• Published 1st Apr 2014
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Puppets of Tragedy - Iridescence T Wind

We all know the story, human from earth goes to Equestria from buying a mystical prop from a mysterious unnamed salesman to attend Comicon. But what you didn't expect was the prop to be a puppeteers crafting kit.

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During the events between Mr.Freeze and Shining Armor, however, there was plenty of time for experiments to take part. Recently, I had been making props to test a few theories with just how far my limits went, from these were three core ideas taken from the various conversations and sketches that had been inspired by Yoko. However, I knew not the consequences or what kind of drain using these kind of tools would offer, if they'd work in the first place. Luckily, however, with some more drilling I could get enough space to start testing my theories relatively removed from the main training course.

The first experiment was, that any puppet could be used. After Yokos's argument over the tragic-ness of Aku, I had begun to wonder if I really could only use Tragic Villain category masks. This experiment would either cement Aku as a tragic villain after all. If the test succeeded it would throw some doubt over his nature while simultaneously opening up a lot of options for what I could build. The second experiment would simply be if props of sentient items could be used similar to masks. These were items such as Rubilax from Wakfu, which was a sentient demon locked inside a sword. This experiment was second, and would only be performed if the first one was successful, since this demon had joined the side of the heroes in the same show Nox came from. The third experiment was also inspired by the same prop. To see if personality profile could be maintained with the transfer of owners should the first two be successful.

To help protect against things going wrong, Nox would be overseeing the entire operation. Particularly, since the first experiment took a direct hero from the series, and a villain as well. For the first, the wig had been a pain to make, but if it worked it would be worth it for the copious amounts of hair cementing that had to be done in order to keep the spike of orange hair upright in opposition of gravity. Unfortunately, no matter how much I tried to get him alone a new pest had begun following Nox since he had first met her.

Rainbow Dash was stalking Nox, trying to wheedle out of him just how his 'high speed movement' worked. She probably assumed due to a lack of a unicorn horn as well as alongside not having wings that Nox was capable of near miraculous levels of physical skill. But the truth of him still being a magic user eluded Rainbow Dash. I wasn't in a hurry to correct it, but it was getting annoying as the blue blur had begun stalking Nox, trying to keep him down in one place long enough to try and interrogate. Since I had no wish to harm Rainbow, Nox would warp again, only for Rainbow to quickly find him again and resume. This had gone on most of the morning since the Training room event.

Now, here she was again, somehow in the sealed away room, peering in from the vents I had thought I made too small to crawl through. But seeing as there was still the rainbow Pegasus, I guess I hadn't made them small enough, a mistake that would be fixed soon enough. My true objective would have to come in post donning if it worked. In another room I brought the mask and wig together, fitting them personally onto a puppets head and adjusting the last minute preparations as the magic began to take hold. I'd have to thank Discord for such a wonderful tool eventually, these masks and puppets were a real boon and as the mask took shape, I had two other puppets shove the donning one through a portal and into the room that I had prepared for Nox just as the later rose his hands, as if he was creating the portal himself instead of the true source.

Out of it came a small dagger like blade, a single red closed eye decorating the center where the toothed black cross-guard met between the hilt and blade. The other major decorating feature had been a tuft of black fur at the end of the pommel and the dark grey cross that ran up the blade and separated into its three pronged formation near the tip. I had left the edges blunted and unsharpened on purpose, the solution to the blacksmithing problem had come with a bit of brilliance during the night after recalling the process of making molds. It took a few trials and errors, but eventually I had figured out by trial and error how to cast a metal prop piece. It took about just as long to figure out how to polish and treat the metal and while I had zero ideas on how to reinforce the blade or proper smithing techniques, GLaDOS provided just enough ability to cover for my lack of expertise.

While I had no doubt that this would pale in comparison to a properly forged blade, since no folding techniques or proper metalworking even went into it. However even cut metal was better than using foam for the blade at least, providing both a substantial increase in both durability and hardness with less magic being wasted in maintaining intact cohesion. I was also reinforcing other props with laser cut and force/heat bent sheet metal since the day I found out GLaDOS's base stayed around after the mask fell to the ground uncontrolled. I still kept the foam versions just in case, but it was a bit better to know that if they weren't in use that they'd break if I'd accidentally bumped into something the wrong way or got caught unaware.

The small dagger like sword was picked up by Nox, and it began to come to life, "Woah, woah, woah. Who's touching me?" The eye opened looking left and right then at Nox, "Oh, its the wise guy who thinks a non-shushu cube can talk to them. Where's Sadlygrove? Run away from him?"

"No. He should be along shortly." Nox replied shortly, ignoring the minor taunts. "Though I do wonder what amount of wakfu your little body has contained in it. Perhaps an experiment?"

"Yeah, fat chance buddy. Those little bugs of yours aren't gonna pierce this metal hide. In case you didn't notice, I'm invulnerable in this thing."

The eye looked smug though Nox, on the other hand looked merely annoyed, "I on the other hand, do not need a needle to drain energy for the cube little shushu."

The act was in place, Rainbow was watching this, getting a gauge of the personality both were presenting. I kept them talking, as the first experiment had gone well. I had chosen Rubilax within the first two seasons of the show, before his master had lost his arm and promptly had the sword replace the lost limb. I had no such intent for anyone to wear an arrogant creature that was a demon by another name as a limb. So this was more than ideal. But since the sentient item was working within parameters, it was next to see if a mask of a hero would work. While formerly a god, this was going to be the mortally restrained version of the lop who was this shushus guardian. Orange wig, check. The dark skinned elven appearance of a mask, check. Even a scarf for added details to encourage the link up to work. Once all donned the experiments continued.

Out through the portal came the puppet, dressed as manly lops were. Baren chested and with naught but a worn out white scarf with a single red line as well as black baggy pants to be worn. His name he proudly pronounced as he announced his intent, "Halt, Villain! I Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove will stop you as guardian of the Shushu Rubilax!"

"An honor of a Lop versus that of a master of time? Please do not make me laugh Sadlygrove." Nox spoke calmly, as he tossed rubilax to the opposite end of the spectrum, "My first plan may of failed but another is already in the works. A new world, a new opportunity to get my future back from Ogrest. Whose horrible tears stole my family from me."

"The destruction of the world isn't worth what you want villain! It is time to move on and on to the action!" Dally, as was his nickname, pounced. But was held in the air aloft by a simple quick gesture of the hands from Nox. More precisely an infinity sign, "I will give you a warning this time Percedal. Keep the Knights of the Tofu out of my buisness or your friends will be made to pay for their follies. Farewell."

It wasn't a true time stop, I had merely halted the puppet after it had connected with the ground, but it was accurate enough to avoid arising too much suspicion from their eavesdropper. I still didn't want Celestia and Luna tracking me down to home base. Even with Luna being a neutral party Celestia was still too much an unknown factor. At this point Nox vanished and 'time' resumed, as another portal began to appear. Dally looked around, but seeing no clear entrance way, and clearly ignoring Rainbow Dash, he shrugged, and spoke to Rubilax, "We'll get him next time Rubi." A beam of energy from the portal forcing him to dodge.

"Yeah, yeah, keep telling yourself that you lop-head. Surprised you aren't going through the walls after him."

"Doesn't feel like a dungeon. That and I thought you hated being swung into stone and metal."

"Ah, shut up." Rubi retorted before scanning around as well with his eye on either side of the sword, "Hey watch out idio-"

The lop jumped as another beam of energy bored a hole in metal, purple and destructive as it may be, I left it just short on range and power so that it didn't breach the rest of the facility. However, this was starting to get a bit out of hand. Though in this action of thought, I left the laser firing a tad bit too long. There went half the lop puppet, which proceeded to collapse into a shattered mask, leaving Rainbow with Razortime and a discarded weapon between them. Razortime turned to begin to leave. Having barely arrived before having to go, the machine having been albiet a bit too fast in the momentary lack of input. He was large and round, almost like a spherical clock in shape. However, the only onlooker wasn't about to leave this where it was.

As then, Rainbow picked up the sword and broke Razortimes leg in the same swoop.

Oh, now it was on.

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