• Published 1st Mar 2012
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Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger - AdmiralTigerclaw

A mission to investigate a far off world takes an interesting twist.

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January 29th, 2258

Dear Humanity,

We have him. He's alive... Though I must express regret that we couldn't save his legs. At first, I thought the scrying spell we watched the Raven depart with was having trouble following its speed. But then as it began to tumble, I could only feel horror at what I was witnessing. But it was Luna who saved him. I never felt so much power gathered for a single teleport in my life. Matching position, speed, and direction with something to the accuracy that she did was something I thought was impossible. But she did it. I could see the flash in the viewports of the Raven as it tumbled. But I didn't see her leave until the vehicle was destroyed by its own speed.

It wasn't until after that I learned what happened from Luna.

When she arrived in the cockpit, she'd been pressed against a panel almost immediately. She tried to grab Randy with her magic so they could leave, but the same resistance that protects humans from magic prevented her from doing so. Not that she didn't try, but it was too hard to concentrate in the tumbling vessel. So Princess Luna did the only thing she could. She latched onto him, encased him in as many shields as she could muster, and held on with everything she had until the Raven had been consumed by its death throes.

I am told, even as I write this, that Luna had said that as the Ruler of the Night, she could not, and would not allow the darkness to take Randy that day.

Princess Celestial found them in the water off the east coast of Equestria, both burned, but very much alive. However, the conflagration had taken its toll. I'm told by the Canterlot Hospital doctors that no amount of our magic can repair the deep burns that covered Randy's legs, and even if we could have saved his legs, he likely wouldn't ever walk again.

Luna, resistant to many things far beyond what a mortal pony could withstand, has only received minor injuries for her deed. Though she'll be regrowing the feathers on her right wing for a few months. She says it's a small price to pay for the survival of her friend.

Either way. They're alive. They're both alive. Randy is sleeping now. But before the doctors sedated him, he said something odd.

“Tell Dan: 'You owe me a new pair of legs when you get here.'”

I guess this means this letter is really addressed to Dan. I don't know who you are, Dan, and I don't know why you owe him legs, but I guess it's a given by the way humanity has acted throughout its history that you will come. Humans are a very noble species, never willing to leave another behind, pushing themselves beyond their own limits and dedicating unbelievable amounts of resources even for one friend.

I hope you don't feel the need to go that far this time. We will protect him until you arrive. That I promise you. In the last six months, I've learned so much from your species. A new language, new technologies, and even the chance to visit the stars themselves. Randy gave that all to me. He allowed me to do it, even when I should have known better. And he allowed it for Rainbow Dash as well.

She won't leave his side, you know. Hasn't left his side since Luna returned with him. They joked even as his face contorted with pain. She told him that even the best crash every once in a while and he'd have his wings again soon enough. He didn't understand, but at the same time, I think he did.

Captain Randolph Edwards has taught us all so much, even if he wasn't trying. There are cards from across Equestria I have to read to him, even a few from some dragons who watched the Raven go down. There's a world out here, a world that knows a hero when they see it. And all he had to do was be our friend.

And I'm happy to call Randy... no humanity itself, my friend. I don't want to test the waters. I don't want to get a feel for each person I meet from your world. I want to cast a blanket on all of you, to call you all my friends with the hope that you will do the same for us without hesitation. If Randy's time here has taught me anything, it's that no matter who or what you are, there are friends out there waiting for you among the stars waiting to share the wonders of their worlds. And no matter how different you may be, how alien you may look, friendship is universal.

I await your response, Dan, Humanity. Your ship is an envelope for my letter, and I hope to have pen pals soon. We are here.

Your friend,
now, and forever.

Twilight Sparkle.

"Across the Frontier"
By Ernest 'Admiral Tigerclaw' Hart
From Stellar Frontier REBUILT

Author's Note:

I do not end on sour notes. Screw that noise.

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Comments ( 456 )
Atrunia #1 · Jun 28th, 2015 · · 1 ·

I am pleased with this ending. Sequel please?

A worthy ending to a great story.

*sniffles* yes, that was nice.

Well, I guess you can work on the side story/companion to this (semi)uninterrupted.:twilightsmile: Great job and I hope to see more of your work in the future!

Oooooooooooh... a First Contact fic? After crossing the vast void of space? And it's COMPLETE!??

Did someone reset my birthday to today or something? Hot damn!!

Just completed too. I can go to work on Sunday papers with a smile now.


6142288 Aw hell yes! Congrats on your finished fic my good sir (or... Madam?), and I will be back with a gold star and a green thumb once I've finished!

I must admit, It's somewhat a sad note for me to see this now completed. This was the first story I saw on Fimfiction. It's been three years since then, and I have enjoyed every step, every log, and every chapter. This fic will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you, AdmiralTigerClaw, for creating such a great work, for not condemning it to the box of the indefinite hiatus, the cancelled, or the abandoned. Thank you for putting so much work, effort, and heart into this story.

Thank you for being awesome.

I am not kidding.

I was going to punch my monitor if the end two chapters ago was the real end.

Damn...that scared the hell out of me. I really thought that Randy was toast.

Been a looong time (friggin two months after I joined this site three years ago), but this story has finally reached its conclusion. Thanks for all great work, AdmiralTigerClaw.:twilightsmile:

Sooooo....what's in store for Sparkle's Notes?

hi hi

In a word: magnificent. :twilightsmile:

Sometimes when things get down, it is nice to be reminded of the better angels of our nature.

Be glad you don't have to wait three years.:rainbowlaugh: Enjoy the read. It is all great.

A wonderful end to a wonderful story.

Now you can turn all your energies to Sparkle's Notes!

Ahh, there's the ending. Well, it's over, and what a ride it's been. Of course, there will be the clamoring for sequels and clamoring for the companion story "Sparkle's Notes" to be completed... but for now, let us celebrate the end of a good story.

I just power read the last three and damn, nice ending man, I've been looking forward to it.

Also, Moth God? Hilarious!

See ... part of me screams sequel but then the more rational part of me says that this ending is perfect just like it is.

Bravo. Bravo.


YES!!! I am so glad that it is updated...but at the same time a bit sad that it also ended. Its the good kind of sad though, all good things have to come to an end someday.

Hopefully, you have a sequel in the works, that would be nice but that depends entirely on you. The story is good as it is (But a sequel would be really, really, nice :scootangel:)

now...how about Sparkles's Notes? God I can't wait to see how they all react to the discoveries they have made and the hijinks that happened around them.

I would love to see how the revelation of Celestia and Luna's celestial motion of the sun and the moon is actually a LOT more important than they thought affect them in more detail in Sparkle's Notes.

Now he can work with Forrest Gump as first mate on the Jenny II and get magic legs from NASA!!! :trollestia:

I was about ready to scream at my computer you know?
You had Luna save the day, but I DIDN'T REALIZE THAT!
Goddamn double-twist ending...

So, you gonna work on Sparkle's Log? Not that I want to pressure you - in fact, this story is satisfying enough that I might even be more interested in other works in different universes. But Sparkle's log is something worth being excited about, so...

Hhhhhhhhhhhhwooooooooooffffff! Oh, damn, that was good. That was very very good~

Now THAT is how you end a story. Thank you.

I. . . wow.

I have no words, except, perhaps, to express my hope that Sparkle's Notes is also completed one day.

Hope people/admins don't mind a semi-double-post;

It also has apparently gone out that with the appearance of my/our/human kind from the stars, the races of this planet can no longer afford to squabble with each other. Twilight cites that it is not humans in particular they worry about, but what else might be out there if we are...

That's a sobering thought.

If we're out there, and ponies are out here, what else exists in the cosmos? Are they friendly as we have been (and, I hope, continue to be)? Thoughts for the future…


A rail-thin figure in a red robe and ornate helmet stirs, as if noticing something at the edge of perception...

Twilight wouldn't translate what it said, but Princess Heaven's comment made it look at me with... I don't know, fear?

Celly: "Did I mention that they had dragons on their world? Had. They won. Just a thought, Smaug."

It's been a fun 3 years.

Well, I have to say. It's nice to see that you didn't give the story up. It's so sad when I see a good story cancelled because the author took too long a hiatus and lost their touch. Good job. :twilightsmile:

This...this is a story of the ages. Most HiE's suffer from so many problems, but this masterpiece is one that will live on in all of our hearts.

why is my favorites not alerting me to theese updates?
i missed like 4 chapters.
oh well. time to binge read.

Another fanfic that ends beautifully. There have only been a few fics that have managed to be marked complete after being started so long ago.

Thank you Admiral Tigerclaw for making it all the way. :twilightsmile:

But with every long-running fic that finishes I end up wondering: What now?

Oh and I love the song! Perfect for the end credits. It reminds me of your "Possibilities work-in-progress" -which makes sense considering that's the only other song of yours that I've heard. So electronic-y and trance-y.

Well done... :twilightsmile:

I.... I really want a sequel. Kudos to you sir, for a fantastic story.

Not at all bad. A worthy ending to one of the best HiE fics ever written.

wow, it finally happened. It finally finished. I can hardly believe it, but there it is.

one of the very best HiE fics in the fandom now completed.

:yay: Good story, good ending!

We knew he wasn't coming back with the ship. Good job still managing to put in a twist there as to why.

I can't wait for the remainder of Sparkle's Notes! Maybe we can have a bit of an epilogue? I suppose it would kinda ruin it if you spelled out too much of what happens next I suppose. I want to see what happens, but yet it also wouldn't feel wrong to end it here.


That is how you recognize a good fic. If you're saying "Thank God that's over." it wasn't a good fic.

A fitting and worthy end to one of my favorite stories. And not just on FimFiction. This story is one of my favorites among all the books I've read. It has built on the spirit of MLP, in that it has made pastel colored ponies appealing to even the adults of our world. It's a great combination of sci-fi and fantasy, mixing them together in a new and delicious way.

I've been happy to be a part of it as well. At the time of this posting, my audio adaptation of the story is still ongoing, but it has been a great pleasure to work along side the author to make that project a reality. I'm happy that I've been able to help him as well, in whatever small ways I could.

Thanks for a great read Tigerclaw!

And so ends one of the greatest stories I have read.

But the journey doesn't have to be done...

Well, that was a ride.
The best (in my not-so-humble opinion) Human in Equestria fic out there is finally done. And it seems Randy will be staying a while - if in a wheelchair.
Someday we'll have to see how the rescue force reacts to, what by then will be, arriving at the landing co-ordinates and finding a tall crystal palace and an extra princess...

Admiral, I salute you. This ended perfectly. Though, I kind of want to see the rescue mission.

This story was a long time in finishing, but I'm happy to have been a part of the ride. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. This was well worth my time. I wish you luck in your future endeavors and look forward to any future work you may have planned.
With regards, Req~

If you'd stuck with that ending as it had appeared, you would've been in for quite the spanking, mister author! :flutterrage:

And not even the fun kind! :yay:

Seriously, though, it's a very rare story whose end honestly makes me feel as though I've come to the conclusion of a true adventure, left feeling sad to see it finished. This was one of those stories. Thank you, AdmiralTigerclaw, for this exquisite tale.

So we're seeing more Sparkle's Notes when?

6142244 Don't forget about Twilight Sparkle's side! :twilightsmile:

I have mixed feelings about a sequel. If the author feels he has the material for it, of course, I fully expect it to be great. But that may not be the case, and it would be a bit of a shame to have a sequel begin, only to peter out and be left unfinished or some such nonsense.

There are definitely unanswered questions, like the similarity between the worlds, and it's hinted that some of them have at least a hypothesis about why. Some kind of exile, self imposed or otherwise, perhaps? Perhaps an epilog story, if not what I would consider a full "sequel", could explore these questions. Or perhaps the author feels that leaving it relatively open-ended—leaving these questions as hints and hypotheses—better serves the story: after all, this tale has been told, but the world it showed us continues. That would be true no matter how many sequels we got.

Fantastic ending, I would love to see a sequel.

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