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Twilight didn't expect she would get to know anypony in Ponyville, let alone travel with them through one of the most dangerous forests in Equestria to fight a supercharged alicorn in an abandoned castle.

What she REALLY didn't expect was that she wasn't going to be the one fighting.

I did not draw any of the art that is on the cover. I only photoshopped Let Me Solo Her into the image.

p.s. writing this has given me aids.

p.p.s. Thanks for getting this on to trending, I like watching numbers go up.

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It's the legend let me solo her

still better love story than Twilight

10/10 shitpost, got a few laughs

Xalok #5 · 1 week ago · · ·

But of course Nightmare Moon can't hit him she is only the First boss

Comment posted by LittleSneakyLeak deleted June 22nd

Would like to say this was a short and sweet story to read through. As in it was a nice story to read through on the thought of a character from Dark Souls.

Wonder if his summon sign will be available for any other fights?

Well, the summoning sign wouldn't really work considering, you know...
Him being encased in stone.
But if he got out maybe.

Well, I'll hopefully look forward to his escape, or maybe even the ponies letting him out seeing as he helped them.

Rawhide #11 · 1 week ago · · ·

Ah but by locking away the ultimate summon, now the Girls have left themselves vulnerable to the ultimate invader.


Ah yes, the final battle as foretold by the prophecy.

Technically he's from Elden Ring but nobody really differentiates this stuff.

Six ponies stand in front of a pile of rubble disguised as a castle. The six ponies are, Twilight Sparkle; The esteemed student of Princess Celestia, Rarity; A generous posh seamstress, Applejack; An honest local apple farmer, Fluttershy; A kind animal carer, Rainbow Dash; A pride flag A loyal wonderbolts wannabe and Pinkie Pie; A uhh... Pink baker?

Unless this is a role-swap AU, I'd suggest switching the commas and semicolons, and losing the capitalization on the articles.

Senator Armstrong beating Chrysalis and now this? I think I found my brother!

Thank you for pointing that out, if you haven't noticed this story was a rushed one so I missed a lot of stuff.

He Has Arrived!!!!

I knew that he would get a story eventually

I thought so too, didn't think I would be the one to do it though.

Well, what a bizarre ゴ ゴ little story.

I try to review every fic I read, but this is clearly a shitpost, and you even posted a low-quality warning at the top of the chapter, so that sort of takes the fun out of it. I'll just say that out of all the poor choices and mistakes and errors you made, the worst one - the one for which you are denied all mercy - is the complete lack of Oxford commas.

For shame, sir.

Aw shucks, sorry I had to ruin your fun.

the only thing anyone is allowed to listen to while reading this - ELDEN RING RAP - "Solo" (Let Me Solo Her Song) - YouTube

i hope there will be a part 2 of this

Part 2 : He fights Discord
Part 3 : He fights Sombrero

Part 4 : He fights Tirek

This was delightfully silly, and I'm hoping for a second chapter!

Got a laugh out of me!

This story was straight up awesome

She gets Solo'd? Oh how horrible! That means she'll have to deal with a plot so bad even obsessed Star Wars nerds won't be able to stand it!


>lmsh just starts bodying all the pony bosses

11279582 If he fights Sombrero, does that mean he'll be the one to toss Cadance at Snarly Crystals-Obsessed Pony Hitler? :trollestia:

god that sucked. 💯 ten outta ten

The way this was written sent me back ten years.

10/10: you perfectly captured everything.

Not a crossover I expected ..but I am happy it exits. (going to ask LMSH for help this weekend, 50 tries on M and still can't beat second phase)

Believe it or not, that song gave me the motivation to actually start writing this.

I could hear it in my mind all the while

More believable than the canon.


All hail Let Me Solo Her, the Jarnished Lord!!!!

The Elden Ring meme has arrived!

Now we just need Noobslayer:) and Giant Dad.

Spare the pony, stone the meme.

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