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As the demon sleeps, man turns on man, His own blood and madness soon cover the earth. From the depths of despair awaken the Razgriz, Its raven wings ablaze in majestic light...


The Changelings have lost. Their cities destroyed, their Queen dead. Yet the war is not over. A bomber crew is assigned one final mission to remind the Equestrians of this fact: By using a Nuclear bomb to wipe the city of Las Pegasus off the map.

Written for the Equestria at War writing contest.

Chapters (1)
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The operations seem to have a few problems.

Memphis Belle

So, they received the order to surrender, yet they continued the mission without asking confirmation?

And what was the point of nuking an enemy city, with the war clearly lost?

Great job!!!

It's possible that they were given orders beforehand to disregard all other orders the instant they launched.

Or it could be more simple. Spite.


They might have been embittered toward Equestria. Maybe, as Emil said, it was spite. Or they were given orders from the higher ups in secret.

Without any evidence, though, I'd say this was a last strike by soldiers who found it difficult to care about the future consequences (such as how Equestria would retaliate). Given the description of the story - "The Changelings have lost. Their cities destroyed, their Queen dead" - that's what it seems to me. It was the wrong choice, given that they technically struck after their leaders had given up (and Equestria won't take this at all lying down - certainly not Celestia, who has lost her sister permanently).

There was no logic in the action.

"Surrender your war or perish in flames"

Sabaton-Nuclear Attack (Attero Dominatus)

Good story if i may say so

I really like the concept, but it needs more room to breathe. A second chapter detailing the fallout (both literal and figurative) from this would be just about perfect.

A child's view of war with a lot of meaningless fluff.

I actually was planning another shorter chapter, but ran out of time due to the contest. Maybe I'll put it up later.

Look Up 'Fail Safe' (1964).

Well in some cases of war when soldiers were told to surrender they wouldn't and they continued fighting

Holy Shi'ite, this was good. Have my god-damned like. Hope we get a second chapter.

*See's sabaton video*
Ah you're a man of culture as well I see

Great story, would like to see a chapter talking about the aftermath.

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