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Starting shortstop for the New York Yankees. #StartSpreadingTheNews

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Why I write · 7:32pm October 11th

I write for fun, when I feel like it, and when I have the time. Don’t really care about negative feed back, but I do appreciate constructive criticism and comments in general. I’m just gonna write when I want to write on whichever story I please. I don’t make schedules because that will make it feel like a chore and it wouldn’t be enjoyable anymore and I never know if or when I’m gonna get tired of this show. I’m also in college, so that’s my priority. I mostly read the fanfics as well over

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Thanks for the follow. :heart:

I was high as shit when I made my account.

Thanks for adding my thing to the thing. Much love,

This is the greatest thing I've ever received. Thank you very much! I'm expecting that cookie by sundown.

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