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Unoriginal starting idea, normal "Chris" name, and the promise of sexual relations between characters I probably won't know...

Thumbs-up. Why? Because I like the way he's dressed. :moustache:

kill all poines and have a female dragon teenager madly in love with you and hates the poines as much as you.:twilightangry2:

Okay. Now Chris gonna get possed by Nightmare, then gonna have crash-and-kill adventure. I foresee it.

Okay, so he's an unlikable potty-mouth who has NO idea how to conduct himself in a strange world, he doesn't do the SMART thing and DITCH the scary outfit, he picks needless fights with people, and he uses "autistic" as an insult.

What a douche. He's quickly becoming THE most disgusting, reprehensible protagonist the audience is supposed to root for since Bella Swan. And at least SHE didn't use the f- or s-word every two minutes and beat up GIRLS.

That's kinda the point.

I think I've seen the cover pic from a 'how-to-draw' video on Youtube once...:duck::rainbowhuh:

Yeah, I just look up my cover art on google images.
It's too much work to do it yourself, you know?

3555854 I feel ya, man.
Regardless I'm interested in where this Dark Lord Hater premise is going. Keep going!:rainbowdetermined2:

Thank you.
And feel free to check out my other stories, too.

I hope hes going to get Raped by the mane 6 that would be funny
twilight makes him her bitch :pinkiecrazy:

Well I hope they like sloppy seconds, because someone else is first in line.

:rainbowhuh: i wonder who it could be?
any way can't wait for next chapter

Yes. Yes! YES!!
Now give me a minute while I change into a pair of pants that aren't full of semial plasma. (Jizz):ajsleepy:
Anyways, I like what you've got goin here. Keep it up.

Tip: people in fimfiction, from my observations at least, have a bias towards anthro fics.

3557192 love the story dude keep up the good work :D

I'm surprised Twily didn't go all Rabidash on him.

Hey since you are going by princesses you can do luna in a dream next. This could turn into a fanfic where you piss off every big character. It would be funny with discord in this kind of situation.

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Personally, I find this more entertaining than your story about Boreas, but that's just me.
Keep up the good work and remember...
If you gonna cut off a face you gots to remember a serrated blade.

3558032 It was in the episode "Feeling Pinkie Keen".

I never saw it.
I don't actually pay attention to anything you bronies love.

it was on the pinke sences episode.
also did I inspire this chapter.

3557192 Dont change it though, (I like Anthros to be honest)


[img] http://ladygeekgirl.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/deadpool-meme.jpg[/img]

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Good chapter, now I'm bored.

I kimdof expect him to design an anthro costume so he can sneak into civilization in plane sight, note their weaknesses and plot against them.

I was actually planning on him doing that in a later chapter.


You reaaaally don't understand this "protagonist" thing, do you? A protagonist is supposed to be relatable, someone the audience can empathize with or sympathize with. This guy is just a douche. He has done nothing to make us sympathize with his position. It's his own damn fault he ended up like this and rather than take responsibility for himself, he's just digging himself a deeper hole. And now in the second chapter he's attacked the ruler of the land. That's like punching the president. He is BEYOND stupid and BEYOND reckless.

Why do we want him to succeed again? He's not very smart. Not very nice. All he is is a jerk who has to rely on other people and bluffs to get him out of bad situations. Jack Sparrow kind of did that too, but he had charm and was funny, this guy, though...

Point is, your protagonist is a prick.

3558837 It's okay, I am in a perpetual state of both boredom and enjoyment, it's the reason why I'm so evil.

This is to be from a villain's perspective, you simpleton!

Dont be a grammar nazi,he cant just start call him a pricktagonist.:yay:
Or can he :trollestia:?

A most excellent idea.
here, have a psychic high-five.
* Psychic High-five *

3559009 Who said he's a protagonist? For all we know he could be the stories antagonist.

HEAUGH,dragon on hyoomin best thing eva.
you better put that sex tag to use :moustache:
No homo o ^ õ

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