• Published 11th Mar 2012
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My Little Wesker - Iamdanny0

After Wesker is defeated, he finds himself in a strange land. A strange land known as Equestria.

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Albert Wesker and the Party, Part II

Albert Wesker and the Party, Part II

Once he'd shaken off the slightly dizzying effect of the memory of Sherry Birkin's 6th birthday appearing unbidden at the forefront of his consciousness, Wesker found himself face to face with who he assumed to be 'Rainbow Dash', judging by her coloration.

She also appeared to have been speaking, and noticed Wesker's sudden snap back to reality while waving a hoof in front of his eyes. "Hello? Anypony in there?"

Wesker shook himself. "Apologies, Miss Dash, my mind was still in the book I was reading earlier." The lie slipped easily from his lips; he certainly knew how to act the part of the amnesiac, it seemed.

"Heard of me, huh?" Rainbow Dash preened slightly, Wesker's vacuous spell forgotten. "The fame of the coolest, fastest pony in Ponyville is spreading. Where you from? How far has the legend of Rainbow Dash travelled?"

Wesker arched an eyebrow. She hadn't even asked him his name... and people had the tenacity to call him arrogant. "I'm afraid that I awoke in Ponyville two days ago without any memory of my life prior. Miss Fluttershy told me about you." Wesker couldn't help but feel a sense of smug accomplishment as the cyan Pegasus deflated slightly, but carefully marshalled his features to avoid betraying this. The first impression he must have given to Rainbow had already been pretty poor, and he didn't need to compound that by laughing at her damaged ego.

"Oh," Rainbow Dash paused before ploughing on. "Well, it's only a matter of time, right? Liking the shades, Al, you're almost as cool as me."

Wesker failed to bite back the scathing retort his mind had lined up. "Indeed, Miss Dash, though isn't it generally considered 'cool' to be fashionably late?"

Rather than respond with jocularity at Wesker's retort, as he had somewhat expected, Rainbow flushed. "Well... erm..." Wesker raised an eyebrow at her stumbling over words. "Ya know... I was thirsty." She immediately took a large sip of punch, as if to prove her point, prompting another arched eyebrow from Wesker.

It was at that moment that he realized who she inexorably reminded him of: Joseph Frost. The Alpha Team S.T.A.R.S. member had seemingly been on a one man mission to be seen as 'cool' and had relentlessly pursued this goal, the bandanna being the most visible result. Wesker had assumed Frost was trying to impress Jill Valentine, but ultimately the captain of S.T.A.R.S. had known only one thing: he had loathed Joseph Frost with a fiery passion.

The sound of his dying throes had brought Wesker a great deal of savage pleasure. The man was a Neanderthal and only Brad Vickers' cowardice prevented Frost from being his most hated underling. He respected bravery as much as he detested cowardice, but bone-headed obliviousness was NOT what he would consider 'brave', and trying to elevate yourself above your peers via gimmicks and so-called 'charisma' rather than hard work and intellectualism… It made Wesker's blood boil.

Perhaps he was being unfair again. He had admittedly misjudged both Rarity and Spike, and there was a chance that this Rainbow Dash was not an arrogant, attention-seeking ignorant.

But judging by her endless posturing, he had his doubts.

The subject on his musings was leaning casually against the punch table, still sipping thoughtfully on her beverage through a straw. "So, you can't remember anything about who you were before?"

The blond pony shook his head, annoyance bubbling just below the surface. "Only my name."

To Wesker's shock, her features twisted into those of suspicion. "Nothing at all? Not your home town? The names of your friends back where you live?"

His jaw clenched. Was she deliberately trying to antagonize him? Pinkie Pie had bounced off amongst the various early-arriving party ponies and he was unable to use her to divert Rainbow Dash's relentless inquisition.

"No. I don't remember anything."

Rainbow cocked her head to the side and looked sidelong at the increasingly vexed ex-human. "Huh. Sorry to hear that Al, I guess."

Not only did she not sound particularly sorry, Wesker could also still sense a great deal of skeptical cynicism radiating from the cyan Pegasus. Were the circumstances different, he would assume that she had seen through his facade, but as it was he knew that she was merely being obstinate for no obvious reason.

It was starting to rankle.

Luckily, he was saved what would no doubt have been an infuriating reply by the steady trickle of guests arriving and a certain pink whirlwind bounding over towards him. "Aren't you excited, Ally? They're all here to see you... and to come to my party... but mainly to see you!"

The foul mood that had settled over Wesker dissipated slightly at Pinkie's enthusiasm, but he was acutely aware of the situation. The cyan pegasus did not trust him, and for his part, he hated everything she represented.

Hmm, hardly a match made in heaven, Al. Just try not to deliberately antagonize her, you tend to do that sometimes. Besides, how can you hate someone for being arrogant?

Wesker snorted internally. He had earned his arrogance! As for deliberately antagonizing others, that might be true, though they usually irritated him first and were unable to cope when he retaliated. Even so, he conceded the point: it would not do to make an enemy out of this Rainbow Dash, if only for convenience's sake. Avoiding her would probably the most prudent strategy. Wesker had terrorised Joseph Frost whilst he was captain of S.T.A.R.S. and it had been one of his most enjoyed activities. The temptation of allowing history to repeat itself would probably be too strong if he spent this party in her company.

He replied to Pinkie Pie with the barest hint of a smirk twisting his lips. "I can barely contain myself, Miss Pinkie."

"That's the spirit, Ally!"

Sarcasm was clearly lost on this pony, Wesker thought distastefully.

Though judging by the slight narrowing of Rainbow Dash's eyes, it had not gone entirely unrecognized. Perhaps avoiding her would be more difficult than he had anticipated.

She chose that moment to chip in. "Yeah, it's nice that Pinkie worked so hard to set up this party just for you, isn't it, Al?" The carefully disguised annoyance at Wesker's perceived rudeness did not pass by unnoticed by him.

Wesker's temper was bubbling. To associate sarcasm with ungratefulness was just stupidity, plain and simple… and he had no time for cretins. Somehow, he kept his tone even. "Indeed, I am most grateful to you, Miss Pinkie. It is impressive how rapidly you managed to organize this get-together."

Pinkie laughed. "No problem, Ally. I'm a party whiz; it was no problem at all." She paused briefly. "But this isn't a get-together, Ally, this is a PARTY!" Rainbow Dash laughed as Wesker's mouth twitched. Then, suddenly Pinkie's attention snapped to the doorway. "Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, you're all here!"

Wesker's eyes turned to face the direction of the newly arrived guests. Indeed, there they all were, along with most of the town's populace, it appeared. Wesker hoped he wouldn't have to give a speech to the assembled guests – he suspected Miss Dash would scrutinize every syllable that issued forth, and he was in a bad enough mood as it was.

It was Applejack who spoke first. "Darn tootin', Pinkie, couldn't miss one of your parties!" She gestured towards Wesker. "'specially when it's for our new pal here." Her fellow arrivals made noises of agreement, and then her smile turned mischievous. "Besides, I wanted to see Al's famous dancin'. Twilight said that he sure had a high opinion of it."

Wesker trained his gaze on the purple unicorn as she grinned sheepishly. "Did she now?"

Applejack nodded. "Sure did, partner, seems to me that you should be dancin' all night long with that kind of skill."

Panic briefly set inside the former S.T.A.R.S. captain before he grabbed hold of his get-out clause. "I'm afraid I can't overexert myself. I have to be fully alert for the conclusion of my culinary victory." He tapped a hoof against the side of the satchel he was carrying, "The meal will not be perfect if I am exhausted." Applejack rolled her eyes, whilst Twilight looked... disappointed? Perhaps his boasting had made her believe that he was some sort of dancing visionary and that he was going to unleash Equestria's greatest performance on the Sugarcube Corner dance floor. Rarity and Fluttershy looked relatively unaffected by the 'revelation'. Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, however, both were wearing expressions that caused Wesker no small amount of unease. The former looked as though the bottom had fallen out of her world. Her bottom lip trembled as she looked beseechingly at Wesker, eyes wide as saucers.

Rainbow Dash, on the other hand, had evidently sensed the blond pony's severe discomfort and saw an opportunity to undermine him without appearing cruel or unfriendly. "Come on, Al." Her tone was light-hearted, but it didn't disarm his wariness. "You wouldn't want Pinkie to think that you're not enjoying her party, right? That meal you're cooking won't try and escape from you if you're a little tired."

Wesker went to refuse, but Pinkie made a strange whimpering noise and it died in his throat. "I... may be able to find the time to dance briefly."

Joyous grins spread across the faces of the sextet whose company he was in, including Rainbow – though he could have sworn that hers was slightly mocking. He decided that was probably his integrally rooted paranoia speaking.

Pinkie Pie, lustre restored, grabbed Wesker's foreleg and dragged him towards 'Pin the Tail on the Pony'. "Don't worry about dancing yet, Ally. You just need to have FUN!"

It was going to be a long party...

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