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Hello everyone, i'm back after a very long hiatus. · 6:29am Jul 18th, 2020

Hey everypony, I'm back. I have been away for a long time, a lot has happened in the last 4 years. It all started with losing my job in Colorado. After that i lost my apartment and had little choice but to relocate to Arkansas with my retired parents on the new farm land. And after a long battle, my dad passed away from renal cell carcinoma, caused by exposure to agent orange and dangerous water treatment chemicals while serving in the US Navy during Vietnam. Needless to say that his death hit

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lol it really does if you read between the lines, unintentionally is sounds really similar to the battle. Thats what drew me to the story cause i'm a veteran and military buff, and that battle is one of my many favorites in history.

Hmm.... Honestly never thought of that. :rainbowlaugh:

like how it draws similarities to the battle of Thermopylae

Your avatar is so cute. I could snuggle with her all night long.

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