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Sometimes I wonder why I write. Then I look back at my stories and remember: I have a story to tell. And a LOT of mistakes to correct.


One night, a strange object crashes in Equestria. After Celestia sends a patrol to investigate a strange creature breaks into the castle. It succumbs to its wounds, but before it does it passes on what may not only be Equestria's savior, but Celestia's future.

Join Draco as he grows up in a world of ponies, magic and fantasy. There are those who accept this new being, and others who do not. But in his future, he'll have to come to terms with a shocking, and daunting, revelation.

Alternate Story to To Call the Moon My Own (You don't have to read it to understand this one!)

Cover art by Panzertank. Big thanks to him!

Featured 7/12/15! Thank you all for my first feature!

Chapters (135)
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Comments ( 1020 )

Is he a human?

Well, that is just adorable. But babies are just that. Adorable.
When you brought Dasher in, the thought crossed my mind: "Will Dash and Draco meet as infants?"

I can not wait for Chap:3 I want to see what happens with this weird dragon pony!
Is it like a dragon and that creature that was killed mixed???? Like Rarity and Spike???

The baby acts adorable

Hmm... It s a awesome story with epic plot and great writing and not to mention quick updates! Who am I kidding FAVED! :pinkiehappy:

can anyone translate what they are saying

3143875 No one but me. Y'know, new language for the sake of a realistic society.

How often will you update this story

Just as long as you update regularly ill be happy and don't quit this story go with it till the end and get lots of love and hate for it like any good author would

When i read the description first not the title i thought............blueblood.

I want some Blueblood shitstorm in this story! Awesome story BTW. :moustache:

I can already feel shit is preparing to hit the fan

Eeyup, something is going to happen while Draco's still an infant, isn't it? :ajsmug:

man it'd suck if blueblood tried to kill draco *only gets angry stares* what!?! it always happens

blech blueblood he is a really bad pony in the series

this story is starting to turn out like the tales of prince onyx

Haha I like it! Post again soon and do not listen to the negative comments. This is actually never been dne like this before! Awaiting the next chappie! :rainbowkiss:

that was a chapter full of d'awwww and when will blueballs ever be nice

his daughter holding a rolled up newspaper above her with an ice cream cone taped to her head

Alright, someone needs to draw that! Right now! :rainbowlaugh:

Hurr-hurr, Blueblood the Drunk! Ya'll get your flank handed to ya if you do anything bad, ya hear, Snooty Pants?! :ajbemused:

Damn it Blueblood, I hope you fall in a tar pit! :ajbemused:

As for the rest: D'aww, aren't those little ones just the best of buddies? :ajsmug:

I like this chapter bring me more

that was cute and full of d'awwww


"I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry. I'm not gonna cry.(sniff*)"


Turns around and punches blueblood in the face.

you know, at first I didnt think I would likw the series but then I started reading it and liking it more and more so keep up the good work!

hmm is there a possibility to add an oc? :twilightsmile:

3174068 hell i got some oc's that i've wanted to share pm me if that's ok with you

Wish my first day would've gone like that. :derpytongue2:

If I am not mistaken I see a love triangle coming in later in the story if there I say you should pair him with the little dragoness ember but this is only my opinion

Aww, poor Draco. Don't worry buddy, it'll be alright. :ajsmug:

aw poor draco i'm pretty sure twilight sparkle will keep you company:twilightsmile:


These nightmares are worse, but in Death Angels, Titanians, and Equestria, Tirans are worse by far.
Still feel sorry for the little guy.

the first part was full of d'awww than it got creepy

Weatherman: Attension everybody! A shitstorm is predicted in equestria, fimfiction verse on the next chapter of this awesome story.

Awesome story!:rainbowkiss:

Well now, Draco's in serious maturing here. Also, love triangle is coming along nicely :ajsmug:

Oh yeah:
You make him so snooty and hate-able, I love it! Seriously, he'd trip on his own hooves and he'd blame whoever is nearest to him :rainbowlaugh:

Make the love interest be ember that would be flipping awesome
And did I catch him speaking another language could that have possibly been dragon tongue
Again these are only my thoughts and ideas

wow that was Awesome way to go draco

oh man this is gonna be so rad i can't wait :twilightsmile:

Oh, what's this? Blueblood showing a different side..?
Oops, never mind. Too little, too late, Blueblood. You're getting your flank handed to you. If you're lucky, on a silver platter. :ajsmug:


Damn, kids got strength.:rainbowderp:

Awesome that chapter was totally awesome I need more

Kickass! ...Or, kickflank, whichever you prefer.

Also, D'aww... even Blueblood joins in. :ajsmug:

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