• Published 11th Mar 2012
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My Little Wesker - Iamdanny0

After Wesker is defeated, he finds himself in a strange land. A strange land known as Equestria.

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Albert Wesker and the Dream, Final Part

Author's Note: Sorry about the massive delay people, uni work arrived and gave me a severe beating. My wounds have only just healed. Last chapter of the dream, then we're back to Ponyville.

Whilst Dark busied herself with examining the memory unfold as the dream Wesker dispatched further waves of enemies breaking through the steel train roof, the real entity found himself watching her closely. She was certainly an unknown quantity and Wesker loathed unknown quantities, however affable they were. He had spent his entire life concocting plans which realised the mindsets and goals of others and reacted accordingly. Mere titbits of veiled information were not satisfactory for Wesker whilst he was going about creating a new stratagem to suit his current circumstances. The solution to this problem, he decided, was to ascertain more about this mysterious character.

"Miss Dark." He began, watching amusedly as the shadow being reluctantly tore her gaze away from the memory of his impeccable combat techniques to face him, "I wish to learn more about you, I find my current knowledge surrounding you to be unsatisfactory and considering that I am consenting to this." Wesker waved his arm to indicate their position inside his memories, "I feel it only fair that you allow me this indulgence."

Dark let out a small laugh, "Do you not find it ironic that a man such as yourself is calling upon the idea of 'fairness' in order to convince me to divulge details about myself?"

Wesker didn't hesitate, "No."

She sighed, "Bear in mind that what I choose to share is at my own discretion, if I do not wish to answer then I will say so."

Wesker folded his arms across his chest, "That sounds fair enough, though I will press if I feel some answers you give are too evasive or partial."

Dark's smoky mouth turned up at the corners, "It is not normal for two participants in a conversation to lay down the rules of their chat beforehand, is it?"

This time, Wesker returned her smirk, "No."

At that moment his parallel self crushed the skull of an attacking hunter is the heel of his palm before muttering, "Hmph. Small fry." Wesker recollected that the train would soon reach its final destination and jerked his head towards the side door in order to signal to Dark that the ride would be over soon. His instincts and memory, as always, proved correct as the dream Wesker noticed the screeching of the train's brakes and pontificated aloud, "What's this?"

"The end of the line" Wesker replied to himself, averting his gaze to Dark, "My first question revolves around your age. How old are you?"

She smiled pleasantly, "Thousands of years old, Albert Wesker, I was brought into existence by the Discord amongst ponies."

Wesker nodded once, that was surprisingly easy, perhaps this wouldn't become the interrogation he had anticipated. Stepping off the train at the same time his duplicate did, he offered Dark a hand to assist her as she stepped off the locomotive but she merely giggled and floated over his head, poking her tongue out as she did so and drawing a raised eyebrow and from the black-clad former scientist. He surveyed the vast drop in front of him concurrently with his clone as Dark looked on in confusion, his clone piped up "Hmm, a shortcut..." which only increased the smoky creature's bemusement before both Weskers leapt across the vast chasm the train had narrowly avoided plunging down. Landing on a concrete alcove, Wesker turned and faced the startled Dark with a widening smirk on his face as he waited smugly for her to drift across and join him, occupying himself by casually examining his doppelganger handily dispatching rampant B.O.W.'s. Eventually she reached him and he resumed his questioning.

"What exactly do you hope to achieve by this minute assessment of me?"

"I want to know how you think, why you act like you act Albert Wesker, I believe I made that apparent earlier."

Wesker snorted, "You did indeed dear heart, what wasn't apparent was your motivation."

Dark hesitated as she drifted alongside him whilst he leapt from increment to increment along the sides of the enormous silo, "I already told you I wished to disrupt the harmony of the ponies, no-one has ever discovered their true worth in such circumstances, adversity defines an individual." She paused and Wesker nodded in an attempt to encourage her onwards, "It is the goal I was born to achieve and I have strove to do so for years, my previous attempt involved a partner who I believed shared the same target as myself but ultimately betrayed me. I will not make the same mistake again; I need to know that you and I are compatible in our aims."

Wesker stroked his chin thoughtfully as he landed on an indentation on the vast silo walls, only a few feet above the vast metal door which constituted the floor, "So you wish to ensure that I will co-operate in your scheme to bring disharmony to Equestria but I have to ask one more question..." He examined her over the rims of his shades, "What would I gain from it?"

Dark twirled a lock of jet black hair between her thumb and forefinger, "Power, of course. Power over an entire world and the restoration of your true form but I need to know that I am not idly bestowing my trust upon another who lacks the prerequisites to truly bring change to this pathetic world so I will examine your memories, your highs and lows, everything that makes you Albert Wesker and if I like what I see then you and I shall rebuild this world in whatever form pleases us."

Wesker's features remained blank as he digested this revelation before a faint smile appeared upon his lips as he drank the remainder of his almost-forgotten wine glass before making the flute disappear. "Then I hope to meet your expectations", then the smile disappeared and his face reverted to being stony, "but know this: I will not be a sidekick or lackey; any partnership, assuming I will indeed accept your offer when it comes, will be on my terms and it will be of mutual benefit to us both, I'm sure."

Another laugh bubbled up from the recesses of Dark's throat, "You certainly seem confident that you will meet my expectations, this is good. However, you needn't worry about being on a lower keel than me; it would be an equal partnership." Wesker nodded at Dark's words before she carried on, "Any more questions?"

Wesker pontificated briefly and then shook his head lightly, "None more for tonight, I believe you still have to examine the memory we are currently in, Sergei is about to arrive if I recall correctly."

Two bullets pinged off the metallic floor, confirming Wesker's suspicions, as his dream self readied his silenced handgun. A heavily accented Russian voice issued forth from the thickly built, steely-haired man who had entered the room, "Comrade Wesker. Welcome to my humble abode."

The dream Wesker remained utterly impassive as he replied, "I see you are still resolved to go down with the ship, Colonel." Eliciting a sharp rebuttal from the Umbrella figure which ended with him criticising Wesker for not understanding, it was a conversation which Wesker had found dull at the time and replaying it hardly increased its appeal but Dark stood transfixed, waiting for the real Wesker to sketch in the details just as his clone replied once more, "Stand aside."

Eventually, Sergei introduced 'two old friends' who turned out to be Tyrants in long, white coats. Wesker felt a small amount of pride as his deadpan response of "charmed" evoked a giggle from Dark, it was far better when someone was around to appreciate his wit. Then the battle began in earnest and Dark signalled that she wished to hear more about Sergei, as his dream self zipped at astronomical speeds around the concrete complex to avoid the raw power of the two tyrants attacking him.

"That was Vladimir Sergei, a fool who still believed that Umbrella was worth saving, his blind loyalty would have admirable if it wasn't both moronic and inconvenient to my plans. Though I suppose his decision to hoard the combined database of Umbrella here was incredibly beneficial, even if his opposition to me acquiring it was not. An arrogant smirk appeared on Wesker's face as he faced Dark, "He isn't important if you're here to psychologically analyse me, his role was short lived... as you'll see."

Dark waved a hand to acknowledge the information before turning her attention back to Wesker's epic confrontation with the duo of Tyrants, which culminated in Wesker firing pistol rounds squarely between the eyes of both, tossing a grenade which staggered them and then launching himself at the pair of them with neck-shattering force. Wesker's clone stepped neatly over the pair of corpses, not looking back as he strode purposefully towards the elevator, his real-life counterpart doing the same, taking only a moment to examine both the bodies and Dark's comically awed expression.

"Come on dear heart, no time to dawdle."

They journeyed on through the facility, tailing his clone. Occasionally Dark would ask for some point of minor clarification and Wesker would answer as precisely as he could; eventually, she asked a question which didn't revolve around some seemingly vital psychological point, just as they were about to reach the moment where he confronted Sergei for the final time. "Why do you talk to yourself so often Albert Wesker?"

Wesker lazily raised an eyebrow, "It's a memory dear heart, I'm afraid there's nothing I can do to stop it if you find it irritating."

She shook her head dismissively, "I do not find it irritating, I merely wish to know."

Wesker shrugged, "I find it focuses the mind. Not to mention that keeping such witticisms and poetic musings bottled up would be a crime against expression." She gave him a scathing look and Wesker allowed the faintest of smirks to cross his lips, "Do you not agree?"

She examined him closely for a few silent seconds before shaking her head and drifting towards the scene of Wesker and Sergei's final confrontation, "You are an unusual man, Albert Wesker."

Wesker remained silent as they came through the door and witnessed himself face to face with Colonel Vladimir Sergei. The two exchanged words and Dark glanced towards Wesker as they discussed the Red Queen, he mouthed the word 'later' and she nodded before turning her attention back to the scene unfolding before her. Dark reacted visibly as Sergei mutated into a hideously deformed tentacle-wielding monster, whilst Wesker remained as unreadable as his doppelganger, his only reaction being a single sentence, "Your lack of creativity disappoints me, I expected more from you."

An intense, frenetic battle then unfolded and Dark was riveted by it, taking in every facet of the extreme action with wide eyes. Wesker was merely bored by it, he had already experienced it once and Sergei's degenerating sanity and spouting of fanatical gibberish rankled with him. After a great deal of gunfire, explosions and of course, quips, Sergei lay dead at Wesker's feet and the ex-Umbrella employee walked past the corpse of his former superior to reach his ultimate prize.

"The summation of Umbrella on one disk... This should come in handy."

Wesker glanced sidelong at Dark, "That was the pinnacle of all I had set out to achieve, the realisation of my ambitions... but merely the start of a much bigger goal."

She silently responded in the affirmative as Wesker watched himself begin the total deletion of the Red Queen, "Goodbye, fair lady." He then strode off confidently with the data disk tucked neatly into a side pocket on his jacket, Dark and the real Wesker following in his wake. Eventually, they all found themselves in the open air and both the shadow creature and the superhuman in the black suit observed as Wesker's doppelganger fired a pistol shot to unbolt a large industrial hook, which he then used to propel himself to the top of some large metal scaffolding before leaping away into the distance.

Dark turned to Wesker, "This has been most informative, I believe it will be a pleasure to learn about you Albert Wesker."

Wesker inclined his head slightly, "Indeed, Miss Dark, and the complimentary wine was most satisfactory." She giggled in response as Wesker continued, "I assume I shall be seeing you the next time I go to sleep?" She nodded, smile still in place, "I look forward to it then, dear heart, try not to cause any headaches or nausea whilst I'm gone."

She gave a mischievous grin, "I promise nothing."

And with that, Albert Wesker re-entered the world of consciousness.

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