• Published 1st Apr 2014
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Puppets of Tragedy - Iridescence T Wind

We all know the story, human from earth goes to Equestria from buying a mystical prop from a mysterious unnamed salesman to attend Comicon. But what you didn't expect was the prop to be a puppeteers crafting kit.

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Sweet Treat, You or Me?

"Mmmmm... I smell some strong energy. That will have to make a sweet treat. Probably a solid seventy or eighty even!" The pink form had barely arrived from the portal but already she was salivating. A new world, full of new ponies and apparently another displaced, "Oh I'm positively drooling! Maybe I should skip straight to the main courses!" She sniffed the air as the weakling green-skins around her barely registered aside from their usual plant-like stench. Hmmm... This lunie and Auntie are a solid few points less on the power scale, shame... Though their twilight on the other hand..."

Her nose turned from the distant mountains, the scent of distant powers filtrating like she was a blood hound in a candy store, "bit stronger, maybe a bit less dark chocolate but not milk quite yet... Aw..." The look of disappointment on the unblemished face was more a look of someone finding out the price of a tiny truffle to be far higher than it was worth to them but still finding a cheaper just-as-seemingly-good truffle right next to it.

"Fuu... Gotta admit I'm really going to owe Skarr-y for this meal, maybe he'll let me take another world out too after this."

"Ahh.. Pink 'umie? Are ya' goin' to get goin' or wot?"

She ignored the ork, not that she wasn't hungry, she just wasn't a vegetarian. That and orks had an awful taste about them. Like a Truffle that was left to rot before being dipped in ghost pepper mixed chocolate. Nasty. But then again, most food that wasn't candy to her taste buds tasted similarly. She considered stopping by Pinkie's abode, but that was going to be for later. First was the main course. That delectable scent. It was like mint, dark chocolate, and caramel all combined and made a new delectable flavor! She must find the source, she craved it, desired it... No... Needed it!

"Ohhhhh...." she moaned, crouching down before dashing off. The force of the push off the ground causing several of the surrounding trees to sway and knock over the Ork nearby.

"Wot's her deal?" One ork asked the face-planted one.

"dun' kno'." Said the first, "Dun' care eitha'."

Both orks, however, watched as the distant pink blur flew off to the mountain, and the second replied, "Sound's like a good foit is 'bout to 'appen tho." They both nodded in sagely wisdom before returning to work. The Dakka wasn't gonna build itself after all.


Back to a Puppet Master's perspective


Rainbow Dash was handling herself well for a first time using Rubilax. To my surprise, he continued to function without any input from me, implying that Rainbow was the one supplying him now, in both personality and magical power. His attitude was also being changed to more brash, just like Dash, both wanting revenge for the downed stranger Rainbow had only just met not minutes before.

The best part was that she was somehow winning. At one point, I had upped Razortime to see how fast I could get the heavy hunk of metal to go, but nothing would connect. Rainbow's natural athleticism and need for speed had placed her pretty far up there, and even in the restrained space she was using it to her advantage. Bouncing off walls like some kind of ninja and slashing away, giving razortime a death by a thousand cuts as the later failed over and over to even touch Rainbow. Though that is to say she didn't have any problems in her combat style...

For she had dozens. Her brash headed nature meant that she kept coming in head on, and that any attacks she made were heavy wide open swings that had as much zeal as an actor on stage playing a paladin type. In a fight that put her against someone of similar speed, she'd be outclassed easily by skill. But for this fight, she was perfectly mat-.

Some instinct told me to dodge, and dodge I did. Card walls erupting as I ducked down going prone as fast as my body and another card would let me. A blast pierced through the base, pink in energy and as wide as a baseball. It had cut through a card like butter, and turned the one on the other-side into a sweet roll before stopping.

That instinct, had not been instinct but my subconscious reacting to the attack from the camera feed outside. Which had came from a being that was distinctly not a pony. She was floating in the air, and the color of her skin was almost cotton candy in color. She wore blouse like white pants, with long unkept hair of similar color that was only barely tinted with the same kind of pink as her skin. Her eyes were red with a black backdrop that scent shivers down my spine. To my surprise, and embarrassment she wasn't wearing a shirt, but instead a black sports bra and sleeves that looked not out of place of some anime character alongside some decorative gold jewelry strewn about her body primarily in the form of various rings.

She waved at the camera and I was puzzled. She definitely wasn't a native. Another displaced member perhaps? But why was she-

I dived to avoid another beam. Okay stop i-

Portal to redirect another beam back at her. Rude! She dodged, but the method she did it in triggered something in my memory. Instant teleportation by black lines... pink skin... candy... Freeza style death rays... Wait Freeza?


"Nah, I'm Android 21. Get your info straight."

I turned my head in time to see she was behind me, another beam charging, "OH GO-"

I portaled myself out that time to avoid an otherwise fatal laser beam, the blast flying out of the mountain and nailing a nearby pigeon, turning it into a milkshake.

I stumbled out of the portal, now inside the Everfree Forest as the pink... Majin? Android? Whatever Freeza was? Followed after through it.

"Android what now?" I said, trying to stall for time as I regained my bearings.

"21. Though you can just call me Andrea if you really want to know." The strange woman began, bowing forward to look at me at eye level. Being quite scandalous in the process.

I kept my gaze straight on her, not focusing on a single part but the whole as best I could, "How did you get here?"

"Dosen't matter," she replied back, raising a hand as she flourished herself back into the air, "Not when you're about to be a yummy sweet." and began to charge a ball of rather sinister looking energy into her palm.

"How about no." I replied in turn, this time erecting a turret wall and having them open fire.

"Boringggg." she replied, dodging the turrets easily, and launching the first ball into the line destroying them, charging a second as swiftly as the first.

A Five more turret walls popped up evenly spaced around her.

"Ohhh, you're fiesty!" She blew them up one after the other, dodging with about the same amount of effort, "But you're mine now."

"No." I replied back.

"No?" She puffed her cheeks, "Do you not know how much work it was to get here?" Casually, she threw another obliterating beam of energy at me, and I used a pair of portals to avoid it, and move further away from her simultaneously.

Shutting it before she entered, I wasn't surprised that she followed after me with a teleportation of her own. Now the game became her firing shots off at me, while I ran between forming and collapsing portals. Pushing myself out of the Everfree Forest, and the fight as a result away from both being near ponyville and my own home as she continued to fling around energy beams with no concern at all.

I winced as one of the wild beams flew off into Canterlot, though I couldn't tell if it hit anything or not from this distance away, or if it had fizzled out somewhere along the way.

Once we had reached the open plains south of Everfree, I finally decided to stop running.

"Giving up already? You're not so fun." Andrea asked, as she readied a salvo of pink beams this time.

"Nah, we have enough distance now."

Her look turned to one of mild bewilderment as she fired off her shots and my puppets came into play.

First was a row of mooks, who absorbed the shots, turning wooden dolls into candy before fading away. Then came the masks. Shadow flooded the otherwise sunset-lit plains, as a beam of energy impacted my attacker, knocking her out of the air. This lead to a portal uppercut by the king of koopas, Who launched up, grabbing her, and while in mid air took her to a nosedive into the ground and proceeded to roast her with fire. She kicked him off and raised a hand to fire a beam, but her aim was thrown off by yet another portal, as her hand was impacted by a large icicle, taking it clean off without any blood or bone showing from the stump. Confirming another theory about her racial bias, and continuing into the combination as Ice King stepped out of his portal.

"Wuh?" she let out before another interruption caught her off guard. This time, a blast of far more powerful fire, green and black set her ablaze unnaturally. The fire of the fey-dragon Maleficent. In combination with a cannonball from Davy Jones putting a hole in her chest.

More puppets were coming out of reserve, and in the distraction, Razortime had fallen. But that wasn't important at the moment. For instead of being defeated, she started... Laughing. The crazed kind of look usually reserved for a grim-dark yandere lover had taken over her eyes, "Yes! Keep this up! You're only making me want to devour you even more!"

I probably should of expected it, but she was already regenerating at a rapid pace. The hole in her stomach was already sealing, and her arm coming back within seconds complete with clothing and jewels. "Make me more excited! I do enjoy a good workout before a meal! It makes it taste so much better!"

With that, a thousand tiny balls of energy erupted above her, and I paled.

Quickly I rose a multi-puppet wall between me and her, but the explosions threw me off my feet, only managing not to eat dirt by virtue of the cards that carried me away from the rest of the backblast, loud enough to leave my ears ringing and vision blurred. The puppets took into action, firing beam after fireball at her, while she nimbly avoided more of it like a dancer. She set herself upon Aku first by coating her arm in a strange energy before plunging it into the master of darkness, ripping a chunk out of him and... Absorbing it? I felt the loss in power as if she had taken a chunk out of me.

But it didn't end there, she was now firing lasers from her eyes as well. Aku responded to her first burst of lasers by socking her hard enough to send her flying again, only recovering a hundred feet up or so, and reforming a missing upperbody in time to witness a large amount of minion-based firepower being shot up to her with enough bullets, lasers, hammers, fireballs, and arrows, to make an Ork happy. This concentrated fire reduced her to pieces again, but it wasn't enough. Infact, she seemed to be enjoying it instead of being irritated in the least.

She reformed, and this time, blew Davyjones to pieces before I could respond. The puppet was shattered in a single shot of pink energy, different from the candy beam. "Not into sushi, unfortunately!" she gloated before losing another arm to a well placed barrage of sentry turret bullets. "Come on!" She giggled, blasting away a row of mooks with a continuous beam of lasers as if it was a sword, and then lunging for the Ice King, her arm coated in the same strange pink energy she had attacked Aku with.

The puppet was rendered barely working after the impact, but she was giggling even harder than before, "So much fun!"

She wove her hand this time, like a backhanded slap, and then a giant pink lightning bolt made of ice formed into the air. Now it clicked. With that attack, she was stealing the abilities of the people she hit with it and making it her own. Oh for goodness sake. I began to swear, as I entered the flying card and the deck scattered. The giant pink shard of ice crashing into the ground and exploding in that same colored energy as before. But just as I thought I had gotten away from her focus in the chaos. She appeared from the frontside of the card I was in, "Found you! Now I'ma gobble you up, Okay?" she licked her lips as a beam formed again on the tip of her finger this time, and I promptly rammed her into another card.

"Hey no fair!" she yelled as I began to put distance between me and her as much as possible.

I barely breathed a sigh of relief, considering the situation handled before she did something impossible. She roared, and what could only be described as a rip in space and time tore the card apart and she appeared from the rip instead of the card. Now she was mad, "I said I won, that means you become a treat!"

"You need to learn to take no as an answer!" I yelled back at her, "Seriously!"

She vanished again, but this time I was prepared, as she appeared behind me, this time I raised a metal wall with a portal just in time to intercept a ramming punch, and just as soon as I had opened it, I shut it on her midway through. With a wet splotch, the upperhalf of her body landed several hundred meters away from the lower half. Though, now she looked genuinely pissed before the Bowser puppet jumped and crushed her lower body, while the Maleificent puppet subjected her upper-side to a bath made of fire again. Only after twenty seconds when she stopped squirming, did I ask, "Done with the attempts at cannibalism yet?"

She glared at me, and suddenly I felt another chunk of my power give way as the Bowser puppet was absorbed by her legs. Caught off guard, she giggled as her lowerbody now went for my exposed backside, only for the giggles to turn to a frustrated groan as another portal sent her own kick back into her face. Before I could roast both parts of her body in more fire, she was back, this time wielding a giant pink version of Bowsers shell and crashing it down at me.

I intercepted it with a snap of my fingers. Coating and throwing it all away with a chain of explosions, barely diverting the path enough to avoid the side spikes, and nearly forgot to breathe as her fist was deflected off the energy shield that had engulfed my body during the explosion from the Rosarius shield. The shield had visibly cracked under the weight of that blow. And from the look on her face, she was getting sick of being put on fire.

She vanished again, and I felt another stab of energy loss as she jabbed-n-grabbed Maleficent, before throwing the giant dragon at me. I was forced to disengage the puppet this time, the ground too uneven for another portal to have time to construct, and caught the mask as it flew at me. Throwing it back into Maleficents more mage-like form behind me as I raised my shield up in time to block another attempted haymaker.

I was thrown off my feet again when the punch connected to my arm, the energy based shield that had cracked before having taken the brunt of the impact before overheating and the rest landing an impact strong enough on the actual metal shield to throw me a good football field with a now numb and dislocated arm.

My concentration disrupted, Andrea took advantage of the lasp of commands to absorb most of the current puppets on the field other than the injured maleficent. My faculties returning just in time to repel her with the dragon and having the mask make a hasty retreat into a GLaDOS portal before she got eaten too.

"You're mine now!" The field clear of puppets she took the lunge, tongue outside her mouth, long and sinewy. I couldn't react in time. Though stronger than before, I forced a puppet to take the punch for me, a combination of explosions also joining in to divert the main attack. However, the shock wave sent me tumbling again. This time, however, she didn't stop.

Now she was standing above me, we were back where we started in the plains turned battle field. I was wounded with a dislocated arm, ironically the same one that had just barely finished healing by Nightmare Night, and a number of burns and scrapes all over me from how much I had been thrown about. She still looked without a scratch, but from how she was panting, I must of been a drain on her too, at least somewhat.

"Finally, a treat denied too long, I wonder what you'll make... Skarry said you'd make a delicious snack." Her drool had returned with her pants, giving me a feeling of needing an adult despite being one, "Now sit still!" She raised her finger yet again, collecting energy only for a sudden moment for time to seemingly freeze.

"Oh hoho..." The Nox puppet chuckled for me, "Gotcha." Within less than an instant, the Nox puppet was now present behind her.

"Not out of tricks yet." I coughed out personally, and stood up, as swarms upon swarms of insect-minions joined me. The same sort that had drained the basilisk dry, and in combination with myself and the puppets we grabbed her.

The amount of energy that began to flood me was immense. Easily larger than both Sharp Opera and the Wendigo king combined. She began to scream, and the frozen time began to buckle in the restraints, but I continued to take as much as I could from her. But just as I thought I had won....

I was shot in the back by a beam of pink energy. I barely managed to get a look at the source before I turned into candy. A single arm, the one that had been shot off during the start of the puppet assault. When the Ice Kings icicle had collided with it from the side. The world turned to darkness, and all connections severed themselves as their source shut down. A feeling of overwhelming tiredness began to take me, transformed into a mere piece of candy I fell out of awareness to my surroundings. I could only think of one thing as it overcame me, "Did she mention.... Skargor?"

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