offered to make me somethin’ special if Ah make three copies of his tome and distribute it to three different city libraries.”

“That's all? Awesome,” Spike approved as he walked in with three plates of waffles, two with what looked like sausage. “Applejack has to make an offering every harvest for hers.”

“Applejack's into demonology?” I asked as I cut into my sausage.

“She has a deal with a dryad for a few timberwolves to help with some of the heavy lifting around the farm,” Twilight answered. “I’m sure you’ll see them eventually.”

I went back to my breakfast as Twilight and Spike discussed their schedule for the day. I'll tell you, that little lizard can cook. The waffles were crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, the eggs light and fluffy, and the sausage perfectly seasoned to add a savory contrast to the sweetness of the waffles.

A perfect breakfast.

After we were all finished with our food, we sat sipping drinks, Twilight nursing her coffee while Spike and I had OJ, fresh squeezed from oranges from Sweet Apple Acres.

What? You didn't think they only grew apples, did you? That would be a very poor business choice.

Anyway, as we sat there with our drinks of choice, I asked, “So, you needin’ me for anythin’ today? Ah could help out with whatever needs doin’ ‘round here.”

“Oh, no,” Twilight assured me. “You're our guest. The chores are ours.”

“No, Ah'm your border, and Ah'm not paying rent,” I corrected. “And don't try sayin’ the tests you're gonna to be doin’ count. That benefits me more than it does you and you’re payin’ me.”

Twilight giggled at that. “Alright. I guess your paws would be helpful, especially since you're so much taller than Spike.”

“Say that again in fifty years,” Spike defended.

Twi and I could only laugh.

“This kinda defeats the whole idea, Twilight,” I said as we walked into the Hayburger.

“I was already planning on treating you and Spike, so no it doesn't,” Twilight countered.

If her faux-innocent expression meant anything, she wasn't even trying to fool me. Oh, well. I supposed if she was that adamant about it, I’d let it go.

There was no one else waiting, being just before the lunch rush, so we walked straight up to the counter where we were greeted by the colt behind the counter.

“Welcome to Hayburger, home of the Hayburger, can I take your order?”

“Yes, I’ll have a number four large with a large onion ring, two number two, and two King Burgers,” Twilight said.

“I'll take a number twelve large, extra crispy,” said Spike.

I was still taking a moment to decide. I had never been here, so I didn't know what they had, but they did have meat based items.

“Get whatever you want,” Twilight told me. “I have plenty of money.”

“Then, Ah guess Ah'll take the manticore burger combo. Ah take it that's not made with real manticore,” I joked.

The kid behind the counter chuckled. “Hey, if you want to eat a manticore, go get one and I’ll cook it for you. That'll be seventy-seven bits.”

Twilight payed, we got our drinks, and found a table. Twilight soon arrived with three trays of food in her aura, passing out our meals. Before I could even begin, Twilight attacked her hayburgers...

All five...

At the same time.

I could only sit there and gawk at the display.

A small clearing of the throat drew both mine and Twilight's attention to the little dragon beside us. Twilight couldn't help but wither under his disapproving glare, and I couldn't blame her. He had that down perfectly. He didn't even have to say anything, and Twilight took the hint, setting down two of her burgers.

“Sorry,” Twilight said. “I'm still getting used to my increased metabolism.”

“Increased metabolism?” I parroted.

Twilight suddenly froze up, as if that was something she wasn't supposed to say.

“You might as well tell him, Twi,” Spike said. “I doubt he'll think any different of you.”

“You're right,” Twilight agreed. “Well, Shiro, you would probably find out anyway. I'm an alicorn.”

“Uh...” I raised an eyebrow, at that and looked to her sides. “But you don't have... what?! How’d Ah miss those?”

She flared her wings slightly. “A spell. It makes it so ponies don't notice them unless they already know, or are looking for them.”

Admittedly, I figured she was going to become an alicorn in the show, somehow, but I never thought about it. I guess it just wasn't important. Though now that I was thinking about it...

“Hey, Twilight, how many bronies live in Ponyville, anyway?”

“Told ya he wouldn't care,” Spike said, smugly.

Twilight just smiled and rolled her eyes in response before answering me. “You're the second.”

“Really?” That was actually quite unexpected. “How many are in Equestria?”

“That I know of, seven others. One lives here, five are traveling across the world, and one...” she suddenly became sheepish. “Well, the other is in Canterlot Psychiatric Hospital.”

That... was not something I was ready to hear. “Why?”

Twilight sighed. “You have to understand, not everyone takes the displacement very well. For some, it's too much. For one... well, his fascination with us was obsessive, especially with Fluttershy. One day, he attacked her and held her against her will in his home.”

My chest tightened at that. “He didn't...”

“Oh, no, he didn't hurt her or take advantage of her. Trust me, if he did... well, he wouldn't be in a hospital.” The venom in her voice was a little scary to say the least. “When we found them, she was bound to a chair where he was attempting to force her to go on a date with him.”

“Damn... How did Fluttershy take it?”

“Better than expected,” Twilight replied. “She was actually worried about him. She still is, in fact.”

“Ah'm impressed. She really is far stronger than people give her credit for,” I said.

“Yeah, she is,” Twilight agreed.

Our conversation, as well as our meal, was interrupted by a deafening roar followed by panicked screams.

In an instant, both Twilight and I were up, running for the door. Outside, ponies were running past, trying to get away from whatever was attacking. Twilight and I ran off in the opposite direction as the crowd, towards the danger.

It didn't take long to find the culprit, a massive beast with huge bat-like wings, long, barbed tail, and the face of a decrepit lion. This wasn't the cute and cuddly looking manticore from the show. This was a beast born of wild, corrupt magic. And it had already killed a pony.

I looked down at the pony. He was young, probably not even a stallion, yet. Seeing his lifeless form filled me with fear. Why had I followed? What did I think I could do? Yeah, I knew how to fight, but only other people. I couldn't fight a monster.

“Leave this town, right now!” I heard a powerful voice over the sounds of panic.

I looked up to see Fluttershy, glaring at the beast, while Twilight carefully pulled the colt away with her magic. The manticore reeled back a little, as if in pain, but it never looked away from Fluttershy.

“He's clear!” Twilight called just before she vanished in a lavender light.

“Go back to the forest,” Fluttershy commanded as I took a vial of magic chalk and started crafting a summoning circle.

To my surprise, it actually turned around, but it seemed stiff, as if it didn't want to. Regardless, both Fluttershy and I sighed in relief as she turned to start flying toward me. I was about to run over to congratulate her, when the manticore violently shook its head, like it was knocking something loose.

My eyes widened in fear as the monster turned around and lunged at Fluttershy.

“Look out!” I cried, but my warning was too late.

The monster swung its barbed tail at the mare, its poison stinger finding her right flank. Fluttershy was spun like a top by the force of the impact, slamming hard into the ground.

An anger like none I had ever felt rose up in me. I felt my fur bristle as I growled a deep, primal growl before bellowing out a challenging roar.

The manticore turned to face me, lowering into an aggressive stance while I rose to stand upright. I glared at the monster as I focused on the spell sigil in the chalk, willing what I needed to manifest.

The circle ignited before me, provoking the manticore to charge. I plunged my hand into the magic ring, my paw grasping hold of what I sought and pulled. A length of red steel emerged. It had no hand guard. Instead, it was just a long piece of metal, smooth blade on one side, serrated on the other.

Quickly, I brought the blade up to parry the tail of my foe. It hit like a sledgehammer, but I wasn't stupid enough to take the blow head on. Instead, I redirected the force, moving to the left as I deflected to the right.

At its side, I thrust forward, intent on skewering the thing, but its size belied its speed. It leapt away, twisting as it swiped at me with its claws. I barely managed to bring the blade between the massive claw and myself before it tore me to ribbons. It slammed into me with all the force of a pissed off rhinoceros, sending me flying.

I learned that day that cats really don't always land on their feet, as I crashed on my side, knocking the air from my lungs. I shakily put my feet under me, standing up again.

That rage was burning even brighter, now. I wasn't going to let this thing get away with what it had done. This was my home now. It was my territory. And I wasn't going to let this animal beat me.

I charged, glaring hatefully at my enemy.

No... Not my enemy... I thought to myself.

My prey!

It thrust its tail at me, but I didn't dodge. I swung my sword with all the force I could muster, the blade erupting in a silvery fire, as the blade cleaved through the deadly tail and into the monster's skull. The force of our collision shattered the cobblestone road, but I held firm.

The monster pawed dumbly at the air for a few seconds before it fell limp. I didn't even bother trying to dislodge the blade, instead opting to rush over to where Fluttershy landed.

To my surprise, Fluttershy was starting to sit up, rubbing her head with a hoof, and hissing with pain.

“Fluttershy!” I called. “Are you okay?”

My breath caught as I saw a sticky green goo mixed in with the blood from her wound.

“Oh, god, you're poisoned!” I panicked.

“Huh?” Fluttershy said, dumbly, before looking back. She leaned closer to examine it more closely, grunting in pain. “Oh... it's not so bad.”

“Not so bad?!” I shouted in worry. “You're poisoned!”

Fluttershy's eyes widened. “Oh... um, well. I'm... sort of... immune.”

I blinked, trying to understand what she said. “Y-you're... immune? But... how?”

Fluttershy winced and answered with a simple, if cryptic, “It's complicated.”

I was still worried, but I decided if she said she was immune that would have to be good enough.

I turned back around to look at the fallen monster. The sword was gone, likely returning to its owner, but the corpse was already starting to draw a crowd.

“Hey... you're that new guy, right?” a stallion asked, cautiously approaching me.

I turned to regard him. He was a somewhat young earth pony stallion, with a yellow coat and a baby blue mane.

“Yeah,” I answered.

“That was pretty impressive,” he said. “I was wondering, who did you contract for that sword? I’m in the Royal Guard, and I could use something like that when I go back on duty.”

I smiled. Looked like it was time to uphold my end of the contract.

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