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"Fopoon is underused, but that Is understandable." -Unknown

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Thanks for adding my story to your collection! :pinkiehappy:

May the Lord save, go with and keep you :twilightsmile:

It will definitely live up to the rest of them

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and hope it lives up to the rest of them. :twilightsmile:

So I saw ^^

Cant wait to read through it

  • Viewing 155 - 159 of 159
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Furby · 2:38am May 7th

It's been awhile since I made a post of some sort.

I guess I'll just write stuff on here and post it.

"Furby I swear if you do that one more time I will kill you." I say typing away on my phone totally writing down chapters.

Cars are heard in the distance as ponys seem to move about. "This world is so different, Ponys never had cars back in my day." Said Furby with a grin that could rival Sombra.

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