• Published 15th Mar 2014
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Wesker in Equestria - DeepThought

Albert Wesker magically survives the events of 'Resident Evil 5' and finds himself in a new world. Meeting the Mane Six he'll have to decide, whether to continue his old ways or become a part of this society based on love and tolerance

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Wesker in Equestria

by DeepThought

Several thoughts raced through Wesker's mind. He had officially seen everything now. In the laboratories where he used to work, things had happened that - on the first look - defied all laws of nature. But these little, colorful, equine creatures took the cake. In all his time at Umbrella, they had never achieved creation of sentient life. Not that they didn’t try... This was either incredibly advanced technology or a completely new species humankind had been unaware of. But how was that possible? Satellites orbited the whole planet. There were digital maps of its surface. And it was not like they lived secretly under the cover of a tropical forest...

What happened now was exactly what Wesker wanted to avoid. One of these creatures was likely to be no trouble, but if all of them turned against him, it would be a completely different story. Hurting this strange orange mare was out of question. It was now a matter of running or waiting until the authorities arrived. To achieve a diplomatic solution, Wesker had to treat them with respect. Also there was the possibility that they’d never met a human before, therefore regarding him not only as a thief but also as a dangerous, mindless beast. An animal.

He could at least try to establish communication.

When her second attack came, the blonde man dodged it with his usual superhuman speed. Now that he was aware of her presence, she wouldn't even land a single hit. The surprised mare tried to stop her attacking sprint, but she was simply too fast. The momentum of the failed buck crashed her into the wooden wall. Now being halfway stuck in the shattered remains, back first, her eyes widened in fear.

This was his chance. She would have to listen to him, since in her immobile state she couldn't continue her futile assaults. Wesker turned around, towering over the frightened mare, and spoke up,

“Miss, I apologize for my unheralded entrance. There is no sense in continuing your attacks. I don't pose a threat to you nor to your family.”

When the evil critter, obviously originating from the Everfree Forest, started to talk in perfect Equestrian, Applejack was baffled. It had this distinct villain vibe about it, but it didn’t strike, although it had her at its mercy. In the bipedal's expressionless face, two red-glowing orbs, its eyes, stared down at her fixedly.

“My name is Albert Wesker. May I inquire yours?”

Its voice was cold as ice, lacking any empathy. But judging by its deep, masculine sound, it was a stallion.

“I’m Apple-Applejack,” she stuttered.

“It’s a shame we met under these circumstances. I was in a dire need of supplies after I escaped the nearby forest. When I saw your impressive farm, an admirable sight, I knew this was where to turn to.”

She couldn’t tell if he was lying or not.

“Why didn’t ya ask then? We’d have kindly given you what ya needed.” she responded.

Keeping a completely straight face Wesker told her,

“Are you sure of that? Just look at me. Wouldn't my appearance cause commotion? I wanted to spare you those worries, until I could be sure you reacted positively. My kind is unknown to you, after all. I can imagine I look rather threatening. Your voice betrays your fear.”

It was a shot in the dark. He was aware that he played a dangerous game. The made up information could possibly be wrong. For all Wesker knew, there were humans living just among them. This would also explain how a race only having hooves could have built the village.

Ultimately, the ability to use tools was what allowed humankind to conquer Earth. But it seemed he was lucky. Her expression told him she somewhat agreed with what he’d said.

Suddenly, a white flash blinded the former Umbrella researcher. When Wesker’s vision returned he was surrounded by a purple sphere. Was that a force field? A second mare had arrived. Her fur’s color was the same as said sphere’s. But unlike the farm pony, she had wings and a horn protruded from her head. A unicorn?

Then Applejack was levitated out of the remains of the wooden wall, illuminated by a strange light. The two of them had a spirited conversation, but Wesker couldn’t hear their voices. The blonde man concluded the obvious: the barrier was soundproofed.

He was unsure how to proceed. Studying his jail closely he noticed that it - when touched - emitted a low current. If he acquired this technology, he would have a great advantage over his enemies, Wesker mused. One more reason to stay peaceful and gain their trust.

A few minutes later Wesker was released. The sphere flickered and vanished. Before him stood the little, winged unicorn, eyeing him with obvious suspicion.

“Well, Mr. Wesker, I’m Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship. And although I have to admit that I’m curious about your species - as far as I know it is indeed new to Equestria - it’s only my friend’s word, that keeps me from banishing you to the Everfree. She told me that your only reason to trespass was only to avoid a disturbance. Is that correct?”

“It is,” Wesker said darkly.

“That’s still no reason to steal,” her voice still carried an accusing tone, “But at least you didn’t intend to hurt my friends.”

Her expression brightened a bit. She looked back to the cowpony, who showed a reassuring smile. It almost looked like she was new to her role...

“I will now teleport us both to my house in Ponyville. It’s the village down in the valley, if you didn’t know. Applejack, please ask the girls to come, too. We’ll need to find an appropriate punishment, and I’d rather have you helping me.”

Wait, teleport?

Wesker never felt so nauseous before. The world around him spun in circles. Instantly he fell to his knees, breathing heavily.

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