• Published 1st Apr 2014
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Puppets of Tragedy - Iridescence T Wind

We all know the story, human from earth goes to Equestria from buying a mystical prop from a mysterious unnamed salesman to attend Comicon. But what you didn't expect was the prop to be a puppeteers crafting kit.

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Journal of S.S.

Entry 320, Date:4/21/ 50 After Discord.

Petrification magic originally has come form the basilisk. Extensive research has shown its effects to be far more potent than any other source thus far, lasting upwards towards 800 years if recent geological surveys are to be believe, however, they had been hunted to near extinction due to the same magic that originally made them so deadly. But I am getting ahead of myself.

A basilisk, at its core, is a snake that is hatched from a chickens egg placed beneath a frog. As a result it is highly illegal to try and breed these creatures, and the reason why animal caretakers can't have both living in the same residence or nearby, and also the reason they have a sterilization spell applied before being sold in this day and age. However, despite this, animal caretakers often are found guilty of attempting to hatch and raise such a creature, as the basilisk is no ordinary snake as I said prior.

To put it bluntly, snakes have always registered their ancestries to dragons, and the closest representation to this is the creature in question, capable of petrifying entire armies in an instant with its gaze and slashing them to ribbons with its massive bulk. One instance has confirmed that the gaze of a full grown basilisk could even turn their dragon ancestors into stone, though the origin of the magic lies within where the dragons innate magic would ordinarily be. The snake sacrifices limbs,and adds to length, while disabling flight and the fire gland, in exchange, the snake grows remarkably faster and its magic, without a conduit to a fire gland, starts changing into what we know as its deadly gaze. However, the last known case was hunted down rather recently as a combination of a specifically trained set of guards, Celestia, Luna, and myself of course.

While we were unable to capture the specimen alive, it was left intact under its own spell after it surrendered. Though before that point it had cut down three young mature dragons, forty guardsmen, and nearly petrified princess Celestia herself. As I understand it, the snake shall remain there, as its own self destruction was strong enough to crack any attempts to break it down. This will be researched later by my assistant while I deal with the issue this spell source was assigned. However, biological evidence suggests that the snake was over eight hundred years old and still hasn't reached the halfway point in its lifespan.

While there is a weaker species I could experiment with, Celestia has charged with with creating an imprisonment for the more fearsome members of the world. She and I have both agreed that sending every damned powerhouse to Tartarus where they could eventually get the numbers to cause an apocalypse, would be... Well. Stupid. That and paired with the Discords defeat to the elements of harmony, has given sway for an idea of imprisonment that has no chance of escape until the subject breaks free of their own bodily causes at the same time of their release date. The spell research for the safety of our future rests on this.

More when I have begun this research in proper.

Well it made sense, by why was this buried here? I turned to the next entry, poring over the knowledge contained within.

Entry 321, Date:6/21/ 50 After Discord.

With the express permission of Princess Celestia we have hatched a Basilisk in a contained environment in the deepest recesses of her castle. The main throne room has temporarily been moved to the main hallway above as we proceed to examine the growth and development of his abilities. Even as a baby they aren't to be toyed with or pampered, and we take it upon ourselves to wear enchanted eyewear in order to resist even the slightest effects of the snake at this age. However, it will be months before I can take a sample of the venomous glare itself. But my assistant has taken to training the snake while I create increasingly stronger methods to keep it in bay so it doesn't accidentally end up killing us.

I do have concerns about the princesses as of late, though. Celestia hasn't told Luna of what I am doing, and bade me not to tell her for some reason. I accepted her terms after a relentless buggering by the white and pink swan of a pony. I do not feel it is right to keep a secret from Luna, considering one of the elements of harmony is honesty after all. But I trust that she knows what she is doing.

Anyway, I have been working on a cure to petrification for the victims of past transgressions by such magical creatures. The first results seem promising, as we are now able to revert ponies who have been only partially locked in stone, and created an new type of magic, golem making, for those with more intensive stone related conversions to move with at least some functionality while we figure out how to cure the higher forms of pertrification. Once the basilisk has grown to a teenage state, I believe, we will be able to start trying the statues themselves, with proper medical personal of course.

Until such results come in,

-S. S.

The next several pages were full of different complex mathematics that I didn't bother to try and figure out, it was unicorn magic and I wasn't a unicorn. However, there was innumerable scratch out, each equation leading to a crudely drawn symbol of a skull next to the result. Another chill crept up my spin as I read the next entry.

Entry 322, Date:3/9/ 56 After Discord

Surprise surprise, its been six years already... I'm reaching the end of my life, already was seventy years old by the time I started writing this experiment, and its only been one bad set of news after another. while the basilisk has been properly trained, and its eyes are covered on a daily basis, there is a major problem to address in the formula. One that can't be reversed on mortal ponies. The fact that the vital organs that contain the pony shuts down as it turns completely into inanimate stone.

Every spell I tried, every spell I tested, I even forgone my original research into the elements of harmony for the answer to this damned spell but every time it is the same. A statue from hundreds of years ago crumbles to ash, a skeleton remained from one ten years ago, and a pony, frozen just a month before by a cockatrice, turned to mush before decaying into a foul pile of what used to be someone. The only ones who haven't had an adverse effect to these methods have been the few immortal organisms that we have been able to uncover. A centaur god named Tirek, for example was moved from a stone prison to Tartarus after he was deemed to have gone mad after Faust knows how long locked in stone. It seems even immortals have an negative effect to being locked away in stone.

Meanwhile things in the castle have gotten worse, Luna had been growing more and more recluse over the years, and rumors have started to spread. Complete lies of course, but one can only imagine how she must feel. I keep urging Celestia to talk to her sister, and include her in things, and my assistant has split her schedule between tending to the sisters and Venomfang, the key subject of our experiments. I've tried contacting Celestia about the results, but she keeps replying the same thing in all my letters, 'Good job, keep working!' As much as I want to confront her about this, she already strictly forbade me to talk about it in public until it was ready for use.

My scribe seems to have been busy, as well. As she has developed a spell to safely extract the core components of the snakes deadly gaze by use of a spell she invented to temporarily swap minds and bodies with it. I'll write again when there is an update.


Wait what?! Ponies who were petrified died? I flipped to the next page, but the entry wasn't finished, and it was in a haphazard scrawl as well. the implications in my mind were reeling as I slowly realized what I had walked past.

There is no time to write a date, its just the next day. I can't believe I didn't see this coming, Celestia's absence of content in her letters, and my scribes increasing competency in controling the snake, it isn't just some temporary mind swap shes performing, its the blackest of magics. Now that I know this she is no doubt planning on killing me with the damn thing in the other room. I need to let Celestia know the effects. Luna flew into a rage after learning what we were doing with the snake over the past months, all of Celestias secrets came crashing down on her and they are amid a war while Lunas' army comes down here to capture the largest secret itself to expose her sister.

Goddess damn they don't know what they are walking into, Lumiere Belle has complete control over the snake as well as her own body now, and all evidence of the failures, and death have been erased. I should of expected this ever since I met her. Where did it go so wrong? She was my apprentice from the seventh volume of my work, and has aided me since the yellow book three up has gotten its place in the archives. Well she'll never find those damned jewels she craved. Nor my finished spells. Not until

The rest of the book was blank, a black smear running down where the rest of it would of been. I looked to the owner, who was petrified, in mid writing and my eyes widened, this statue... I checked the front of the book.

Mysteries and Magic, 19th Edition
By Starswirl the bearded, Demon-slayer.

By the goddesses it was him. Starswirl himself. He had been betrayed, and murdered in his own study. I reeled in shock. This was the stallion who had his own wing dedicated to him? Who was on the verge of completing a spell that would later turn Twilight into an Alicorn? I resisted the urge to grab the statue and take it for later, instead focusing on his last words. he mentioned a book, though why would he mention that and a general location for it. Three up, meant three what? Three floors? No, the floor above was the ground floor and the one above that was gone mostly. I looked to the room around me, there was still just his desk, the statue of him, and the shelf of books. Wait.

I checked the shelf out, Three up... Check... There was only three levels of the shelf, and the yellow book? There was a faded one, too moldy to read but I tugged on it anyway, and was met with a click and a hiss as the shelf came with it.

What I saw inside, was surprising to say the least, but at least I knew why the Ork had sent me here once I saw it.

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