• Published 1st Apr 2014
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Puppets of Tragedy - Iridescence T Wind

We all know the story, human from earth goes to Equestria from buying a mystical prop from a mysterious unnamed salesman to attend Comicon. But what you didn't expect was the prop to be a puppeteers crafting kit.

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Strung Along For The Ride

Of course, when I came to It'd be in the most unlikely and unpredictable of fashions of where I could possibly end up. It just HAD To be in the air. Right Discord? The eyes gave it away truth be told, and any worry or anger for my time on earth had passed down to the prospect of eminent death was incoming from below as I let out a lady like scream of mortal terror as the ground rushed up to try and crush my body in a hug. My fall was only broken by the treetops as I tumbled through them, earning a net of bruises and cuts as it tried to break my fall, or break my bones, couldn't really tell at this point. Probably both, though i'll be glad if I survived the fall itself. Being battered was certainly a better alternative to being dead after all.

Eventually I came to a stop, my eyes still shut and my body still off the ground. However motion had stopped. Gingerly, I opened one eye and discovered that a branch had caught my hood on the way down and was now holding me up through my robe which in comparison was forcing my arms to remain within its confines. I was about a foot off the ground when the branch snapped suddenly and I was sent sprawling to the ground. Next to my miserable body was the box of supplies I had wanted to purchase. Fat lot of good those would do in the middle of the woods.

Sighing, I got up and brushed the dirt off my robe, restoring it to its pristine white and blue coloration. That and the amount of twigs that had managed to lodge themselves inside my outfit was annoying. Pain, that was annoying too, and I wondered briefly why I couldn't of been warped into this place from a more sane height. So bruised, battered, and alive, I went to check my belongings in silence. It would just be wasted breath to cuss at the god of chaos about what he did. I was more amazed that I had even met him in the first place, after all it was at heart just a cartoon right?

Well apparently not, my brain pointed out the obvious, and I had to wonder just where and when I was. If the god of chaos sent me somewhere after... Wait a second... God of Chaos in charge of a prop store... And I showed him a cosplay of himself.

If I weren't wearing a mask, and there had been an audience, someone probably would of seen the blush of embarrassment that played its tunes across my face. Oh dear lord, I showed the god of chaos the costume. and he helped finished it. I think I would of fangasmed if it weren't for the rage of being teleported high up in the air to fall to my death.

Opening the crate however there was a note, which read in elaborate cursive,

Thought you'd be mad Xandy, so here's a gift to warm you up. In here is all the supplies you need in becoming the people you desire with powers included. I don't recommend copying ponies that already exist though, unless your planning on wrecking their lives personally or giving them a buck to the mind. As for what universe, and how far along the chart of progression you are on, Be sure to go due north for about five minutes and look up.

-Your good friend, Dissy

P.S. Hurry your flank up, or you'll miss it.

Of course I'd follow the advice of the person who just randomly teleported me here with a box of magic crafting supplies. I face palmed, feeling a sleeve covered hand momentarily crash against my mask, the later mocking me for trying to perform the well known gesture. Sighing, I shut the crafting crate while noting that the marionette doll that I had also planned to use was now hanging off a newly placed hook in the side of the box. "Well, maybe somepony would mistake me as an alien puppeteer or something." I muttered to myself.

going through the woods I began to notice some changes in comparison to my world. For one, everything was simplified similarly to that of a cartoon. Shadows were not quite as dark, and textures were off in visible range yet felt every bit as real. This evident as a nearby tree looked smooth and dark brown, but when I touched it with a pulled back sleeve it was just as rough and gritty to the touch as a tree back home. It didn't help that everything was so colorful either, just like the show it seemed.

A few minutes of walking later and I emerged from the edge of the forest I had been dropped in, and looked up in time to see a rainbow rocket out from behind a very messy house towards an upraised hill where Discord himself was standing. He saw me and winked before raising his hands in what i assumed was mock shock and terror as the rainbow hit him just like in the show. I braced myself as a wave of energy came out from that single focused point and the rainbow flew through the area, blinding everyone in bright light as the chaos ravaged landscapes of Ponyville were set back to their normal state as if nothing had ever happened.

I winced a bit as Discords statue fell backward and hit the ground, no longer having a hill to support its standing position. Alright, well that established the time line, but I had to make sure. After all, if it was the default universe, why would he-

My thoughts were interrupted as half a dozen flamboyantly colored humanoids walked into view. Oh please tell me he didn't., my mind instantly begged. But despite its protests it was still there, these weren't ponies. At least not in the literal sense. Nor were they the Equestria Girls version of themselves. These were anthros to the definition of it.The fur covered body, pony shaped heads, tail, ears, lack of hands or feet with hooves in replacement made that outstandingly clear. At least the fur covered their... more intimate bits.

I reminded my brain that I had nothing against furries personally, but it was rather how they were commonly depicted in lewd and sexual positions in art and video that made it rather ticked off. In truth some anthropomorphic versions of ponies back home were rather beautiful in art form. But the sheer amount of porn that had been made of it far outweighed the child friendly versions. And as a guy, I found it hard not to stare at their rather voluminous-

Ahem... Brain?


Their eyes are up there buddy. Get out of the gutter.

Oh, right! Sorry!

I clicked back to reality as the six of them, the 'Mane Six' if I remembered the term correctly, were walking down the street I was on. I slowly backed into an alleyway as Rainbow Dash, forever flying with the wings on her back was performing casual loops through the air while cheering, "Woohoo! Did you guys see the look on his face! It was priceless!" she mimicked the statues look of utter terror adding a dramatic, "Ohhhh nooooo how did they break my curseeeeeeeee!"

Rarity, the queen of formal occasions was checking out her element of harmony necklace rather casually as if she was thinking of something to match it, however I did spot her roll her eyes at Rainbow's comment, "Yes Rainbow, we were all there to see it."

"We should really be thankin' Twi' for remindin' us of who we are." Came the country twang of Applejack, who was striding just behind Twilight.

Twilight blushed, "But I wouldn't of been able to defeat Discord without the power of our friendship."

Pinkie, however, seemed disgruntled, "But this means no more chocolate rain you guys! Chocolate! Rain!" she waved a hoof accusingly at the sky, "I mean, come on! That's loads better than regular rain!"

"I agree Pinkie." Rarity chimed in, "at least until it expires, or hits the ground. Then it's just gross."

A chorus of agreements ran through the crowd and they began discussing the flaws if it were to rain anything other than water. It was all rather amusing but eventually Twilight called order to the group, "Alright everypony, lets head back to Celestia and tell her the good news."

Right, in the show Celestia had given a speech to the collected ponies of Canterlot in the castle over their heroic bravery in the show. Cogs spun in my head, and an idea appeared. But before I could start working on the details my vision was clogged by a bright pink fluff ball of a mane to the face. This was followed by the personal space blind Pinkie Pie's bright blue eyes as she was uncomfortably close, her face not inches from my own. Instinctively I took a step back in shock, just in time for her excited rant, "Hello! Who are you? Are you new here? Where you from? Planning on staying long? Can I throw you a party? It'll be extra special!" her questions rattled off one after the other in her hyper excited voice. I could see her pupils widening to impossible levels as she rattled off questions and things she could do with me.

Uh... Brain?

Brain.exe has stopped working.

Great, just when I needed it, "Uh..." I said lamely, "Hello. None of your business. Yes, again not of your business. Not really... No, and I don't want to be in a party as center of attention quite yet." I responded to the first few questions as best I could, my brain failing to catalog the rest of what she was saying.

"Well okay maybe later!" Pinkie pie grinned, shaking my limb, I left my hand in a fist, and combined with the thick sleeve, I hoped she didn't feel the difference as she shook it up and down, causing my poor sleeve to fly this way and that like a kite in the wind, "Well, hi Mr. None-of-your-business. I'm pinkie pie, and I'll be sure to throw you a party later then! Say in five minutes?"

"No." I said nervously, reclaiming my captured limb from her clutches. I already knew what would happen if she threw me a party, and I was in no form ready to lock myself in a room with an entire village worth of anthromorphic ponies in one of her crazy parties.

"Ten minutes?" She asked excitedly.

"No." I repeated.

"Eleven minutes?" her mane seemed to deflate a bit, another dangerous water to tread.

"How about... next week?" I told her, and she seemed to cheer up at that.

"It's a deal!" she declared and that was the end of that as she skipped back to her friends and toward the train station, "Don't worry about finding me, I'll find you!" Great, just what I was afraid of.

Well hopefully with what was going to transpire in a bit, that party in particular would be canceled at the very least. They marched on towards the train station, no doubt in order to get a ride back to Canterlot with the good news. I started to follow after them from a distance till I remembered one rather important thing.

They used bits, and all I had in my wallet was American dollar bills. I sighed, Right, Now for the not-so-legal or safe way of boarding the train. I changed my path to the front of the track and into the nearby bushes. When the train started to leave I ran out and jumped onto the rear caboose of the train in order to stowaway on it. If anypony saw it from the railway, I didn't hear them yell about it, which meant I was in the all clear. I entered the door and shut it behind me, in here at least I'd be able to set up shop and prepare for hopefully the first of many encounters with these... Heroes...

Of course there was one problem. Just how does this magic box thing work?

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