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Chasing eternity, authors notes. · 1:51am March 19th

Yay, new story! And a multi-chapter one again! I thought I'd learn...

Anyway, this story is dedicated to, and some kind of sequal -in spirit- to the great and powerful Monochromatic's stories. She writes the best Raritwi, and this is kind of a tribute to her, because this IS going to be fluffy Raritwi, even though one of them is a Vampire. ...Ok, maybe fluffy ain't the right word, but...

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Thanks for adding DJ-P4NTL3SS to your library!

Hey, thanks for the Fav on Creeping Happiness! I really appreciate it. ^_^

2402526 I really like your writing. :twilightsmile: You can expect some more favs coming in soon!

Thank you for the favourite on Reconciliations and for the watch! :yay:
I really appreciate it!

2305139 Thank you for writing it!

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