• Published 1st Apr 2014
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Puppets of Tragedy - Iridescence T Wind

We all know the story, human from earth goes to Equestria from buying a mystical prop from a mysterious unnamed salesman to attend Comicon. But what you didn't expect was the prop to be a puppeteers crafting kit.

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I'm A Frayed Knot

So one convenient instruction manual written so only a god of chaos could truly understand, four stolen borrowed black socks, a murdered teddy bear of a Ursa minor whos guts had been scooped out by yours truly, and a ski mask later and I had the first makeshift... thing... ready. Doing anything refined or normally challenging on a moving train that bumped unpredictably at least once every few seconds was rather draining, and with all the instructions written apparently in a language only I and Discord would understand in the side of the box, in theory this would work. Apparently all I had to do was to make an accurate version of the head of who I wanted to be and put it on to complete the disguise and gain their temporary powers and everything.

With one mask down and ready for testing, I had just enough time to use some foam and work on the mask I intended to wear to their celebration ceremony. While I couldn't go through as much detail as i'd like, the moving train being the deterrent as always, and the the lack of a plugin on the train in order to use several of my foam forming tools like the dremel and heat gun which both required electricity. That and with the moving train I'd have to paint the small details on the first mask after the train had stopped. While the second one had to be cut swiftly, considering it was made of a different foam type commonly referred to as expanding foam for the larger bulkier mask I was intending to make specifically for this event. After all, what was a better way to gate crash at a ceremony held by a princess than with the master of princess kidnapping himself.

Each detail in the expanding foam had to be cut out, it was a process of rapid growth to get the size you wanted, and then removing all the extra bits with various cutting tools in order to achieve the shape you wanted. On the bumpy train, however, this limited me to scissors for most of the details and a scalpel for the smaller in between ones. I didn't really care for making a mess, since I had already ravaged the cargo for spare clothing and the occasional few bits and stuff somepony will probably miss. Great start me, robbing ponies of clothes to make masks. Do you even want to know why a bright blue bag with the image of a lyre had black socks and a ski-mask as well in it? Whatever, all major incoming criminals had to start from somewhere right? Guess looting an unarmed caboose of a train is mine. I rolled my eyes, resuming my work. The time left until we arrived in Canterlot was uncertain, and I'd have to be quick in order to evade being detected by the train ponies when they came here to unload, and faster still to paint both masks where it was needed and let it dry. Hopefully it would take a while for this ceremony or celebration to gather and start.

I had barely finished carving the second mask and cleaned it up when a whistle of warning went off from the opposite end of the train, calling for it to start slowing down and that the arrival of the train in Canterlot station was due in a few minutes. Quickly, I stored everything away in my crafting box except for the masks and the necessary tools to paint them and locked it shut, sneaking out the same way I had came in from, this time however, instead of boarding the caboose I jumped off it preemptively as it pulled into the station into some very surprised looking ponies who were waiting for their train and into the crowd. My long robes and mask easily disguising my non-anthro form from them. Of course this ended up in a full scale sprint to the castle. As I looked back to the train, I could already see the mane six talking to each other, their conversation lost in the ambient noise of the busy city of Equestrias richest snobs.

I could almost taste the smug attitudes that dwelled here. It was somewhat sickening to have to go through the crowds, but I wouldn't be able to stop here. Instead, I'd stop after reaching the top of the mountain, or at least the castle... Which was oh so far away. Seriously, invent a car or something ponies. I hate walking while carrying a fifty some odd pound box on my back. Especially if its uphill, and the corner of it digs into my back at every step. One perilous climb later and I was hurrying to pain the few details on the black mask, mostly the flaming eyebrows made of foam and the face itself which needed to be green, and on the other, only slightly more time as I could get away using a big brush for most of the color I needed.

Idly I could note the occasional stare of the royal guards as I worked on my masks. After the final layer of coat was added to the second mask, all I had to do was wait for the element bearers to show up as it dried. The tube said "five minutes or less or your money back." But I didn't exactly spend money on the tube, now did I Discord? The first of the two masks had dried and taken on a slight glow to it that either none of the guards reacted to, or the instruction said I would only be able to see. I love the whole soulbound mechanic on magic items. Especially when you're the one making them.

Though the instructions on using my new props were more vague. All it said was put it on and imagine the character you wanted to be. That and to remove it just imagine the mask he gave me. Still hadn't taken that off, Had no reason to remove it after all. Though It was starting to worry me that the Mane Six should of been here by now. Oh wait, there they are. Great, Rarity and the others were abusing spike again. Evidence being the leaning tower of diva bags and new clothing that was slowly going up the hill with the six girls just ahead of it going at a casual walk. I hooked both masks to a few hooks on the other side of my bag and put it back on after putting away the brushes, If I was right, either I'd spend another hour on waiting for this Ceremony, or Celestia had already set up this... Celebration. I didn't want to get lost though, the show had been extremely vague on the layout of the castle itself.

So instead that meant tailing the Mane Six as they entered for their praise and new found reputation of having stopped the god of chaos and then giving everyone a dynamic entry... This would serve me several purposes. I would not only be able to test my abilities using a thrown together masks of two infamous villains who could be considered anti-heroes by their own worlds, as well as make a grand entrance, and test the strength of the opposing government that had imprisoned Discord. I'd need him to be flesh and bone again if I was to get any answers from him. But at least I could try and teach these ponies the difference between a tragic villain who could be redeemed and that of a real villain who needs to be destroyed. Too often, have I seen heroes gone down the rout that meant they still walked while everyone else was either a smear of red on the ground, six feet under, or a pile of ash in stories.

In this case it was banishment and delaying their problems which was the major issue at hand...er hoof. As the show and recent demonstration of this has proven, I had to wonder just how many other villains Celestia had banished for a thousand years, locked in stone, killed off, etc. After all: Nightmare Moon, Discord, and Sombra returns were all the result of Celestia and Luna's actions within the obscure past.

With this in mind I followed after the six colorful ponies whose friendship was destined to repeat those very same actions. I smiled under my mask, as a guard pointed them down another hallway and told them quite loudly that Celestia wanted to see them immediately in the throne room. And judging from the various high society snobs taking their time to all but show themselves off with their fancy suits and snug dresses, it seemed that the celebration was about to occur. Without any regard for stealth, I ran down the hall the guard had pointed towards into the throne room of assembled ponies. Ugh. So many high strung hats and cliche mustaches and monocles I almost thought that I had just came into a room full of anthrofied bond villains.

Ignoring the already thick smell of high society perfumes that all smelled like lavender, I searched until I could find the one window that was curtained off in royal purple drapes. A tassel resided on either side of this curtain for someone to pull it open, and as I made my way towards it the fanfare of instruments began as the element bearers took their sweet merry time walking down the isle. As they did so, I took the opportunity to sneak into the space between the window and curtain, there was quite the alcove between the two, easily big enough to hold a horse, pun intended.

I took off the second mask I had made from its hook, and prepared myself as Celestia's voice rung throughout the halls as firm as any mother proud of her daughter, "We are gathered here today..."

I pushed myself to the edge of the massive curtains that held the windows, intending on remaining out of view when they opened. Sure my feet were going to be in full view if anyone looked under the curtain but the white walls of the room should provide at least some camouflage for them. The royal Sun-butt continued, "To once again honor the heroism of these six friends, who stood up to the villain Discord and saved Equestria from eternal chaos!"

The crowd cheered and I suppressed a chuckle. Not everything he did had been reversed. I was evidence of that at least. I had to wonder though, what other long term effects Discord's magic had wrought upon the world. My thoughts were interrupted as I nearly missed moving with the curtain. However the cheering of the crowd continued and I waited a few seconds until they started to calm down. Alright, now for the fun part. I peeked around the edge of the curtain, spotting as Celestia was about to say something as the crowd calmed down from its cheering, I beat her to the punch, "Not entirely." I said loudly, throwing on my best impression of an evil villain voice as loud as I could manage.

To my surprise silence instantly reared its head among the masses and for some reason they all looked back at the doors the mane six had came through. Well, everyone other than Celestia and the mane six, who were already looking at the door, they looked elsewhere. As if they were searching for someone strange among the crowd or the mismatched body of discord himself. I resisted the urge to put my face firmly in my palm. Really? Of all the places to look for someone, you all chose the second most cliche spot of the entrance to the hallway itself? I stepped out into the proper most cliche spot to be in. In front of the new window that kept the history of Discords recent defeat.

I was happy when Twilight spotted me first, and asked me the question that I was waiting for, "And you are?"

Ah a difficult question, but how to phrase it for the most shock value. An idea came to mind, something that would be fun, give them the correct mental images. Suddenly, I thanked countless hours of dedication to games and working behind the scenes on movies. I looked the part of it already, so I might as well. Balancing on one foot I stepped out from the alcove the stained glass picture was in my voice rising to a slight sing song yet still completely serious tune, "Who I am is not important, but if you must call me something. They know me as the teller of stories, the crafter of enchantments, the world traveler, and agent of chaos."

"Interesting titles, but what is your name, and why are you here?" Celestia herself questioned me, her ordinarily soft gaze starting to harden.

"Ah-ah-ah!" I told her off bravely, approaching slowly as the crowd parted around me, no doubt wanting to be nowhere near me already. Keeping a mischievous edge to my voice, "I'm the mask-maker, tale-spinner, string weaver, and oracle to the future." I spun in a circle when I reached the isle itself, stopping when I ended up facing them, "But you may call me The Puppet Master."

All of what I said was truth in a fashion. After all, I had seemingly gone both to another world and all the way back to where Discord was first imprisoned, and with Twilight being a unicorn and not a winged princess yet, it just confirmed that I was in fact at the start of season two. "As for why I am here, I've to inform you of three things."

"Ya? And what would that be?" Applejacks voice rang across the distance.

"First." I said, holding up a single heavily sleeved hand straight into the air while balancing on one foot, "Is that your princesses assumption is wrong in three ways. Though how that is, I'll leave for you to figure out."

"How the hay is any of that wrong?" Dash responded in turn, gesturing wildly with her arms while in the air. I could see Applejack had a firm grip on the end of her tail, letting this go on without Rainbow interrupting. Apparently she wanted to hear what I had to say. Either that, or she didn't want Dash to recklessly follow the later half of her name at somepony she didn't know.

I continued on, ignoring Dash, "Secondly!" I exclaimed, stretching out my foot so that my balance tipped until I landed on it, arm still raised straight up, "Is that my employer has grabbed me to teach you all a lesson about what makes a villain. Regrettably this means that from this moment on-wards, I'll be teaching that by example."

Celestia nodded off to someone to her left, and my eyes shifted to where she was staring. Oh, hello Shining armor in the back who was gathering some guards to arrest me, thanks for the hint Sun-butt. The guards began to approach through the crowd and isles, the later having backed away until there was a large circular area around me. How nice of them to provide me some more space. It looks like Rarity was going to try and distract me, no doubt the slight rattlings of metal on metal behind me being the guards approaching, "And what's the third?"

Perfect, timing Rarity, really couldn't of timed it better myself, "The fun begins immediately. So I bid you rainbow abusers, Adieu."

I slipped the mask over my head similarly to how one would don a top hat, and shut my eyes as it slid into place. I filled my mind with everything I knew about the king of bipedal turtles, his appearance, and abilities over the years he'd kidnapped the princess of a kingdom of mushroom people. His role as an anti-hero in several instances and his relentless pursuit of a princess to love him. I heard gasps, and a shout of panic from one of the snootily dressed nobles, or was that a guard. I could hear Raritys confused and momentary shocked voice, "What is that thing?" That's when I knew it had worked.

I opened my eyes, a deep chuckle filling my new found throat, an off pitch version of the original owner, but close enough. I was never tall, but after donning the mask, I now loomed taller than everypony here rather than a foot below the average. Each muscled arm easily within my view. oddly enough I could no longer feel the weight of my backpack, instead a massive armored shell in its place. I grinned eagerly as Shining Armor shouted for his men to advance and arrest me, all of them were wielding spears.

I could hear Twilight's disbelief as she shouted in wonder, "Self Transmutation? How can he do that without a horn?!" Eesh Twilight, you already met one person who could do magic without a unicorn horn earlier today. Sure he was a god of chaos and disharmony, but I digress.

The guards surrounded me, holding the tips of their spears pointed at my throat but none daring to approach the bulk of who I had become.

Let's see, how would Bowser escape this... I grinned as it came to me and pulled back my new horned maw. the incoming fire must of been evident as the guards in front of me suddenly went wide eyed and scattered as I shot a fireball toward them. It wasn't particularly strong, but it did give me the amusing sight as they had to run off to go put their tails out when they ignited. Confusion and chaos started as civilians scattered, wanting to be nowhere near this fight, or the fireball spewing giant turtle person covered in spikes. I started forward only for my path to be blocked by more guards while Celestia, surrounded by the mane six, started to approach.

Several guards lunged at me, either nicking my arms or their spears being deflected by the shell on my back. I swiped in return, grabbing and breaking whatever spears I could with my meaty scaled claws and setting another few tails and helmets ablaze. I had to resist the urge to laugh, as Celestia told me sternly behind her wall of guards, "Surrender now Puppet Master, and I promise you a fair trial." As opposed to what? An unfair one? I gave them a glance.

And now the element bearers had their rainbow shooting plot device on, oh joy. The game of shooting rainbows at villains to make them disappear. How about nope? I took another few steps toward the window I had started this experiment on, but winced as something lodged itself into my arm deeper than the other guard's attempts and kept it there. I reached around and grabbed my offender, yanking him off from his spear and dislodging it with a shake of the wounded arm. That stung a lot actually. Like being pricked by a bee. The attacker tried to dodge, but Bowser had always been a slow walker, not a slow grabber If his history were to be any indication. White fur, blue mane, and of course looking older and a bit taller than the average guard, of course the pony who just lodged a spear in my arm had to be no one other then Shining himself. Hmm, just had a great idea, now that he was in my grip and all.

"Oh Look." I grunted to the other ponies assembled, Swinging Shining around like I had found something of interest and wanted to show these ponies as fast as possible, "A hostage. Now back off before soldier boy here gets it."

That got them to back off, partially at least. They were now forming two walls on either side of me, to presumably stop me from either approaching their liege and national 'heroes' or the exit. "Now if you don't mind, I'll be leaving."

"You have nowhere to go buster!" Rainbow Dash shouted unknowingly against my planning, "Now put the stallion down and you'll be a statue for only 500 years instead of a thousand!"

I grinned at her as I backed myself to the new window, The guards forming a half circle and when I felt my tail brush against Stained glass, I gave them my cockiest Bowser patented grin and told them, "I'm afraid not See you... Next fall!" I threw Twilight's brother at them and rammed backward into the glassed window that insulted how the draconequus was actually defeated. He was beaten by an unexpected attack, not some honor bound duel. That and he had brought me here in the first place, so I kind of owed him to smash at least one window that depicted him like that; as twisted as that logic sounded.

I gave them a smug salute as I fell out of the Canterlot castle and down towards the city beyond. This entire time however, inside I was screaming in panic. I said my escape plan was brilliant, never did I ever say that I particularly liked falling several hundred feet from a broken window as a fat turtle into a city made of stone and concrete. I seriously hoped that this masks shell was harder than it looked. After all, I can't teach them the difference between a real villain and a redeemable one is if I'm a pancake by the after affects of gravity now can I? As is, I went to hide inside my new shell, and braced for impact as the cold hard stones rushed up to meet my enormous green backside.

Author's Note:

So still no editor, don't mind though. More shocked at the start of the comments really. As for what happens next, I'll let you know that the goal of mass murder is not our puppet masters primary objective. And that since he hasn't had the time to make a 'proper' mold of our koopa king. This Bowser mask is significantly weaker than the real thing. After all, we can't have super smash brothers Bowser with just a crude version of his face, now can we? Also, free virtual cookie if you get the few stealth puns and references around this chapter.

Also of note for the Marionette doll's powers. Maybe we'll find out after our main charecter is done breaking his shell on the ground next chapter.

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