• Published 1st Apr 2014
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Puppets of Tragedy - Iridescence T Wind

We all know the story, human from earth goes to Equestria from buying a mystical prop from a mysterious unnamed salesman to attend Comicon. But what you didn't expect was the prop to be a puppeteers crafting kit.

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Boom Shaka Laka

I had chosen them based on their abilities. Mr.Freeze and the Ice King were going to be primarily on the offense, while Bowser would be in the defensive at first. The new information that came with seeing a chilled piece of Opera collaspe off and leave the spot barren had given me an idea. A dangerous one but an idea none the less, and a strategy was forming in my mind on how to acomplish what I needed to. Currently the three individuals were standing in the air on a large platform that another of my puppets was providing, and slowly expanding into an Arena in size. The King was angry. This being shown as his sword grew even more firey.

"Tyrant Opera, meet Mr.Freeze, The Ice King, and Bowser, king of koopas. Each of them have something in common, in that they're tragically doomed to be villains in their own story. However, thanks for confirming things that you clearly lack." I stated over the intercom, "One, you aren't a god, something that's been confirmed by your injuries. Two, you aren't omniscient, or completely aware of everything going on like a real god would be. Unlike what your people have claimed, you let a sneak attack from behind hit you unawares. Then there's number three. You are alone against me, and without the faintest clue to who I am."

"He kinda has a good point there," The Ice king commented, "Should I tell him who he is?"

"I would prefer if you'd not." Mr.Freeze replied, "He is our employer after all. He needs a certain amount of anonymity when dealing with this 'Kingslayer'. If this was a nice guy, perhaps."

"Ah," came the ice kings reply, "So we do what now?"

Bowser growled, and a textbox appeared over him, "Cool him off, and I'll handle the runt."

The king deadpanned, "Are you three gonna talk all day?"

"You talk a lot yourself Sharp." I commented from an intercom, which got a prompt sword slicing and was muted.

"Well, if he likes fire..." The Ice king started to raise his hands and prepare for a spell while Mr.Freeze readied his guns, Bowser crossed his arms, waiting and guarding the two ranged villains from a close ranged encounter with Mr.fire-death-sword.

The king charged forward, dodging past a beam from Freeze's gun, only to be hit by a lightning bolt of ice that appeared in front of him like a wall. While he crashed through it, and kept going, a second beam from Mr.Freeze met him, covering his upper body with a layer of ice and another explosion of steam. The ice broke but he was still charging forward, and right before he reached the less armored of the two ice villains, Bowser was suddenly in his face, and punched the sword out of the way. with his shell. Only to follow with a closed fist pimp slap, causing the firey king to recoil. Into the next blast of ice, which cooled down more of the firey magma that covered him, and left more of him exposed.

Breaking out again he swung his sword, catching Bowser and Mr.Freeze, but the Ice King flew upwards by the power of his magnificent beard and out of the way of the sword. Bowser took the brunt of the damage on his chest, a wound that would of been quite nasty if he hadn't been a puppet, and Mr.Freeze now had a large dent on his suit, but otherwise fine. I couldn't send Nox out, because the use of time magic would draw the two Alicorn sisters right to me, and the other masks I had wouldn't be any help currently, at least not unless I needed to buy the time that more minions could buy. Before Bowser could recover, the angry flying fire fish decided to slam the ice warrior off the arenas edge and cause him to fall, vanishing into the ocean with a new hole in his cryogenic suit. He wasn't dead, but he wouldn't be coming back up anytime soon with a heavy metal suit that he was wearing. That was going to make things harder, but I was almost done with the cannonballs. Just a few more minutes to stall, and I was going to try and expose as much of that damn tyrant as I could before I used them.

He went after the Ice King next, but Bowser was back, a spinning spiked shell ramming into him and distracting him once more. He was wary of the remaining ice user, but Bowser was able wrench his attention enough to start making the Ice Kings blows connect. Slowly more and more of his front was being covered, but then he did the unexpected... Yet again.

With more than half of his armor gone, he had decided to fight magic with magic, and get high and airborne out of the way of the king of koopas while focusing a single spear of lava into the air next to him, readying it to launch at us, presumably, so Bowser got between his target and it. However, the spear started forward, but a second one struck the king in the back, causing the destruction of the puppet in due haste.

I barely managed to get one last ice spell off, canceling out the first spear he launched at Bowser.

"Now what are you going to do Turtle? You're all alone, with no more magic to assist you." The king smiled, a feaure that made him look particularly creepy without the rock or lava around his face, "I outclass you physically in size alone by at least twice your size, and you can't cast ice spells from the looks of it. Am I wrong?"

Bowser Grunted, another textbox, "I am the king of koopas, not a mage, but I don't need something like Ice Magic for what I can do to you now that you're missing your armor."

"Your blows have been but annoying, like a fly buzzing in my ear. Aku was worse, what could you do?"

He raised his sword, intending on killing the Koopa King, with another smug smile that two more of my minons were dead and a third would join him. I smirked from my own perspective. And tossed a small blue and uniquely logo'd orb through a portal and into the air next to bowser. It was a tool I had made, but it wasn't one that was tradionally from his games, but he did have extended interaction with it before. Another intercom, and I said in the most imitative voice of an epic announcer I could do, "Ready? FIGHT!"

"What is that?" he asked.

Bowser hit the orb, and suddenly he was covered in a multicolored aura with the orb gone, I commented, in my normal voice, "You shoulda hit him when you had the chance man."

I could of sworn I saw the light in the cavern gone dark, the magma all over the walls failing to provide enough light as Bowser hunched over and suddenly became a LOT larger and more terrifying. He dwarfed the king in the same way that the king had dwarfed him earlier.

"So you're a dragon with a turtle shell then? Really?" the King said, deadpan, "It won't make a diff-"

Bowser suddenly leapt into him, pushing him off the platform and into the air, grappeling him. He did the most infamous dunk move of all time. He took the king, flipped him through the air, upside down. and then Slam dunked him into the bottom of the lake that was visible, and crashed his face into the rock beneath. Then we discovered what happened when ice cold water on the part of Mr.Freeze and his aqua born henchmen did to a giant fire siren.

The steam that rolled off him blinded us, and even from where I was I couldn't see what was happening. I did however, feel as the water levels started to drop and pressure of deeper waters were reduced. Minutes passed, and as the sound of the steam started to die away, I became aware of the scene. The water was no longer hundreds of yards deep, all the steam having sunk up to the roof into a thick cloud like fog while the pony himself was face down in ankle deep water that was as hot as a sauna. It wasn't all the water in the area, but it was about three quarters of it was gone. Mr.Freeze was working overtime to keep covering the area in ice in order to restore balance in temperatures.

The tyrant himself was no longer glowing, his sword broken from the rough impact no longer had a point and was about a quarter as big as it was before from the handle to the end of the remaining blade, which was fractured and cracked, but still longer than a great-sword in comparison to my size.The king himself had shrunk, I wasn't sure why but now he was no longer the massive giant that I had met in the throne room, but rather about a foot bigger than bowsers default form.

He wasn't moving, but upon inspection he had a pulse, but still didn't show any signs of conciousness... Had I won? I opened a portal from my room, to the spot after arming up, and rolled through in my mechanized wheelchair. "Hmm..." I said, trying to think of what to do now. I had actually expected that to go on a bit longer, idly, I rose bowser to pick up the king so that I could determine what to do with him later.

I turned to open another portal, that was when he struck. Bowser ended up with a sword poking out of his neck, and the puppet slowly collapsed, melting into a crisp as the inserted remainder of the blade shot the Koopa king full of fire inside out. He was still up.

"I...will not be defeated...by the likes of you!" the tyrant dashed forward, even faster than before and slashed the head off Mr.Freeze and then turned towards me, "So you are their master, eh? A cripple?"

Greatttttt... Just great... I gritted my teeth. this was going to be hard, Especially with already preexisting injuries that had yet to heal fully.

I vanished behind my deck of cards as he lunged towards me, stabbing through half the deck before it could separate fully. Plan A was now back in action. My cards lured him to a larger section of the remaining water before a good majority of the remaining cards flooded into his face. In the meantime, Davy Jones and GLaDOS were the last puppets capable of doing anything to him without alerting the princesses and ultimately dooming myself.

"I will sooner... DESTROY THIS KINGDOM THEN PASS IT ONTO YOU!" he yelled, and I didn't doubt him, I loaded the first of three special cannonballs into the front cannon while his vision was covered, cards were rapidly dying off to this maniac.

"Hey, Blunt Screech!" I taunted, from a card, "Say Cheese!"


the cannon fired.

The remaining cards other than the one I was on and the two guarding it were consumed with the siren in blinding light as the explosive went off. It was a Buggy Ball, one of the most volatile cannonballs I had ever seen in a show that was used by a rather incompetent pirate captain in comparison, but was threatening enough to blow away an entire line of buildings by itself. It was a tool I really didn't want to build or ever need to use, but this was almost required with this jerk. I was losing weeks of work in this fight. Aku himself was almost unusable now that he had been taken off and the damage examined. He wouldn't survive another encounter with Opera at this point.

When the explosion cleared, he was still standing. Heavily injured, but still standing. My jaw dropped.

"I... cannot... be... beaten... by...a... few... runts." he spoke,no longer booming in volume, but instead, took his sword, and threw it. Glowing, at the ship.

It nailed the next buggy ball that I had been loading up, and I cursed, the cards being blasted across the exposed sea floor and causing the siren to get caught in the edge of the radius of an undirected explosion.

Well, horse apples. Now it was just me, him, a mostly broken puppet, a puppet that was a building essentially, a puppet that wouldn't be able to do much at this point other than irritate him, and another I couldn't use unless I wanted crown one and crown two on me.

"Give up Opera. You can't win this!" I shouted, a bluff. On the off chance he would surrender.

"I will sooner end my own race than give it to you!" He shouted, "Even if I have to erupt the volcano that dwells underneath this habitat and turn this place to naught but molten rock and ash!"

"Yeah about that... Sort of already Evacuated them back into my base. Kinda late for that." I yelled at him, feeling smug. That was what Davy Jones and Melody had been doing while all this fighting had gone on. GLaDOS had used her ability to expand her boundaries in order to abduct and rescue all the civilians that were stuck here, currently they waited about two miles higher than this caves surface, with as many of their belongings as they could carry. Not that he needed to know those details.

"WHAT?" He yelled at me, "You come into my kingdom-"

"That you stole from the previous king-"

"Attack my guards, destroy my palace-"

"You kinda destroyed it yourself..." I commented, gesturing at the half melted temple.

"Beat me within an inch of my life at the cost of countless of your own men-"

"Yeah, funny store about that, they weren't real men." I commented.

"And then you steal my people as wel-" he looked at me, speechless, "Not real men?"

"Oh, how rude of me." I told him, "I haven't introduced myself. I am the Puppet Master." I told him with a grin, emerging from my cards, and standing on top of it, "Teller of stories, particularly those of the tragic variety."

With me, dozens of blank puppets began to emerge from seemingly thin air, and I stood up from my wheel chair long enough to give a formal bow, for emphasis.

"None of them... were real?" he said, almost repeating himself.

"Eeyup." I told him.

He fell to his knees, and put his two hooves to the floor, from the looks of it a vein bulging from his forehead, he fell into a rant of profanity. Some of which I hadn't heard before now. seriously, how was 'By your mothers mossy bum' a legit curse, in the end my puppets started to approach him when he looked up to me, pounding his hooves into the ground, he told me in a dead serious voice, "I am going to kill you if its the last thing I do."

He launched himself forward by the end of his fin, ramming through my ranks of basic puppets. Quick, Xander, think of something!

Too late. Wait, what? Oh Frak.

He rammed through my ranks of puppets like paper, and was now grabbing me and holding me by the neck. I couldn't move, unless I wanted him to snap my neck. My panic became very real, and my mind paniced with a puppet formed in my room and started to put the Nox mask on, I needed him. My last line of defense. But it wouldn't be in time. "It's time I ended this." He told me calmly, and in that moment I looked death in the face and prayed it wouldn't take me.

I choked as his hand started to squeeze, and suffocate me, and I scrabbled at his hand. He was so focused on strangling me, and I on trying to escape that neither of us noted something odd. The sound of flapping wings and a thwang noise.

Thunk! the pressure on my throat loosened as a crossbow bolt buried itself in my would-be-murderers arm, forcing him to let me go. He cursed and leapt backwards as another crossbow bolt found itself flying past where his head had been a moment before. My rescuer had been none other than Amber.

I gagged a sigh of relief as air came back to me and I coughed as all heck to try and breathe again, "Boss! Are you alright?" Amber called as she took aim and shot at the Siren again, this time managing to nail him in the other arm where the upper and lower arm met, and practically disable it. It seemed that his defenses had sunk so low that standard weapons could hurt him, but he wasn't done yet.

"Why, why must everything interrupt me?!" He shouted, "I will and can not be slain by the likes of you!"

Killing him was so very tempting right now, if not for the whole dooming his species to extinction thing.

Or was it...? I quickly went to radio with GLaDOS and when I had gotten the attention of one of the civilians that I was sheltering, I asked for Melody and got the hurried movement and soon I was talking to the siren in question, "Hey, quick question, how many of your friends are Pregnant and what are the odds that at least one of them are male?"

"Uh... why do you want to know about that?" she asked the computer that had my voice on it. "How are you speaking to me anyway?"

"Not important, I'm trying to determine what to do with your tyrant king."

"Oh, Pretty high odds at least five of our fifteen women who are currently carrying a male." she told me, "So, go ahead and do what you wa-" She paused, "Wait you beat him?"

"Almost." I told her, "Just one last thing to take care of. Do you mind if he ends up petrified in a Garden somewhere?"

"He murdered and almost drove my race to extinction with his greed for power."

"I'll take that as a no, you don't mind."

"I will not be IGNORED." Shouted the Siren, as he opened his mouth to shriek yet another spell. Nox appeared, in a flash, grabbing him by the snout in one hand and holding it shut.

Nox's eyes were narrowed into slits of anger, and I spoke to him, quoting what he had told me not an hour previously, "Do you think yourself a hero? To try and dethrone the rightful king of these lands?" I quoted him word for word, and he paled, "Let alone to seal your people into the ground, and drive them to a slow extinction and death within these caves? To murder them rather than let them thrive upon the surface of the world without you?"

"Well, there is one thing I can do. Two now that I think of it. Give my regards to Princess Celestia for messing up yet another of her duties to her subjects." A portal openned, to Canterlot. His eyes grew wide, "No, no!" he shouted through his hand muzzle, and he started to glow again, I didn't like that, but there was step two. In order to prevent him from murdering someone like he did a majority of my Puppets, I was going to do something slightly risky. The last time it had happened, an Ork god had to save my butt. But this time, I wasn't the victim.

We warped to Canterlot through the portal and from there, he tried to discharge his magic in an attempt to get Nox off of him. Time froze as my resident time mage held him still. I reached out and pressed my icy white hand to his forehead, and followed Skargors Instructions to commence a magic drain. I had very little time to act, Celestia and Luna would of no doubt felt the disturbance and would be coming.

I drained him, unlike the Windigo which had felt like I was being frozen solid, the fire siren had the feeling of molten rock that creeped up my arm, adding a red band to my wrist as I forced him to relenquish his magic reserves in a process that would be considered highly illegal by these ponies. I was essentially stealing a third of his being. His body and mind were two parts of every being, and magic was the third. He would never be the same, but it was a fate that was well deserved. He would never hurt anyone again if he had less magic than even the simplest earth pony. Even a squirrel could outmagic him once I was done.

I had barely completed the process, barely managing to contain what he had for a magic reserve within myself before Celestia and Luna had arrived, "Hello Princesses." I told them calmly. As if I wasn't wearing an arm cast, or had been strangled recently.

Nox standing next to me, watched them warily as Luna Spoke, "Puppet Master, what is the meaning of thou magic? Surrender yourself at once and remove this spell."

"I'll gladly remove the spell now that this threat has been disarmed." I told them, and Nox lowered the spell, causing the panicked former-tyrant-king Opera to go limp. He was unconscious now.

"Is that? No it couldn't be... Celestia muttered.

"It is Sharp Opera, the Tyrant King of the siren race, I found him in the middle of your country, and decided to take him down, another failure upon your part, deary. In the process he destroyed many of my tools, so I took the tools he used to commit mass genocide of his people and... well... I'll leave the rest to your imagination."

Celestia looked disturbed, and Luna curious, "What is he talking about, dear sister?"

"Luna, this was after you were banished, you wouldn't know of him. But I will explain later. But for now, the bigger question is why are you here, Puppet Master?"

"To give you a criminal, who due to your absence has taken the lives of approximately twenty thousand of your citizens over the course of one thousand years, give or take about five thousand kills. I may be a villain, but I am a being of stories. Lessons cannot be learned if the individual in question is dead, but at the same time his own people would have nothing to do with him. He is useless as a hostage for me, since I do not wish to harbor a cold blooded killer."

Lunas jaw dropped, and Celestia was wide eyed in shock, "What did you expect to happen when a psychopath immortal is left unattended on his kingdom for a thousand years?" I asked, when I got no response I tossed the Siren, who had shrunk to the size of the average pony now, at Celestia, who caught him, "Also this provides a time to see just how you work your justice system. I'll await the newspaper." With that I portaled out of there as fast as I could, taking about five different portals to different locations in Equestria before warping back home, laying down on my bed, and passing out for the rest of the day.

Goddesses I was tired.

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