• Published 1st Apr 2014
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Puppets of Tragedy - Iridescence T Wind

We all know the story, human from earth goes to Equestria from buying a mystical prop from a mysterious unnamed salesman to attend Comicon. But what you didn't expect was the prop to be a puppeteers crafting kit.

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Sentry Turrets and Voids

My lair was really coming along, with decorations from both the dragon's hoard, consisting of bejeweled golden chairs, tables, shelves, and more, as well as the aperture science decorations. I had set up a storage room just for the furniture I found in the hoard, and Amber was going through setting up her own room on the same floor as me in the living quarters. I built my room into the place for my workshop, packing up everything yet again and setting it up on a perfectly flat metal surface of an aperture science standardized testing table. I was left with a rather sterile looking grey bed though, since the mattresses on beds befit of presumed 'royalty' were all worn and ragged in comparison to the shine and polish that the metal had.

Amber had taken the liberty of grabbing a bunch of nonperishable food from a store in ponyville, so our kitchen was also moderately stocked, for the time being at least. I left a pair of aperture turrets outside of the lower entrance in case any game came by since meat wasn't in store. Their directives were set to non-humanoids though for live ammunition, having traded out one of their twin guns for a non-lethal rubber bullet for anypony who wandered into them by mistake. The inside hallway leading to the elevator would be a bullet hell if they weren't dissuaded by the two turrets and somehow manged to tip them over.

Besides the main room at the top of the ladder, the storage rooms, and living quarters that were still being expanded upon as several basic rooms that were needed for any house (like a bathroom for example) were being made, was a large cleared out room directly below that I was building for training purposes. I would need practice in controlling my puppets and testing the limitations of any masks and props I made, and that meant both needing space, and since a lot of villains were rather flashy with their abilities, a place to do it in solitude. Thus the room.

Further below that was going to be where a lesson might be taught to a certain Unicorn in messing beyond where she had any right to be in science, but that was going to wait until either she came to me on accident or purpose, or did something that relatively god-complex-y like the changing of an animals dietary habits again, or what she had pulled with the want-it-need-it spell. In the meantime, I had other lessons to prepare. Though where I would begin, I knew not. But the more variety I had, the better. The next episode was also during a holiday, meaning that it couldn't be rushed forward unpredictably like Twilight time, and it only took a quick question to Amber to learn that I had about three months in order to prepare for it.

That was a lot of time. Though knowing my luck, I'd probably be barely prepared for whatever would go down during that day. I wanted to meet a certain someone. After all, what sort of villain for the justice for tragedy would I be if I hadn't met the most tragic one in this universe that was known so-far? I pondered what she'd look like as an anthromorph, would she be shorter than her sister yet taller than the norm? Would she be bigger? What size would her b-



Out of the gutter.


I laid down on my bed, pulling with me my bag of books that were stolen from Twilight's library, and flipped through the pages of a book labeled, 'Magic for beginners' taking note of laws that would be important in magic that were described in the foals book.

The Law Of Knowledge: The basis of this law is that understanding brings control. The more that is known about a subject, the easier it is to exercise control over it. Knowledge is power.(Explained further on page 25)

The Law Of Association: If any two pattern have elements in common, the patterns interact "through" those common elements, and control of one pattern facilitates control of the other(s) depending (among other factors) upon the number of common elements involved.(Explained further on page 26)

The Law Of Infinite Universes: The total number of universes into which all possible combinations of existing phenomena could be organized is infinite. Anything is possible, though some things are more probable than others. You might consider this to refer to the "alternate probability worlds" of science fiction, but it also has a much wider implication in magic, is that no two people dwell in exactly the same universe(See sublaw of personal universes on page 47), while unproven, it would explain some phenom that have been observed of the past one thousand years.(Explained further on page 28)

Hmm, interesting. I flipped a few pages and read on the last major law... And I was met with the disappointment when I turned to the page and read the barely explained theory of infinite universes and that only one unicorn had ever studied into the multiverse theory in depth and made any ground in it. Starswirl the bearded. And little was elaborated that any basic child could figure out, yest they existed, but at the same time there was no known recordings of it. My laptop beeped, and I retrieved it with a flick of my wrist, having an claw drop down, gripping it by the sides firmly and bringing it over to me. It dropped on my head and I cussed minorly, I needed to work on refining that control it seems. Besides the slur of new updates in the quest log, one of the programs were flashing. So I did the natural thing anyone with a computer does when one of their desktop icons are blinking mysteriously. I clicked on it.

I was greeted by a facebook-like page where I had a new alert. Apparently someone wanted to be friends, but the problem was, I didn't know who it was. For one their profile picture was that of an... gold watch? I sighed, and pressed accept. However, another prompt showed up, saying that I'd need to make my own call-sign first. A token of some kind meant for conjuring others and in this case, myself if needed and deemed worthy. I shrugged, getting up. So a small object huh? Well, guess I had the time. I drug my laptop out of bed with me and moved it onto my workshop table. What would work for a token? Hmm. Paint? too cheap. A jewel? Not personal enough and a bit tacky. I searched through my tool kit. And happened across a spare blank mask near the bottom, one of the ones that came with the kit, and was similarly adorning my face, yes that would work. I took it out and returned to the laptop.

Now that I had the token, and clicked onwards to the next screen, it had me read a long user and service agreement. Five. Hundred. Pages. Long. I took the time honored tradition of just clicking the 'I accept terms and agreements' button before clicking next. And now it wanted me to... Focus my essence and say a few sentences that summarize what I am, then throw it as hard as I could into the forming black... Void? Well, this was discord we were talking about. I sighed and stood up, taking a few moments to compose my thoughts before beginning.

"I am the Puppet Master, forger of masks, and teller of stories through literal puppetry. The tragic and misunderstood are my allies, and those who would do the true evils my enemies. Those wishing to teach a lesson, or need a story told, will find my nature of value."

With that, I threw my token into the black spiraling sphere that was the void and it vanished with the mask, Briefly I felt a brief connection as it split and began to spread, seeking out whoever was worthy of my aid, and I sighed. Well now that was over with. I went back to my laptop, and raised an eyebrow as one friend request became five. I pressed view info on the first one I had gotten, then clasped my hands over my ears as a deafening boom of a voice sounded,

I am Lechku, Guardian of time, those who seek to maintain the balance in all things are my allies. Those who would mess with the flow of time or seek to control it beware.

Ears. Hurting. Ow.

A second voice boomed from my laptop, this one quieter than Lechku but still more than mountain shaking loud, I pressed down on a button to lower volume as it spoke, "I am the twin Nechku, the second guardian of time."

No wonder it was so loud, its default setting was ten-thousand percent out of a hundred. How did that even work? Right, god of chaos gave me a laptop, never should question these things in the first place, just like Pinkie's 'Pinkie sense'... I sighed, the names did seem familiar, though I couldn't place my finger on way. After my hearing had returned I clicked accept on their invitation, with the god of chaos in stone once more, this world was uneven, with just harmony as dominate in the lands after all. A hole very similar to the one I had tossed my token into opened up, and deposited the gold watch, something I put away into one of my inside pockets, it wouldn't hurt to have someone to summon in the time of an emergency, and no doubt they would like the same.

A knock on my door interrupted me from reviewing any of the other invitations information, and I looked up from my computer, "Come in." I called, "Door's unlocked."

I should of guess that with such a loud roar of noise, Amber would of heard it, after all, her room was set up next to mine out of convenience, her feather were ruffled and she was picking at presumably where her ears would be under the mass of feathers she called her mane, "Boss, what in Aery's black feathers made that racket?"

I gestured to my computer, "Friend requests from other villains in other places."

She deadpanned, "Friend requests from your magic box? Really?"

I snarked, "Its not a 'magic-box' its a computer. A type of global messaging device capable of storing entire libraries worth of information and doing a variety of complex tasks. For some its a source of entertainment equal to a game console capable of playing endless types and amounts of video games."

She looked at me, like I was speaking alien or something, "Right... Whatever you say, I'll just go back to practicing with my crossbow while you play with the magic box. Just keep it down, I think you just caused an avalanche on the mountain side."

I chuckled, "Doesn't take much to set one of those off eh?"

She snarked, "Not when it was loud enough to rouse a deaf colt from sleep in Ponyville."

"Point taken."

She looked to my workshop, which was a mess of sketches of projects I wanted to work on, nothing too detailed, just some reference sketches for when I started with the more complex masks and props I'd need to make, "Whatcha makin'?"

"A few surprises." I answered in turn, "Villains and props from my..." I took a moment to consider the least revealing word, "Home."

"And they are...?"

Amber drew the question out, and I smirked, "A Surprise." I motioned for the door, "Head down a floor, I believe you saw how the elevators worked when I showed you down here. You'll find a large room to practice in. Let Glados know if you need anything."

I smirked, There was a few projects that would be relatively simple to create today, the first being a pair of white gloves with certain alchemical symbols located on the back. It would be for emergency purposes, but with the solar and lunar princesses, as well as the elements of harmony, I might as well utilize every trick in every book I could. Which also meant, another easy to make prop, a deck of cards, sure, but not just any cards. They would be in case I got in trouble and my puppets weren't able to be used in time. I got to work, tuning my attention as I idly watched Amber enter the training room, and one of Glados's cameras followed her movements.

"Glados?" She called uncertainly, probably wondering if anyone could hear her down in this massive empty room.

I didn't disappoint her, the cold and slightly ever mocking tone of the robotic mistress echoed throughout the room, "Hello, and welcome to the Aperture Science testing and experimentation room. Did you know, your outfit doesn't look like it can withstand a lot more punishment that the higher levels of training will provide."

She said that like a statement, and it was true, after digging out all the crossbow bolts that had been redirected back into her armor during our fight, it was rather ragged, even given the fact that she had done several patch jobs from some of her presumed past mercenary work. She snorted, "Lasted me pretty well so far." she said, and I could only chuckle.

"Would you like to begin training?" I had Glados ask, "I have an obstacle course in mind, just to check how durable your armor is, and how far you can go without flying."

"Is that a challenge?"


She rolled her eyes, "Then yes, let it not be said that Amber Feathershaker denied a challenge. Hit me with your best shot."

I couldn't help but grin with slight maliciousness in my room. Oh, not my best shot, but there were such things as non-lethal rounds after all. Abruptly I built an obstacle course of walls, turrets with rubber rounds, even reaching so far back into the immovable rocket turrets whose lethal explosives I replaced with a payload of water. Not that she saw anything past the maze like start that is, "You have my permission to try and survive this test."

So she entered, and rounded the first corner, where a turret was waiting for her, "I see you." the white tripod mounted white curved frame of the turret said, pointing at her with the laser pointer emerged from its eye, slowly its wing like sides unfolded as Amber looked at it in confusion.

"You may want to move." Glados commented.

Smartly, she rolled back where she came as a hail of rubber rounds flew through the space she had been occupying only seconds before.

"Searching." The turret said aloud, the red beam that was now present, scanning across the narrow hallway, she loaded one of her crossbows, "What is that thing?"

"An Aperture Science Modified Testing Sentry Turret designed to fire non-lethal rounds with extreme prejudice." Glados added a sarcastic quip, "Of course, I say non-lethal rounds with heavily applied sarcasm. Or do I?"

"Already I'm starting to dislike you."

"That will be noted on your official testing record." came the snarked quip in reply.

She edged herself forward, waiting for the red line to scan the opposite side of the hallway before spinning out of cover and shooting a crossbow bolt at the turret, it bounced off, but the impact did its job, and Amber only had to duck back within the safety of her own hallway as the turret fired off sporadically on its side before going into hibernation with a sad little, "I don't hate you."

It wasn't to say that I wasn't without my own learning from the experience, as Amber tried the hardest she could to get through the ever growing complex of dangerous avenues and targets that were often in positions that required her to take increasingly unusual avenues of approach. Though she wasn't without her own flaws, an hour passed before she stopped, and her armor was in rags, rubber bullets having broke the remainder of it apart, and she was soaked from head to toe in water when she was trying to avoid the rocket turrets, who quickly found their worth as being immune to any efforts to tip them over by even her heaviest of crossbows.

"Congratulations, you quit faster than any test subject on record, and judging from the state of your armor alone, for poor reasons too. Maybe you can find yourself a new set of armor from the lizard-horde of glorified metals and replace that poor excuse of whats left of a rag. Though judging from your apearance, you may have to resize them for your... generousness "

Amber shook a fist at the camera wearily, "Ya callin' me fat!?"

"The term 'generousness' is not the same as 'fat' but if that is what you wish to believe, so be it." Glados replied, tone of voice indicating that she didn't care much for which word that was used.

I chuckled to myself, over the course of the hour I had completed both simple props and was waiting for the first coat of paint to dry on two new masks before doing a touch up. I cleaned up my mess, leaving only what I needed, and disposing what I couldn't use from the remainder scraps of foam into an incinerator. It was about time I cleaned myself up, though. And that meant a shower. I went from my bedroom to my own bathroom, a benefit of being able to construct a base anyway I wanted it, was that meant everyone could have their own bloody bathrooms and water heaters. It always irked me in hotels how the water would often be either hot enough to cook a crab, or cold enough that sometimes I think they could form hail in mid air.

I chuckled, as I ran the shower, slowly prying off my clothes one by one until it was just me, the mask upon my face, and the slowly fogging mirror which decorated one wall of the bathroom. Well, for the moment of truth, what was behind the mask. I reached up, and undid the knots holding it to my face. Grabbing it by the front, and it took a surprising amount of force to pull it away, as though duct tape was attaching it to my face. But what was weirder, was that, when the mask moved away from my face, my vision went with it. I opened my mouth to gasp, but I didn't feel my jaw, the mask itself moved in a paradox in its place. For as I stood looking into the mirror upon my body I had no face, and I must scream.

A.O.K. Quest System: Where powers are gained for completing objectives!

Congratulations Puppet Master, you have acquired (7) new Achievements! Keep the good work up! Be sure to check your A.O.K. Computer regularly for regular updates as your journey progresses!

Quest Completed: Proposal of Puppets: You've been training yourself, we see. Well such acts of mastery and staying in character are no easy feat.
Rewards: Marionette can now be stored in your own personal hammer-space and controlled via mind.

Quest Completed: Summons Make Strange Bedfellows: You've acquired your first summon. Be sure to call them wisely
Rewards: Several puppets can be summoned enmass around you, but at the cost of making them weaker than normal. this allows you to bypass the normal limit, though the more there are, the weaker each one becomes and the harder it is to coordinate.

Quest Completed: Token-Book: You've submitted your first token, this allows other people to summon you if you're worthy! As a result you may have visits from beings of dimensional universes. Beware!
Rewards: +100% more attention from god like figures.

Quest Completed: Prop Broker: You've made your first few props, and as a result, your mastery of your craft has increased.
Rewards: You can now control a total of (8) Puppets normally at once.

Quest Completed: Shocking Truth: You've gotten a look at yourself, how horrifying, at least your skin isn't paper white, and your not in a black suit.
Rewards: Mask Face: your face can be removed and placed on other things, what this will do however, is unknown.

Quest Completed: Upper Limit(1): You now control five or more puppets at once normally, as a result you've unlocked new abilities. See the advanced training segments for more information.
Reward: Puppetry basic Defense abilities program unlocked.

Quest Completed: No place like home: You've built yourself an actual evil lair, congrats, now do some evil plotting or something you lazy thing.
Reward: Lair maintenance no longer requires your concentration, it is now automatically processed via your subconscious.

Author's Note:

Common Griffin Gods and goddesses:

Aerys Grimfeather: God of the cave winds, guardian of the dead. His sacred halls hold both eternal reward for the just, and temporary damnation for the guilty to pay off their crimes. His remarkable features are usually mentioning his beard, feathers, or claws when invoking a startled or 'what the heck' response from some Griffins.

Alorn Stormbeak: God of storms, guardian of the skies. His sacred halls are often come to in preparation for a long and/or dangerous journey. He's commonly referred to by his eyes, as no secret under the sky is safe from him.

Aurora Brightclaw: Goddess of the the high mountain homes of the Griffins, and bringer of flames. She brought fire to the Griffins and taught them the power of curiosity, she was later punished by Alorn for this, but the punishment was retracted as he saw how they thrived. She is commonly referred to by her grace and kindness.

Off note: The Puppet Master is now around to send and receive Tokens! Feel free to let me know that you're going to use him, and i'll throw in a few snidbits of how he would interact with such a situation for you.

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