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No chapter of Maretian tonight... · 2:33am September 8th

... due to serious computer issues. Signs point to the swap partition on my desktop being borked.

Will try to write tomorrow, but it's been a long day here.

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Voice actor wanted... · 1:03am August 26th

... one of my readers intends to do dramatization of certain parts of The Maretian, particularly the "Home" song.

Right now he needs a singing voice for Spitfire:

Any readers who can reasonably pass for Spitfire and carry a tune at the same time, if you want to help, let him know.

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That was... incredibly boring... · 3:25am April 28th

For those wondering, I think I've fixed all references to Martian seasons in The Maretian.

I think.

By all means, if you see one, let me know.

In the new revised calendar it's mid-winter on Sol 6, spring equinox is roughly Sol 103. Summer solstice will be Sol 296. Anything that says or suggests otherwise needs correction, so let me know.

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Why do I bug over fiddly things like this? · 1:12am April 27th

Okay. I've assumed that, since in The Martian Mark Watney had twelve hours of sunlight after driving to recharge his rover during the Pathfinder trip, that he arrived during Martian summer. That makes sense, since if you were given a choice by orbital mechanics you'd choose early summer, when solar cells would be at maximum efficiency but before the onset of dust storm season.

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The promised art, at last... · 9:40pm April 25th

If you read The Maretian, you can recognize everyone, or at least guess.

Artwork by Jason "TexasUberAlles" Meador. EDIT: Go comment and fave on deviantArt:

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KoFi is live. · 3:31am January 22nd

Thanks to all of you who are enjoying The Maretian! I have a small buffer built up, and I'm going to try to write something every day to keep up the daily posts. But it's time to get back on the convention circuit...

Although (at least for the time being) I hope you'll make monthly pledges via Patreon that I can budget around, I now have a KoFi for one-time tips.

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