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An idea which wouldn't stop bugging me til I wrote it down. After Albert Wesker is defeated,he finds himself in a strange land. A strange land known as Equestria. How will a supposed god deal with the power of friendship and magic? Rated T to be safe.

Cover picture was drawn by Astringe on Deviantart, I can't draw for the life of me. I've asked permission and everything so no lawsuits should follow.

Chapters (51)

The Apocalypse was over. Earth was nothing but a smoldering mass of debris and corpses. The Hellguard had won the war, the humans not putting up much of a fight and the Horsemen killing indiscriminately. As the Hellguard returned to the White City, a strange glowing bluish white rune appeared underneath Death and he disappeared. Death awakened to the sight of small, colorful horses. Oh, how his day did not go his way.

Just something some people wanted me to do.

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Thousands of years after the Great Sundering, many races that were, had been banished from the world by a Goddess. Now the Wonderious Kingdom of Alicornia rules, peace and tranquilty everywhere, and no possibly way for any evils to tear it down.

But deep in a frozen cave, lay the last Human, who has now been found by a gray creature and taken in to become, the newest Overlord!

Because Evil Always Finds A Way.

(Note: If you are familiar with another story by the name of "Evil Always Finds a Way", I am telling you that my story was released many months before that one. The author of that one just didn't realized his title name was already taken. Both stories are only similar by name, nothing else.)

(Featured 11/5/2014! Yay! 2nd Story of Mine ever featured)

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Who was I...
It doesn't matter. The mind was willing, but the flesh was weak.
And the Kraahkan... it changed me. Told me how to accomplish my goals... turned my weak flesh into strong, hard steel and antidermis.

I am Teridax, the Shadow of Equestria. Or, as the guards of Tartarus know me, Prisoner 0.

And I've served my sentence.

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I used to live on a place called Earth, where things were pretty reasonable. I had a job, I went to school, and life was pretty much normal.

After a night of revisiting Resident Evil 3: Nemesis with my friend, we got an idea. Comic Con was coming up, why not go as one of the most feared things in gaming history? A few days pass and bam, I'm decked out in Nemesis' signature overcoat/power limiter with the look to match. Damn shame we didn't have the time to make his signature rocket launcher though...

As luck would have it, a merchant behind one of the stalls had a perfect replica. I really shouldn't have taken that thing...

Yet another character in the League of Humans Acting Villanous. I know it's late. Forgive me.

Inspired by stories like
Headless, not Heartless


The Rise of Darth Vulcan

Also, rated teen for language and violence.

Editing done by Doccular42 and Salacar

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Greetings weary traveler/bored reader. Let me regale you with my tale. The tale of a mere mortal, with nothing particularly special to his name, brought to a magical land of dragons, minotaurs, griffins, and of course ponies. But he came as no mere human. He came as the epic warrior, the manliest of swordsmen, that most dashing of multiverse travelers, the mighty Gilgamesh! What adventures will this powerful and magnificent warrior find in his travels? HELL IF I KNOW! LET'S STRAP IN AND SEE WHERE THIS GOES!

Looking for cover art if anyone's interested.

Crossovers with:
The life and times of Xante, Baron of the Frozen Wastelands, First among Liches, Lord of the Dead, and Fabulous Rainbow Magic User

Golden Graces, Headless Headaches

I Will Hunt You Down

A Thousand Tortured Souls Scream My Name

Gravity of the Situation

Land of Friendship and Magic

And Then There Were 10… Er… 67

Son of Invention

Ten Against One

Time Ticks On

Let's Just Say That Umbra Really Needs to Put a Lock On His Diary



Chapters (23)

Albert Wesker magically survives his encounter with Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar in Kijuju and finds himself in Equestria. Given the chance to begin a new life he'll have to decide, whether to continue his old ways or rather become a part of this society based on love and tolerance.

Resident Evil Crossover
Takes place after RE5 and Season 3
Will contain large amounts of gore
Thank you, PinkiePiePlease and Lord of Hentai for being my proofreaders/editors.
[Featured on 30.06.2014, 01.08.2014, 11.08.2014 and 26.09.14]

Chapters (22)

What's it been? 1000 years?
That's funny. It feels like much longer than that.

Let me tell you, being trapped in stone that long can do crazy things to a guy.
And when you were a little off your rocker in the first place...
But now I'm free. The leaders of this disgusting place trapped me here, and now they're going to pay.
I'm going to show them the real definition of insanity.

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to Oskar Osäker: True Omnivore

[PROTOTYPE 2] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Crossover

Oskar's secret has been revealed to Twilight in totality, now Twilight faces the moral quandary of betraying her friend or betraying her morals. The events of season 2 are fast approaching as well and the ripples Oskar has caused through his mere presences alone changes more and more. Can a friendship survive when one of the friends is a murderer?

Thanks goes to: NightmareKnight for spending time being my editor, Trondason being an all around great fellow and helping me with ideas

Chapters (16)

We all know the story, human from earth goes to Equestria from buying a mystical prop from a mysterious unnamed salesman to attend Comicon. But what you didn't expect was the prop to be a box of mask making materials and a puppeteer kit. Now with supplies to make more costumes and the super villain name of the 'Puppet Master'. You have to wonder, Just what lessons am I going to teach these Equestrians through my villainous ways.

Inspired by the grand adventures of: Malideus and Dullahan!

Chapters (64)
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