• Published 15th Mar 2014
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Wesker in Equestria - DeepThought

Albert Wesker magically survives the events of 'Resident Evil 5' and finds himself in a new world. Meeting the Mane Six he'll have to decide, whether to continue his old ways or become a part of this society based on love and tolerance

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Facing A New World

Facing A New World

Wesker in Equestria

by DeepThought

Wesker was alive. The former chairman of Umbrella felt no pain, when he awoke from unconsciousness. Remembering how he was burned by lava, two RPG grenades rocketing into his direction, he wondered how he survived Kijuju. Even he, the genetically superior, incredibly strong and fast mastermind - the embodiment of Nietzsche’s ideal of the Übermensch - should be dead now. And he was aware of that fact.

Wesker had been so foolish, his mind clouded by the effects of the Uroboros virus, that he didn’t realize how the two cretins, Chris and Sheva, tricked him into his defeat. His usual rational, calculating and calm self had been replaced by unhealthy, hot-burning fury. It was his greatest failure. His plan, his personal genesis - gone. It was his responsibility alone.

He could have ended Redfield and his companions so many times. Still this moralist moron lived, because Albert instead of getting rid of a dangerous nuisance, wanted to play with him like a cat with mice. Albert's own hubris, his believing to be a nearly omnipotent god, led him to his final defeat.

But there was no sense in dwelling on the past. Revenge had to wait. Whatever awaited him now - whatever saved him - was to be faced. His senses were returning slowly. The sound he heard was almost like the chirping of birds. But that would be impossible... Right? Last time he checked he was deep in a volcano, fighting his personal nemesis.

“Chris!” he muttered grimly under his breath as he opened his eyes. The sun was blinding him; Wesker didn’t wear his trademark shades. A soft breeze was rustling through his hair and he felt the blades of grass on his exposed skin, since his clothing was ragged - signs of his last fight. Slowly his eyes adjusted to the conditions.

He was in a clearing surrounded by a thick forest, but that was not what surprised him the most.


Was he hallucinating? His surroundings seemed to have a cartoonish flair about them. There were almost no shades, everything was pastel-colored and less detailed than he was used to.

Wesker looked at his own hands and grabbed a leaf laying nearby on the ground. Studying it closely, he compared his hands and the object and realized that not his eyesight was responsible for his surroundings seeming as they did. While his hands had the same detail and color as usual - he could even see the veins underneath his skin - the leaf was different. Feeling its surface he was surprised by its smooth texture.

Where was he? Was all of this a result of lucid dreaming? Was he in coma? Maybe something completely different? Was his imagination controlled by an external force?

Startled by an animalistic roar, he jumped to his feet, proudly noting that at least his superhuman strength and dexterity hadn't failed him. It was a small relief in an environment full of unknown variables.

The blonde man scanned the forest’s brink for the source of the sound. He was disappointed by his lack of botanical research equipment. The surrounding flora was completely new. It really was a shame. Hundreds of new species.

But that had to wait. Survival was the first and foremost point on his agenda now.

Behind the concealing foliage of a bush he noticed a large shadow quickly growing bigger. The movements of the quadrupedal creature shook the trees it passed violently. It was at least 3 meters tall.

Then it stepped into the light. Instantly neglecting the thought that it was one of his own BOWs, Wesker was confronted by the question of fight or flight. It was a frightening beast - long arms and sharp claws, a lion-like head and - to Wesker's surprise - wings far too small to support its weight.

If he didn't know better he'd assume it was a mythological manticore. This raised further doubts about his current location.
Where on earth was he? There was no place he knew about with such an absurd new variety of plants and animals...

Another roar disturbed Wesker's contemplation. Unlike other persons, though, it didn't fill him with fear, but with determination.

He fought worse!

A small grin formed on the man's normally stoic face and his eyes glimmered in a dangerous red. He was Albert Wesker, the first member of a superior human species!

Which poor creature dared to waste his precious time?

Faster than the eye could perceive he darted into the beast's direction, dodging the creature's spiked tail that nearly pierced his body. In the process a few drops of a clear fluid dropping from a small hole at the end of said tail found their way on Wesker's bare chest.

“Venom,” the blonde man hissed silently, noticing the burn that followed the contact with his skin.

A quick, hard punch to the still extended tail solved the problem: he was satisfied by the sound of breaking bones. The creature howled in pain. It realized, that the man was not the easy snack it believed he would be. However, now furious and flailing with its claws, it was driven to continue the fight.

Smoothly avoiding the manticore's assaults, the former STARS captain waited for the right moment. Then he jumped, kicking the beast right in the rib cage. The forest's creature lost its balance and fell right on its already injured tail. It was clearly scared, but had no means to escape since it couldn't get back to its feet.

Observing the reaction of the defenseless, once proud predator, Wesker's grin widened to a wicked smile. Coldly he dealt the killing blow to its head, spattering the green grass with the crimson remains of manticore brain.

Looking absentmindedly at his bloodstained hands, he mused what to do next: He had to find his way back to civilization in order to continue his work. But he had to be cautious, since likely the BSAA was searching for him. He also had to find out what had happened and where he was.

So he stepped into the Everfree, following paths created by animals.

The deeper Wesker went into the forest, the more he had to admit that he had no clue where he was. Some things he saw defied the very laws of physics. Even the sun behaved strangely. It seemed to be fixed on its position in the sky, until it suddenly moved with an unbelievable speed to make space for the moon. The blonde man couldn’t come up with a reasonable explanation for these sights.

And so the doubts began to grow. He was a man who liked to have a plan, but he lacked the necessary information to prepare himself for the things to come. For all he knew, his surroundings could be a gigantic test facility. That would at least explain a few anomalies... also the thought occurred to him, that this was possibly a distant island. Then all his efforts to escape the forest and find civilization might be futile. Probably someone tried to get rid of him.

The fact that he was able to feel the pain inflicted by the creature's poison was contradicting his first assumption that this was some kind of lucid dream. A coma was very unlikely as well since, due to his rapid healing, such a state wouldn't last for more than a few minutes.

External manipulation was theoretically possible, but the odds were low. Yes, there were some experiments performed about this technique before Umbrella's downfall, but why should he dream cartoon then? What would an aggressor achieve by putting him in this state? To keep him in check they could simply sedate him after all.

This brought him to the conclusion that, as absurd as it seemed, for now he should simply act as if all of it was reality. The simple principle of Occam’s razor strongly supported this theory.

Since Wesker set his foot in the forest and started his journey, approximately 9 had hours passed. The superhuman didn’t even stop once. After his transformation so many years ago, he didn’t need much sleep anyway. Normally he stayed awake for several days in a row. His desire to get out of the forest and his concerns regarding the wildlife drove him forward.

The first rays of sun fell through the now remarkable thinner leaf canopy, revealing some kind of dirt road before him. Noticing imprints on its relatively soft surface he kneeled down and eyed them closely. Horseshoes, clearly a sign of human domestication. Following the marks down the road he finally reached the forest's border. Again his sensitive eyes were assaulted by the merciless sun.

In the valley that was now before him, laid a little bavarian-styled town. The blonde man could see small colorful dots move all around it.


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