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I write what I want to write. Sometimes it's strange. Sometimes it's not. But It's still stories about ponies.

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So, how did it go for the frog? · 6:30pm Sunday

I can tell you are wondering. well, it went quite well, I am very pleased to say. :)
She got the necessary commissions and then some.

However, I can only assume that a lot of you out there (For readers of "adventures of a domestic mare" she did the coverart and also edited, that's why it's tagged) that thought: "hey, I really like this! ...But I can't afford a commission."
Do not worry! You can support your new favourite artist on PATREON!


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Thanks for adding DJ-P4NTL3SS to your library!

Hey, thanks for the Fav on Creeping Happiness! I really appreciate it. ^_^

2402526 I really like your writing. :twilightsmile: You can expect some more favs coming in soon!

Thank you for the favourite on Reconciliations and for the watch! :yay:
I really appreciate it!

2305139 Thank you for writing it!

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