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The Changelings have lost. Their cities destroyed, their Queen dead. Yet the war is not over. A bomber crew is assigned one final mission to remind the Equestrians of this fact: By using a Nuclear bomb to wipe the city of Las Pegasus off the map.

Written for the Equestria at War writing contest.

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How far will you go to save your family? Your friends? Your empire? Twenty years before the events of the Hearth's Warming Eve story, long before the pegasi had even met the other two races, Commander Hurricane was a simple farmer in the great Cirran Empire. When the neighboring griffon nation declares war on Cirra and everything it stands for, the young Hurricane finds himself thrown into the middle of a conflict with the fate of his very race put into question. Will he rise to be the pegasus Cirra needs him to be, or will the mighty empire fall to the claws of the griffons?

Officially part of "The Price of Loyalty" storyverse, in collaboration with LoyalLiar.

Now with a side story! Come check out my friend Ruirik's Wind and Stone and follow along with the journey of another legionnaire who struggled through the Red Cloud War at the same time as Hurricane. (*contains references to events in the sequel to OSLF, Snow and Shadows, so be wary*)

Cover art by Ruirik

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Anon comes from a universe that operates by kung fu movie physics and he's still able to function as such. Imagine every cheesy kung fu movie mixed into one story.

This was done as a collaboration between me, Bolding, Anonymous Assassin, Fugger, 8th Sin, and someone that didn't want to be named.

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This story is a sequel to Changeling Space Program

Twilight Sparkle's experimental interplanetary drive has malfunctioned, stranding Starlight Glimmer, Spitfire, Cherry Berry, a changeling and a dragon on a hostile planet in another universe. With limited food supplies, very little magic, no communications with home, and no way to leave the planet, they must survive until somepony rescues them.

Fortunately they crashed right next door to another creature with the exact same problem- a creature named Mark Watney.

They're going to science the buck out of everything- and do whatever it takes to survive Mars and get everybody home.

TVTropes page here! Thanks to GymQuirk for making it!

Commissioned art and fan works from the readers! Thanks, everybody!

This experiment in an updates-daily story was made possible by a generous grant from Canary in the Coal Mine and viewers like you.

(Sex tag for crude talk about sex, but no actual sex in the story.)

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The star system Omega Centauri was just another oddity on a map to scientists in the not too distant future. However when they found the star was orbiting an earth-sized, earth-like planet instead of a black hole as its motion had suggested, a mission was scrambled to investigate this most unusual of celestial behaviors.

Hamstrung by politics, and nearly crippled before it began, the 'Lone Ranger' mission was reduced to just one crew member and left to his own devices.

These are the logs of Arrow 18 and its lone commander. This information is classified TOP SECRET by the Global Space Agency.

Do NOT tell the princess.

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Rainbow Dash is just lying in the middle of the road. Somepony might trip on her.

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This story is a sequel to Utaan

Rainbow Dash traverses the perils of the Dark Side of the world to reach the Midnight Armory.

Cover art by Dafaddah

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The greatest trick the Great and Powerful Trixie ever performed was convincing all of ponykind that she was only ever a mere unicorn.

Years later, Princess Celestia and Trixie have a discussion by Twilight Sparkle's grave.

Inspired by the cover art, drawn by crenaiir. Not canon to Season 6 ending and post-Season 6.

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This story is a sequel to Moonrise

Living as exiles in the Everfree Forest, Luna and Scrivener Blooms are nonetheless content in the sanctuary they have found for themselves. Yet they are not safe from the meddling of both outside forces, and the rising tide of darkness threatening to once more drag Equestria down into the dark ages it had once escaped, and soon enough find themselves struggling to help protect a world that reviles their existence. Takes place after the events, confessions, and changes of Six Broken Ponies.

Action, adventure, high fantasy and romance all comingle, pitting a confident, mischievous, and sometimes foul-mouthed Luna and her eccentricities against forces of light, forces of darkness, and a unicorn with a special talent for irritating other ponies.

The second story of the Nátta Edda, and second part of the Fimbulvetr Trilogy.

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Mama always told me I were a special tree. I miss her smiles, 'n her stories. I guess all I can do is tell my own now.

This fic is for the Outside Insight Summer Fanfic Contest on EqD.
Thanks to my good friend, Patchwork Poltergeist for helping push me to actually do this fic. You're awesome.

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