• Published 1st Apr 2014
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Puppets of Tragedy - Iridescence T Wind

We all know the story, human from earth goes to Equestria from buying a mystical prop from a mysterious unnamed salesman to attend Comicon. But what you didn't expect was the prop to be a puppeteers crafting kit.

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The Firs- Wait what?

I had the blessing that at least my scream wasn't enough to be heard from the elevator Amber was in. A statement to the growing lair's sheer size as I dwelled within my bathroom, staring in horror from the viewpoint of the mask in my hand. This wasn't real was it? How was I alive?

I bit myself. and winced, dropping my face. Double ow. Yep not a dream, I was still connected to my body, that was for sure at least. Though it was hard finding my face with blind hands when I had landed face first into the tiled flooring. Once I had picked it up, I reattached it to my face again, finding panic mixed with relief as my body and face were rejoined, tying the strings back into place. How else did my body change? I scanned myself over, five toes on each foot? Check. Nothing growing out of my back? Check. Magnificent mess of raven colored hair? Check.

I sighed, maybe something else internal then, though I wouldn't dare go there. I was no scientist or doctor. Heck I wasn't even a full time employee at my own job back on earth. It was better to just not dwell on it, right Xander? I groaned,feeling my lungs exhale through my mask's mouth. How did it do that? I didn't know. Don't dwell on it.

My shower took longer than I expected, a busy mind left a busy body. Exiting from underneath the hot water only after the bathroom was full of steam, and everything had been rubbed clean. I ran my clothes through a light cleaning, sticky tape and steam to be more precise, surprisingly enough, there wasn't much dirt on it after the past few days. In my clothes place was an orange and white trimmed attire of a classic jumpsuit mixed with a hoodie and gloves, couldn't really afford to wear any less, else I expose how... Alien... I was in this world. Though I had already liked baggy loose fitting clothes in general.

Distractions, distractions, distractions... I started extending the growing network of aperture underground towards the nearby village of Ponyville. Needed more distraction, I went to my workshop, and began to work on an new project. it still wasn't enough, had to keep working, a busy mind meant a busy body. Puppets got pulled into being, masks on as they helped me with the project, the extra hands of three puppets accelerating the project immensely, it was enough.

A flurry of activity, and several new props were made before I stopped, the sound of talking, no where near where I was, but still close enough. The voice of a foal muffled through the dirt as the tunnel itself had progressed, squeaky yet firm, "Ugh, I can't believe her! This is the eighth time in a row that my sister canceled on us due to work!"

"Ya can't really help it 'Belle." a young country twang responded, "Even Applejack has a lot of work to do before fall comes, it's nothin' personal."

"She's been too busy since spring though, can you really tell me that your sister is so busy that she can't even come to the sister-hooves social tomorrow. We've waited for months to be able to attend that."

A third, tomboyish voice entered the conversation, "At least you have sisters, me and Rainbow aren't allowed to compete together do to the rule being sisters only."

"True Scoots." Applebloom apologized, "Well it seems like its goin' to be another borin' game, darn shame. Was hopin' to see at least one of my friends compete against me this year."

"Well we could always try our luck at running our own competition instead Sweet's." Scootaloo said excitedly, "Get our cutiemarks in game making!"

"I think I'll pass." Sweetie replied, downtrodden.

"Ah promised ma sister we'd hang out tomorrow." Applebloom also shot down the idea, "Besides we've tried that last month with making a board game..."

"I still don't understand what was wrong with using a hundred sided die in order to move across a board of ten thousand spaces." Scootaloo remarked.

"Ah think it had more to do with the fact we all kept rolling a one over and over again and all the cards were unbalanced as that statue in Canterlot."

The fillies wandered out of earshot and I was left both bemused and concerned. Alright, so things weren't going canonically. Sister hooves social wasn't supposed to happen until after nightmare night. Nor did I recall Rarity being busy during it, but rather her calling it 'Uncouth' and refusing to go until she got into an argument with her sister due to it. Well it did give me an opportunity to use one of my villains in the stockpile...

I picked up one of the newly made masks, and prepared myself to leave, it was time. Well time for the first lesson anyway. And after putting it on, it would take less than a few seconds of manipulation through the stream of time in order to reach the home of Rarity, even if I had to search the whole town first in order to find that unique residence of the villages number one fashionista.

"Wouldn' do dat if I wer' you." an brutish voice echoed throughout the room, "Ye ain't the only one in da world who would take note o' da manipulation."

I searched around the room rapidly, but the source was evident enough, there was a void rift similar to the one I had thrown my trinket into. Only instead of throwing something in, or a trinket coming out, I was looking at the disembodied head of a green, bald mostly humanoid face, which had an massive underbite and a pair of tusks jutting out from it and up to its jagged, almost comically large nose. In other words, I was looking at an orc.

"Dat's an Ork to ye, with an K, not an C." The green-skin grumbled, as though reading my thoughts. "It's Cause I am." He replied again, and I shook myself back into a cohesive state.

"An actual Ork? Like from 40k?" I questioned, feeling rather stuipd when he nodded, pulling the rest of himself out though the portal, now that I had full view of him, he was indeed, dressed in the atypical crude red heavy metal armors and cybernetic enhancements of a warboss, towering too. Considering he had to crouch by the time he was fully in the room, however he lacked an iron jaw across his face, his most noticeable feature being from a scar that resided on his jagged nose, that curled right beneath his right eye.

"The same, Skargor Duffwort's the name. Unoffical ork god of Time and Waargh starting. Friend's call me Skart 'cause it sounds like fart." he chuckled, holding out a massive hand that looked like it would crush my rib cage with ease, let alone my hand.

I reluctantly accepted, bracing myself for the probability of a broken arm, "Xander, Puppet Master and Storyteller of Tragedies."

Surprisingly, he was quite firm, yet not bone breakingly so. Though It was getting absurd with dealing with the massive Ork in my bedroom, "So, uh, what are you doing here?"

"Ah, Straigh' to the point, you." he chuckled again, "Refreshingly so in fact. I got your message from da mask ya sen' out, and I decided to check and see who ya were. Hard worker true and true, my ol' mek boyz would just love to have a go at your craftin' supplies..." He paused for a moment, forgetting where he was before realizing, "Ah, for da reason I am here, it'd be a shame if the same thin' happened to you as it has happened to me and ma boyz."

He frowned at me, or what I assumed was a frown, it looked more like a terrifying war face to me from where I was, "You wanted to use chornomancy when the major sources on this world for tha' particular blend of magic are on your enemies side."


Skart did an deadpann, "They ain't called the princesses of the night and day for nothin' ya know. Usin' tha' sort of magic when their domain is over it would be like..." He paused, searching for the right expression, "Rolling a one while inside the deepest portion of a necron tomb at trying to not wake them up."

I winced, getting the memo. Necrons were a rather brutal synthetic race whose infantry units were famous for being able to fry other factions most advanced tanks to inoperable state in one shot."So if I want to use magic that affects time, I should do so only when I have enough strength in which to challenge the sisters?"

"Almos' exactly." He nodded, "That and to tell ye, though you probably already know, this ain't the timeline from da show ya been rambling on about, and your planned lessons would go up in smokes."

My turn to look incredulous, "How do you kno-" Wait, he was a time god, of course he did, "You read my future..."

He nodded, "Tryin' to show them each villains past from da get go is going to make it all fall on deaf ears, the next plan you make, however..." he shut his eyes and nodded slowly, "Mhmmmm.... yes. That works quite nicely, given a little push."

"Push what?" I asked, was he having a conversation with me, or without me?

He started grumbling to himself, "Hmm... So many pathes he could go down, but none are definite. But there are certain things here..." He looked to me, "You wanted to become a big villain eventually, correct?"

He didn't even give me a chance to respond, as he continued rambling while tracing metal scribbles into my newly made floor, "of course he does, not exactly warboss material but... Oh, theres a little..." He looked back to me, "You're a very interesting fellow, you know that? Certainly not universal conquest like my place, but the futures, you could hold would still make my battle brother, Fork, laugh with delight."

I deadpanned, "You conquered your universe?"

He shrugged, "Accidently started an Ork Warrgh, and won."

My deadpan nearly broke as an eye threatened to twitch, "you started an Warrgh. In your Universe, and won?"

His grin grew wider, "How did ya think I became an god, boy. Apparently it's what happens when a warboss conquers everythin'. Though now it be all borin' with nothin' left to fight but a few last dregs of pony imperial forces scattered throughout the worlds, but its pretty much Ork land now."

I sighed, "Continuing on... What did you mean by a 'little push'?"

He grinned, "You're goin' to need to master three arts if your goin' to want to succeed in this here world boy," he held out three fingers, each one dressed up differently, a barbarian,a vampire, and a... smiley face?

"Combat experience, outside of those pesky little masks that is." he waggled his barbarian clad finger, "The ability to drain magic into your own body, rather than a puppet medium." He waggled his second finger, "And lastly, a group of friends in evil." he waggled the smiley face finger most energetically.

Now that got a chuckle out of me, "Because Friendship~" I twanged, and Skart rolled his eyes before joining in, both of us completely out of place in this world but tunes matching perfectly, "Is magic."

we laughed for a solid minute before he said, "Enough, as amusing of an boy you are, there is one book your going to need to find as soon as possible. Search the castle of two sisters, particularly underneath the library, and below the dungeons. That is all I can reveal without mucking about your time stream too much."

I nodded, It was a common trope in television shows back home that involved time travel. It was a common theme that giving away too much of the future could wreck the timeline entirely as a different outcome occurred instead of the proper one. I had been hoping to be able to use the mask I had made as a definitive advantage over everyone else through the rather unique abilities of that particular villain. However, with this new information, I'd need to rethink my plans entirely.

He continued on, "Now with the know-how I have given you, I know, someday, you'll return the favor. In the meantime..." He stepped back into the void portal, "I bid you a cheerful blood filled slaughter, I have to tend to my universe before another blood feud between warbosses start. Later." and he left, leaving behind a... blood stained axe... as his token. Well, that thing is going under the bed... I sighed, and turned back to my workshop. Alright, maybe I couldn't teach them a series of lessons as I had planned for them, but that meant more leeway I think. Well, perhaps some mischief could be managed in the meantime.

But first things first. What was under the ruined castle of the two sisters?

Author's Note:

Tokens of interest(Ie: Charecters who visit who I've made up myself, and probably won't, but possibly could receive a fiction of their own. Depends on if someone wants to hear such a story.)

Lechku and Nechku: Twin owls from Okami who are said to reside over time, and are from the game Okami. Their cosplayers are the twin brothers Sam and Leo Daviarda. They have been more or less the substitutes of the elements of harmony gems in their world storywise, much to the rest of that worlds disbelief. Their versions of Celestia and Luna rotate the moon and planet of Equis rather than the night and day in order to maintain the appearances of being the princesses of day and night.

Skargor Duffwort: unoffical Ork god of starting Warrghs, and by extension, time. This is the type of Ork from the Warhammer universe by the way. He is worshipped in his universe for his masterfuul knowledge in when to start a Warrgh and when to hold the inevitable tide of his fellow green skins back. Considered a minor god due to Gork and Mork being the major dieties worshipped by Orks. Cosplayer name is James Hamilton. By the time the events of this story occurs, his story was already mostly over. His versions of Celestia and Luna manipulate time itself rather than the day or night, but maintain the same titles.

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