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The Maretian Fan Art · 7:38pm February 18th

So, over the weekend (while I was at UshiCon getting bills paid) a group of readers released a piece of artwork described in Sol 105 that they'd jointly commissioned. You can find it here:


And as a reminder, all the other Maretian art, commissioned and/or fanart, can be found at this Derpibooru tag:


Thanks, everyone- it's always flattering that people care enough to do stuff like this.

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Comments ( 15 )

For some reason I always thought Fireball was red.

Mark Wartney is Jesus. Checks out.

Very nice. Though I always imagined this particular incarnation of Mars as far more saturnine. Something that was only paying lip service to a humanoid form, something cadaverous and spiteful.

It was Sol 105, actually. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/396744/67/the-maretian/sol-105

Don't you remember seeing the previous art of Fireball that Kris commissioned from TexasUberAlles?

What's controversial?

5015978 I don't think that's what "saturnine" means.

I mean, Mars is pretty much by definition not going to be saturnine. :trixieshiftright:

I especially love the details in what everyone's eating, particularly Dragonfly's picture of Mark.

Ah, perhaps I'm confused? I always took it to mean dark, dour, craggy and looming.

Was that not the impression your Mars was trying to convey?

5016234 Saturnine means grim, gloomy and solemn. It doesn't mean hateful, and it certainly doesn't mean homicidal.

Mars isn't saturnine. Mars is martial.

Ah, I see the disconnect, you're talking about the emotional connotation, I was using the visual meaning. I thought your Mars looked similar to old King Haggard.


5016252 Not in this case. Mars is explicitly described in the story's description of the artwork as a centurion with an unpleasant smile.

*slaps face*

. . . We're talking about the artwork. Ah, I apologize, I thought we were talking about the story description.

5016262 The story described the artwork, and the readers commissioned it after the fact.

The story's description of Mars, artwork aside, is of a planet, not a person; a beautiful, mysterious, desolate, and malevolently lethal planet.

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