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The Changelings have lost. Their cities destroyed, their Queen dead. Yet the war is not over. A bomber crew is assigned one final mission to remind the Equestrians of this fact: By using a Nuclear bomb to wipe the city of Las Pegasus off the map.

Written for the Equestria at War writing contest.

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The operations seem to have a few problems.

Memphis Belle

So, they received the order to surrender, yet they continued the mission without asking confirmation?

And what was the point of nuking an enemy city, with the war clearly lost?

Great job!!!

It's possible that they were given orders beforehand to disregard all other orders the instant they launched.

Or it could be more simple. Spite.


They might have been embittered toward Equestria. Maybe, as Emil said, it was spite. Or they were given orders from the higher ups in secret.

Without any evidence, though, I'd say this was a last strike by soldiers who found it difficult to care about the future consequences (such as how Equestria would retaliate). Given the description of the story - "The Changelings have lost. Their cities destroyed, their Queen dead" - that's what it seems to me. It was the wrong choice, given that they technically struck after their leaders had given up (and Equestria won't take this at all lying down - certainly not Celestia, who has lost her sister permanently).

There was no logic in the action.

"Surrender your war or perish in flames"

Sabaton-Nuclear Attack (Attero Dominatus)

Good story if i may say so

I really like the concept, but it needs more room to breathe. A second chapter detailing the fallout (both literal and figurative) from this would be just about perfect.

A child's view of war with a lot of meaningless fluff.

I actually was planning another shorter chapter, but ran out of time due to the contest. Maybe I'll put it up later.

Look Up 'Fail Safe' (1964).

Well in some cases of war when soldiers were told to surrender they wouldn't and they continued fighting

Holy Shi'ite, this was good. Have my god-damned like. Hope we get a second chapter.

*See's sabaton video*
Ah you're a man of culture as well I see

Great story, would like to see a chapter talking about the aftermath.

Good bittersweet story. Sad, but true, soldiers with orders don't usually respond to countermanding cease and desist orders without proper confirmation.

Oh look, a plane.

Twilight, horn laser, please.


And that takes care of that.

Magic, it's a bitch in warfare. :trollestia:

Questions... so many...

1. Why are the changelings flying bombers?
2. When did Equestria invent planes?
3. When did anyone there invent nukes?
4. Why are changelings fighting to kill their primary food source?
5. Why aren't the ponies using magical defenses?

This feels like some WWII and some Pony were simply mashed together without thinking how any of it would work outside of 'grimdark sadfic'.

See, we have zero background for this 'story', and what we do know about Equestria conflicts with every last aspect of it. Therefore, it doesn't work.

I guess you didn't see

Written for the Equestria at War writing contest.


9304970 Oh, this makes it basically a cross-over. With something I know absolutely nothing about.

The point still stands that it's a woefully incomplete story. Unless the reader is completely familiar with this other material, they're left scratching their heads.


Unless the reader is completely familiar with this other material, they're left scratching their heads.

Well... that's kinda the point. :twilightsheepish:


See below.


Agreed. It's like a side story for readers of another much bigger story.

9521030 Still doesn't change the issues. A single bomber getting that far into country that is actually the one winning the war unopposed would never have happened even in WWII.

If they already have radar-equipped fighters, they'd certainly have ground radar units around every major city with flight crews on standby. I simply don't see this happening. There are too many holes in what I know SHOULD be taking place simply to permit blowing up Luna... which is one thing I support as it has no doubt angered Lunatics. :trollestia:

I ended up studying warfare tactics and watching hundreds of documentaries quite thoroughly thanks to my brother's long interest in WWII and aim towards his degree in history.


That wasn't what I was talking about. I was talking about this:

"The point still stands that it's a woefully incomplete story. Unless the reader is completely familiar with this other material, they're left scratching their heads."

My point is that it was a side story, meant to be read by fans of the main story, so it doesn't need to be complete. I didn't say anything about plausibility at all.

This has been posted last year, but...

Will there be a sequel to this story, the Equestrian now reminded that the war is far from over, now the Equestrian responding in kind & start dropping nukes over changeling territory. Just after those Changeling bombardier crew convinced the Equestrian in the most horrific manner, the war is far from over. It's just natural...

This is old but the aftermath is easy to guess.

The ponies driven mad with anger start committing whole sale atrocities against the Changeling population. They start massacring Changeling soldiers attempting to surrender to the advancing Equestrian army. A nuke or two dropped in retaliation against any remaining Changeling cities or manufacturing infrastructure that has remained reasonably intact from the bombing of Equestrian bombers.

The last thing I ever expected on this site was a Sabaton reference

There's quite a few actually

This is almost perfect, and I'd like to help push it over the 99% mark.

“Check.” Our navigator, and, when the time came, bombarder Egon called in. He sat below the pilots, surrounded by glass, the most dangerous position to be in if they were taking fire.


I twisted the wheel to the left, the left wing dipping down towards the water, and pulled, the nose rising and ground falling away. I watched the altimeter needle slowly spin upwards, clicking and it went.


I shrugged. “One plane, bomb, and pilot that just killed three thousand and sunk and expensive warship.”


There was a moment of silence on the line before and unknown voice filled the speakers.


“-essage from Hive High Command. All currently active Changeling forces are ordered to stand down and cease combat operations. All divisions are to turn themselves in at the nearest Equestrian checkpoint. Any who do not comply within the next 48 hours at to be labeled as traitors and will be executed. The war is over. This is a-”


“Is there any way to confirm is this message is legit?”


I sighed. Looking out the window to where I knew our sister aircraft was, off our left wing. The bomber was only visible by the yellow flames shooting out of the exhaust and the occasional glint of moonlight of the metal surface.


“We’ve got a squadron of fighters inbound!” Tedrick frantically shouted from the radio room. “If you going to drop the bomb, do it now!”


“About two hours ago a message began broadcasting on all Changeling communication airwaves calling for the surrender of all active forces and for them to report to the nearest Equestrian checkpoint. It's not coded, and all the broadcasters so far have been speaking in perfect Changeling. It's been on repeat since, except for a few times where the person broadcasting was replaced, but the message has always been the same.” The slightly muffled voice said over the phone. There was some ineligible talking in the background, before Luna returned to the phone. “I’ve ordered all divisions to stop advancing and for artillery bombardments to stop as of now.”


Blinking in surprise at the sudden cutoff, the Princess stood there a moment, listing to the dead line.


TC proofreading service

You're two years late, but thanks anyway XD

Two years ago I was still reading the first story I'd ever read on this site, Austraeoh. It still amazes me how much quality it retains without a single editor.

Thanks for thanking me anyways, I don't always get appreciated for this job.

Wow, its almost like...a story written for a established continuity....requires reading the continuity to know context!

10640354 But if you're going to write for a continuity completely severed from the second fandom you're writing into, then you need some contextual material.

It's like writing LoTR lore into a Care Bears fanfic site... and explaining where NONE of it comes from or how it works.

First EAW story I read on here and glad it is. Love the mod and I loved this.


it is written as part of a contest. The contest's subject is a preestablished series. It is implied you need to read the series first. Do you need your hands held?

Even if this was the baseline crossover...crossovers.....

Expect you know the material! Wow!

If you read a LoTR- carebears crossover, then you probably either need to know both unless stated otherwise, unless you don't mind lacking context!


o, they received the order to surrender, yet they continued the mission without asking confirmation?


“Impossible, all communications are being jammed.”

They couldn't, and went along, maybe thinking it was false or otherwise.
But they couldn't call for confirmation, if they can't speak.

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